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Re: Wing Commander, "Ace" Pilots, and Limit Theory

Ringu wrote:
BFett wrote:Realistic would be the AI's ship and weapons would be purchasable items within the game world. The stats of the ship and the items would be exactly what you the player get when you buy them at the market.
Kinda, sorta, I think: just as an elite gamer will have customized their joysticks for their own use, and real-life pilots customize their aircraft cockpits (the reason why aircraft have specific pilots' names on is because they are setup specifically by the designated pilot), I think Aces will have taken something stock and made modifications that help the way they fly/fight.

It's not so much that they're using unavailable items, more that they've got an unusual load out (if you want to be strict about what you can do), or that they've customized the standard items.
That's pretty much what I was trying to describe. The setup (particular weapons, engines, shields, ship type) that the ace AI may choose to use may benefit that particular AI more so than a stock ship which hasn't been optimized. I imagine that certain AI would have a goal of obtaining their ideal ship and load-out but only a few of the AI would have lived long enough to achieve it.

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