AI Trait: Combat Evaluation

I was actually thinking about economy when this came to mind, not actual combat. My thought was that if a hostile faction of some sort were to end up building a headquarters in a certain area near or in an asteroid field, any miner who would attempt to get the materials in the asteroids which was not allied to the faction would be in serious danger and perhaps even end up destroyed for attempting to mine there. If this were the case, less miners would be found in that Asteroid field and the economy would change due to this issue.

Using information about deaths and laser-firings in certain sectors, you could end up producing an AI with a form of common sense, able to see conflict before it is involved and to attempt to avoid it, similar to how we avoid roads which have accidents on them, using the radio, as we drive from place to place in real life.

This wouldn't just have an effect on mining though. say a faction places a station right in the way of a trading route. if the traders don't have this form of common sense, they'll go one-by-one headlong into a conflict, possibly without any form of weaponry or defenses. though this would be entertaining, It would look quite unintelligent of the AI. :monkey:

I don't know how feasible this is but I'd like to hear what people think. :thumbdown: :thumbup: :?:

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