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Re: New Game Parameter Slider

DigitalDuck wrote:
Flatfingers wrote:I did consider that until I thought, "How long would it take players to afford a starter ship?"
Simple solution:

A Ship Cost slider. :mrgreen:
But this throws off the economy, as ores become worth far less as the ship cost is right down.
So now we need mining level sliders.
But then manufacturing is out,
So manufacturing level sliders.
But then science is probably out....

You can see where this is going.
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Re: New Game Parameter Slider

I'm actually cheating a little bit.

Just because Josh mentioned implementing a slider widget in 2014 does not mean that:

1. It's still there.
2. It's being used in any significant way to set options at the start of a new game.

I believe both of those are probably true from the accumulation of Joshisms over the years. But of course Josh himself is the One True Source for knowledge on this subject.

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