AI Personality + Faction Modifiers

To spice things up a little, it would be awesome to have an AI that has some sort of variable personality factors that influence their decision making process that is unique to each person/ship but also have a modifier across different factions.

Using things like an "inclination to violence or peace", "ability to determine good trade deal", etc (I'm at work right now so the creativity isn't really flowing) to make certain actions more probable could make certain AI seem more bold or courageous or calm and calculating. In addition to that, having a faction with a huge tendency to violence would make a particularly vicious faction, but also with its more peaceful (and even more extreme) members.

Taking this even further, the factions could then be an abstraction of their personality. What differentiates a bandit organisation from a trade company? Use of violence, scavenging, robbing, and a loose organisational structure as opposed to a smart, calculated, enterprising trading with a strong organisational structure.

This sort of modifier could also allow for things like totalitarian governemnts and less strict ones (variation of "use of force"), merc companies and pirates ("hate of outsiders") etc.
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