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Commonly Proposed Ideas

The following is a list of common suggestions (in whimsical order) compiled to make it easier to find relevant threads to the topic you want to discuss.
Feel free to contact me through PM / IRC if you think that a topic or thread that should be in the list is missing.
Also includes suggestions that are not promised core features but on Josh's Want list. (but not "commonly proposed")

Below this post you will find a few pointers on how to present your suggestions in a way that gets them the attention they deserve.
Not every topic will be listed here. The Search Function has it's quirks but it does work very well.

Sounds / Voice acting / Music
Music and sound
Voice Acting - Crowdsourcing?
Voice synthesis?
In game juke box and custom soundtrack
Soundtrack for the game

Story / New game+ / Death / Difficulty
Story setup for beginning a new game
Some kind of (interesting) New Game +
On Death: Continue as new pilot?
Ship System Targetting & Piracy!
Perma death
Difficulty, Gameplay & Other ideas
Galactic lore and prodecural history? Some ideas.
Dont Make Being a Newbie Too Hard
Storyline generation

Production / Resources / Mining / Economy / Trading / Cargo transfer / Fuel / Supply
Storage Space
Resource Gathering
Towing Cargo
Limited fuel and ammunition and the supply thereof
Making mining fun
Agents/Information brokers
Black Market
Mechanics of cargo transfer, trading, and scanning cargo
Procedurally generated building materials
Bounty Hunting/law enforcement
Varied Ship Materials for Different Races
Illegal Goods

Travel / Navigation / Exploring
Nebulas, Black Holes and other Galactic Things
Time acceleration vs. super cruise / in-system jumps
Interplanetary Highways, Trade Lanes, Acceleration Gates
Interstellar Travel, Wormholes, and Jump Drives
Infinite Space and Travel
Autopilot Ideas
A few ideas on Navigation and Explorationinterplannetary space
The look of the formation interface.
Mechanics of formations / following / escorting
Do we get to name things we discover?
Exploration and scanning
The Road Taken... Ideas for mapping your personal universe
Flying a capital ship (controls)
Flight Model / Control Feels Wrong
Playership Flight Controls Post v1.1

Space Stations
Station Details
Space Station layout
Space Stations - Building, Care and Nurturing

Planets / Planetary interaction
Planet Terraforming
Procedural Cities on Planet Surfaces
Space to Planet transision
Planetery ownership
Buildings on planets and what not
Planet-based play
Planet Ownership
Discover Planet Locations (on planet POI)
Planetary Movement
Destructable Planets
Rogue planets
Space to Surface combat
Crafting and Ground Structures
War, Conquest, Occupation
Orbital Defense Platforms

Asteroids / Stars / Space things
Galactic things reimagined
Stars and Such
Destructible Asteroids - Can we do it?
Dynamic Asteroids
Procedural Backgrounds/megastructures

Seeds / Factions / A.I. / Artificial Life / Missions
Grand seed; and ulterior seeds.
Procedural A.I.?
Free riders
Migrant fleets and mobile bases
Factions + Civilizations Suggestions
suggestions for the universe
Character/seed selection
Universe names
Universe Tech-level Setup
Emergent multi-part missions, quests and epic stories

Bosses / End game content / Super Weapons
Galactic Threat!
Death Star
Huge Huge HUGE Things

Lan based multiplayer?
Mumble / TeamSpeak integration (for multiplayer)
IRC (or xmpp) chatroom!
Limit Theory Objects and Names catalog

LT site / Wikipedia / Community / other internet related suggestions
Home page of LT
Export Charts
Forum universe mapping
Handy Thread of LT relevant links for game design aspects.
Forum Moderators
Help with forums - suggestions
Streaming development.

Kickstarter / Post release content / Beta / Funding suggestions
Extra Donations.
Unreached Stretch Goals in Later Versions?
Adding a Pay-Pal Function to the LT Website
LT Goodies
Custom Ships for Kickstarter Goal
Extended funding for stretch goals
Limit Theory Shirt
Handling of alpha and beta
Post release wish list
Split from: Thanks for Your Suggestions! I Read Them!

MOD Support
Texture Packs for LT
Room modding (future release)
Modding Cockpit / UI

Support additional hardware / platforms
OUYA Support and Procedural Narrative
Oh yea!? Can we get this game on OUYA?
Oculus Rift 3D Support

Ship design / editing / customization
Ship classification
Starship style (graphical)
Edited Ship Blueprints/ Mass Production
Ship editing (Anyone played Aurora?)
Handling ship builder limitations
Windows and other stickers
Making the Borg a reality with carriers!
Hollow pieces
More light on the ships and stations
Ship Profiles, Angles, Curves and Symmetry
Ship subsystems

Tech / Skill system / Leveling
Tech Progress Mechanics
Researchable Tech
PC Skill System
Crew skills, hiring, management, gameplay opportunities
Capital ship command and Crew experiance/readiness/drills
Fleet and Follower Loyalty/Competency
Technology tree ideas draft
Universe Tech-level Setup

Fleet command / RTS interface / Carriers / Orders
Fleet orders
advanced planning and other suggestions
RTS Map Mode
Fighters and how to make capital ships feel big, Wake Field
Carriers: Internal vs. external landing, Towing ships
Tactical Interface Demo
Hangars and repairing docked ships
Joint Node Editing (UI)

Combat / Stealth / General Balancing
Balancing Ship Design and Faction Diversity
Balancing small vs large ships
Decoy Drones - distraction instead of cloaking
Diplomancy after fights
strafe firing
Sensors, Scanners, Stealth and A.I. Perception
Targeting System/Overview
Pirating, Boarding, Capturing of Ships
Connecting detection, sensors, and energy settings

Weapon Types / Weapons
Weapon Statistics / Mechanics
Mines. The kind that goes boom.
What about dropping Mines or Bombs during Dogfights
Weapon Limitations?
Weapon safeties, dealing with friendly fire
Stream Weapons
A Way to Make Loads of Missiles

Ship destruction and subsystem damage
Dynamic ship destruction
More unique; effects to damaged or destroyed sub systems.
Explosions, Extended Impact & Damage Effects on Ship Models
Visible Damage
damage detail and affecting gameplay
advanced planning and other suggestions

3D Avatar
Spacewalks, Getting out of your vehicle
Ship Interiors.
Player character being "on" a station

UI / Cockpit
Immersion and Monitor Support
Tactical Map and Ship Orders UI
Chatting with other space peoples
Color Blind mode
Loading screens
Your Friendly and Helpful Board Computer
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Suggestions about Suggestions

Ideas and suggestions are a very important part of game design but sometimes an otherwise great idea is overlooked because it is not presented well.
Since the line of volunteers was surprisingly short, I figured I'd write up some tips on that.

Mind you, these are not rules.
Trying to regulate creativity would be the dumbest idea ever.
All of these are merely suggestions which may improve the odds of your feature sounding cool enough to catch a developer's attention. That's why you went to the trouble of writing it up, no?

  • Do not worry about topic necromancy.
    If an existing but old topic deals with the area of your idea or something very close to it, do not be afraid to resurrect it.
    Ideas have no Best-Before date.
  • Use the Search Function. (yeah, you saw that one coming)

    Many great ideas have already been submitted. If you can improve upon something or have a great alternative way of handling it, we want to know.
    Having several alternative solutions all in one place makes it much easier to take the best parts of all them and design an even better game feature from there.
    If the "good bits" are scattered across 5 different topics discussing a similar issue, some inevitably get lost. We do not want your ideas to get lost. Do you?
  • If there is no existing topic, don't hesitate to create a new one, either.
    Just make sure your topic title describes what you are talking about. This is your topic's business card!
    By editing the first post you can also change the topic name at a later time.

    Posting a topic like "A few suggestions" in a suggestion forum with several thousand posts... now that's not going to get a lot of attention.
    Something meaningless like that doesn't make anyone curious about what you have to say because it's obvious that you didn't spend a lot of thought on it.
  • Don't be shy.
    Correct spelling or formatting are nice to have but they do not make a boring idea interesting.
    Good idea is good.
  • Be descriptive.
    You have this awesome image in your head about how exactly the feature is going to work? Well, *I* don't.
    Explain. Show me.
    What controls or menus are you using on your imagined keyboard? How and where are these guns attached to the ship? Can they move? How fast? What's happening if an AI ship does that thing?

    It also helps a lot if you do not only describe what you want to do but what you want to achieve by doing so. Very often this goal can be achieved in ways you hadn't imagined.
    If you only tell someone that you want to do that, well, that's that. But if you tell him the desired outcome, you make him try to come up with a solution, too.

    Such a degree of detail may be understood as insulting in a normal conversation but in feature suggestions it's the best way.
  • It doesn't matter if this or that would have to be present in the game for your idea to work. That's someone else's job.
    Play the game in your head. If your game feature feels right, it's all good. You don't have to worry about balance. (but it's a plus if you do =)
  • Break it up.
    If people see a 10+ line paragraph, many just skip it entirely. Too long, did not read.

    If you change the subject even slightly, insert an empty line, then continue. (See what I did?)
    That makes your post much easier to read and understand.
  • Tell me what other cool things I can do with that feature!
    No, it's not obvious.
    Maybe your idea is a brilliantly simple concept that the AI can use to appear smarter and more "human"? Point. It. Out.
    Your readers are not stupid but they are not inside your head, either. Most of 'em anyway.
  • Do not be afraid to edit the first post if you think of something new or someone else has come up with something awesome on page 3.
    Take it and run with it! This is a team effort. You don't get a prize for having the awesome idea. It's us who get the cool game feature!
  • Familiarise yourself with how the BBCode formatting works.
    It's not rocket science and a few simple clicks can help you create a good looking post. By creating a good first impression, you can more easily get people to actually read it.
    On the screen where you post or edit something, there is a link to the brief summary right under the rows of smilies.

    The LIST code has many uses. You can even use it without creating any actual bullet points. Then it only indents the entire enclosed text / paragraph
    • like
    Tip: Note that you sometimes need to use two empty lines to get an empty line between bullet points. Because. *shrug*
  • If you use links to reference existing suggestions or images, please use text descriptions instead of just copying some gibberish URL into your post.
    It looks a lot more professional if people can see what a link is about.
  • Example 1, Example 2, Don't Try This At Home, Kids
    By sorting your thoughts and breaking a concept up into categories and sub-categories, you let the reader deal with one snippet at a time.
    By keeping the reader engaged, you get a lot more feedback about facets of your idea that you hadn't even considered.

    Just imagine for a moment how these example posts would look as one continuous paragraph! Would you read that?
    If you're creating something extensive, use multiple posts. That creates more structure and you (and readers!) can directly link or bookmark individual posts.
    This isn't about driving up your post count or bumping a thread. It's just a lot easier to read and understand.
  • And last:
    This is the real world. The chance of your suggestion being implemented is a lot better if you figure out a way to create a new feature with a tiny tweak to an existing mechanic... instead of suggesting an entirely new framework for UI, models, and gameplay.
    Example 1, Example 2 (not quite as close)

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