Tactical HUD Idea

Just threw together something quick for what I would like in a tactical HUD

Selection and Zoom Image My ideal create a zooming lens to get a better view, with only a faint glowing line around the edges to show you where the lens ends.
Ideally the zoom would be dynamic in its strength, and smart enough to get out of your way when you don't want it.

Information and Hardpoints Image My Ideal HUD would show necessary information such as energy levels, shields and module health, Who owns the target (and a color gradient for what my alignment is with them, dynamic shape for the colorblind). It would also show me all targetable hardpoints, such as thrusters, weapons, shield generators, comms systems, cargo holds, power cores, etc.

Speed, Direction and Projected flightpath Image My Ideal HUD would also show me how fast they are moving, what direction they are moving, and show a projected flightpath. Explaining the direction they are moving would be done by the Horizontal Coordinate System. Showing the Azimuth (movement on the X & Y planes from your perspective) and the Altitude (moving towards or away from you, positive numbers indicate they are moving towards you, negative indicate they are moving away from you.)

Targeting Image My Ideal HUD would finally let you manually target specific hardpoints, target according to a pre-arranged action plan, or automatically by what the system thinks is best for you.
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