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Hello all,

I know this topic has gone around many times. I have a few suggestions to add to the whole HUD cockpit view idea.

First off, It is the year 2014 and with our technology we have in real time application in any military system that requires a locked target and a hud, they have an Auto tracking to allow a more accurate shot and hit, from missiles to projectile machine guns. I am not sure what time frame LT universe takes place but if they are out in space and mining, colonizing, exploring I assume they have already achieved greater HUD mechanics then what we use today in the year 2014.

With that in mind you have to ask your self, what can make a weapon with a targeting, auto tracking, etc., be more advance then what we currently already know about.

This is what I imagine:

If you are fighting a ship, station, or what ever that is already known in your ships computer database it will have already figured out each hard point location is, shield generator, engines, weapons, what type of weapons (unless it has a new load out), and so imagine a HUD targeting that can display some thing like this: Image now you might need to tell the computer what systems to shoot at, or the computer can calculate the best places to hit the ship at its weakest points.

Now let say you come across an alien ship that is not in your ships database. Your computer will do its scans, detect the energy levels of each detected hard points and calculate the most realistic type of systems in that area. Example would be the engines, if it uses the same type we do the computer will know this right away and detect the right signatures for that engines hard point.

or maybe they are using some technologies we do not even know about yet. so you go at it blindly, do you attack? do you escape if you can. or do you try to communicate with it.

The point of this post is the HUD and the detailed data provided for you right before you engage any enemy.

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