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Coding your ship

Okay, so imagine. You buy a small fighter like spaceship. You take it into a hangar, where you can reprogram the ship (not literally programming it). You can bind certain keys to say power up the lasers on the left side and fire them or a key to fire the thrusters on the front top and back bottom so you can do flips.

Basically, it'd be nice to see a way to bind keys to do things. Like how we were shown how you can adjust the power of weapons, thrusters, etc.

Re: Coding your ship

Are you talking about weapon groups such as those in the Mech Warrior series of games? If so I support your idea. It is not always welcome to fire all weapons at the same time. Instead, having the option to change which weapons fire at a key press would become necessary for ships with different types of weapons which have different travel times.

Re: Coding your ship

A way to modify the ship internal AI should be a good idea.
For example, in X3 series, you can buy software for turrets or other things.
It should be nice to be able to add hand-made software to improve the ship AI (and add bugs to your ship ;) ).

But I think the idea has already been posted in this forum.

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