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Re: Pareidolic Icons

Lum wrote:I try not to click, but as outlander4 says... it's difficult :lol:
Lum wrote:My last one for a while... :shh:
I really rate this thread. :thumbup: :thumbup:

I'm so pleased that Hyperion brought this idea to our attention and he deserves the credit for making many of us aware of this art form.

But I have to say I really like your input here Lum. :clap: I like faces I can identify with, be they human looking or alien. :angel:

Re: Pareidolic Icons

Talvieno wrote:
Space Dandy wrote:I definitely like this idea!
Josh has hinted in a past devlog that it might be going in - no "official" word, though. :)

And now I am trying to figure out how to do cockpits in a similar way...
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