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Space Weather

After some talks in this workshop about CME's an idea popped in my head:
space weather!
The idea is as follows: stars will occasionally spew out a CME into the star system. (either in a part or the whole system, depending on what works well). Thsi has the following effects:
1) Pretty aurorae Image 2) Shields take slight damage over time
3) Extra noise on scanners.

The severity of these CME's can then depend on star type and time. Normal stars would only produce harmless small ones that do a lot less damage than your shields reload, while active giants, pulsars and black holes spew out large CME's that fry your ship unless you're well equipped with strong shields, which adds some depth to exploring.
You could also add the natural solar cycle of more and less CME's.

Probably most fit for a mod, but I think it would make the LT universe a little more alive. :D
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Re: Space Weather

And it would be nice to see the NPC react to the weather. I can imagine, that some pirate factions with special scanners would love to use the scanner-interferences to their own advantage, or that the explorers in the area would avoid the occurence because it makes the job harder.

And lots, lots of tourist-ships gawking at an aurora :D
Apparently, sometimes stuff might happen.

Re: Space Weather

IronDuke wrote:
BFett wrote:Yes, it is... why?
Because I had no idea that anything like that actually happened. Bright blue aurora on a planet? I mean, that's just epic! :squirrel:
Seriously, you see all sorts of weird stuff in star trek or space engine or whatnot - but that picture's REAL!!!


P.S. Tourist ship in transit... :ghost:
Haha, this reminds me where I was reading a post where it said that scientists had found an exoplanet using the Hubble Space Telescope. The planet was HD189733b and it rained molten glass at 1,000 C sideways at 7,000 KM's per hour.

Re: Space Weather

Visual effects on planets would look really beautiful at certain occasions, even if they don't produce any gameplay effects.

BTW: Really nice bit of trivia you found there Neoth :thumbup: I really like this planet already :squirrel:
Apparently, sometimes stuff might happen.

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