Trading, Manufacturing and the Universe

I was in the semi conductor industry for about ten years. Back in the mid to late 90's, manufacturers were moving to larger and larger diameter wafers, and were also jumping on the capacity bandwagon. They spent money on more floor space new equipment etc, but all that stuff needed to be paid for, so they flooded the market with wafers, that is why RAM became so cheap back then.

So, when a product becomes cheaper you can do a couple different things. Since your price is lower you can rely on volume of sales to maintain profitability or you can expand your market. This is one of the things that drives things like exploration etc. In this game, it could be used to drive the player/NPC to explore new areas and colonize them, creating new markets for their products. As the player, it would be a nice money sink for the later parts of the game, being able to start new colonies which in turn buy your products, but may also have some resources you might be able to exploit.

You may also just run into another race who might be willing to be trade partners etc. It would also make it possible to be some kind of distribution magnate. Selling products in one part of the galaxy for too long will saturate it eventually unless the product is consumed faster than it can be produced, so you could spread out your products across your known areas in a sort of compartmental way. You could sort of control local pricing that way.

Just some ideas. Take it for what it's worth.
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