I recently saw a poll on the LT forum regarding the profession many people would chose once LT is launched and a good deal of people said that they would chose mercenary/privateer as a profession.

This got me thinking if one does decided to become a merc how would that play out. How do you go about becoming a mercenary.

My suggestion is as follows, though the idea of the lonesome silent type stranger is fun, that has very little to do with reality. As far back in history as you go mercenaries have worked in groups. In antiquity you had mercenary bands willing to fight for who would pay.
In medieval times you had mercenary companies (the military kind not the commercial kind).

And today you have private military contractors, this is what I suggest for LT. If you want to be a merc you either get a job with a military contractor or you put together your own military contractor firm. So as to give the LT universe that Stillwater feeling.
Perhaps you can make things interesting, by making it difficult to get a job with a PMC unless you already have some military experience within the naïve of some nation.

What do the forum people think?


If this topic has been discussed already I apologies I tried to do a search but it appears the word mercenary has been used too many times on the various topics.

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