Secondary Glow For Intimation

Originally this was going to be a followup to Josh's Entry in viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4032. Since it seemed to be turning into a system, I decided to post here.

Basically, experiment with having a secondary "fringe" glow color, and with having a rate-definable pulsing of the general glow of UI elements.

In this picture of Josh's Neural Sandbox Image you see bright and dim nodes and links. What if the pace of firing in the last X seconds was denoted by a fringe glow on those nodes and links? What if at each "tick" the primary color pulsed brighter before dimming slightly for each used node and link?

Could such ideas be extended to other UI to help intimate information?

Trading Interface - What if the prices of commodities had a secondary glow indicating if the average sales price in the last Y minutes is trending up or down? What if the pace of trading in that commodity was indicated by the frequency of a slight dimming and brightening of the price? Constant full bright means fast trades?

Intersystem Map Interface - The systems you have visited often and warp rails you have used frequently might have one secondary glow color of gradually increasing alpha, while virgin territory ( to you ) might have 0% alpha.

Tech Comparison Interface - If you are looking at the tech of a faction, the secondary color could give an indication of which tech nodes you could research to, and an idea of how much intermediary tech or just straight up research effort you would have to go through to get it.

This idea would have to be looked at and played with. It is easy to overuse motion and just annoy people. Still, using another channel of communication to provide "sideband" information is enticing.

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