concealed weapons

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Re: concealed weapons

Postby BFett » Tue May 09, 2017 12:24 pm

0111narwhalz wrote:To make concealment worth it, we need multiple damage types.
Again, the utility of this system hinges on the ability of ships to change their damage types between the scan and the first shot.

While I agree that multiple damage types are necessary for LT to have interesting combat and research trees, I don't agree with ships being able to change weapon systems on the fly (unless they are docked at a station or carrier). I do however agree that ammo types should be able to be swapped out on a moments notice to better adapt to various situations. I also like the idea of a simple bar system which quickly displays the defense types a ship has. Perhaps this system could be an expanded version of the current sensor game mechanics where ships with different strengths of shield generators have different energy signatures or energy output signatures at a specific frequency.
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Re: concealed weapons

Postby Flatfingers » Tue May 09, 2017 2:10 pm

Maybe the notion of "concealment" goes away -- or gets more interesting? -- if we rethought the notion of hardpoints as only for mounting weapons.

I don't know about going to a single generic "slot" model where you can mount any kind of thing into any slot. It probably makes some sense to distinguish between power, shield/armor, and other kinds of systems, for example.

But stopping at "other" could be pretty interesting. Let's say you see a ship of a certain class with, say, five general hardpoints (beyond those specifically available for power and shields/armor). Your passive scan shows you that this ship sports five general hardpoints, but you have no way of knowing what's mounted in them. Everything looks like a gun, but it might be five guns, or five missile launchers, or five mining drone pods, or five cargo bays, or four sensor rigs and an extra computer rack for the really powerful scanning capability a small, nimble scout ship might want to have. Or maybe it's two guns, one sensor rig, one computer rack, and a booster engine for a small exploration ship.

The point is that even though you can see how many hardpoints a ship has -- they aren't concealed -- you can't know what's mounted in them except by scanning that ship. This delivers the value of concealment, and of sensors, and of sensor-based gameplay prior to the onset of hostilities, without needing to resort to special-case code to hide hardpoints somehow.

Would this way of looking at hardpoints make the whole "sensor scan" thing tolerable as a feature Josh might include, even for those who don't think they'd be interested in using it themselves?
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