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Re: Roaming the planetary surface freely (yes, I know)

Philip Coutts wrote: I'm with Victor I love a proper docking sequence (or take off) and I think Elite does this well. I am no big fan of the fade in / out mechanism at all.
I play E:D with a Saitek X-52 Pro setup, and I just adore the docking and launching sequences to the point that I almost always turn off the Docking Computer to do it manually unless I'm in a hurry.

I also spend hours on X-plane and I loved that huge controller Steel Battalion had (even though the actual display was the size of a postage stamp).

In other words, I'm so 100% in favour of the simulationist approach I'd start a petition if Josh were like the UK government (although after getting 100k signatures, he'd debate the suggestion with himself and decide to cut the game features in half, if he were actually like the UK government. Blast!).
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