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Cloud computing for background number crunching

I am not a games dev so no idea if this would actually work but...

Would it be possible to split the game into 2 parts. The viable game that you are playing would be on your computer but all of the ongoing background calculations for economy etc would be done in the cloud. The game then pulls the numbers from the server only when they are actually needed rather than everything being constantly calculated in the background.

Might give significant performance boost?

If there is any other computational heavy lifting could that be done by server as well?

Re: Cloud computing for background number crunching

This, is unfortunately not how the game can work, all you would do is shunt effort off onto another system.
Who pays for that system? What happens if the versions are out of sync? Do all players share the same systems, and in which case how can the universe be infinite in game?

Something like this would be acceptable for a Single Shard MMO, like EVE, where you split effort between machines, allowing each region, or system, to be hosted on it's own system. And something that I am planning to provide for a late project goal for the LT Multiplayer Mod. But, this is where this idea unfortunately has to reside, multiplayer.
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