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some ideas for node based ui parts

I couldnt find any discussion about bode based ui's sooo...
here are some ideas for node-based interfaces

first: formation editor
the single ships are the nodes and the relations/orders regarding each other are the connections
a carrier would be for example the base node and ita allocated fighters would be its leaf nodes
a possible addition could be different layers of this graph.
the relation of fighter <-> mothership could be splitted between allocated docking and escort/defend orders. another layer could be a 3d view to define the actual formation. one interface to rule your whole fleet.

second: ship equipment editor
why split your equipment between unhandy tabs when you can just display it in a nice graph.
the global base node would be the ship itself with the different kinds of hardpoints (weapons, engines etc) as the second layer and then the single hardpoints as leaf nodes. with different options for grouping (mounted item/ammunition etc)
this filters could collapse the different filtered hardpoints into another base node with the actual hardpoints attached to it
(all railguns with lead ammo get a base node, tungsten loaded another node)
this editor should also contain a 3d view option that you know which weapons you are swappibg around
the screen could even be a zoomed-in layer of the fornation editor...

third: energy management screen
if its possible for ships with multiple reactors to assign different pieces of equipment/ hardpoints to designated reactors a node editor would be a nice way to do this ^^
could also work with ammunition bunkers and weapons or loading mechanisms and weapons (maybe fire control systems and weapons?)
this editor could be a layer of the equipment editor

fourth: blueprint designer?
maybe a node screen could be used to define targets for your engineers for creating blueprints? have the technology for heavy lasers and dual-barreled lasers? tell your enginerrs to combine them!
(i know that this point is a slight counter to the current research system but i just want to throw this out ^^)

Re: some ideas for node based ui parts

Good ideas, Cornflakes.

Concerning node based UI, I also like the idea of being able to give orders to a node and all subnodes in a situational aware way..
Suppose you have a fleet that's represented by a node, then this node could contain all commands that can be executed on the sub nodes. For instance, choosing the command to do a bombing run should only select the bombers in your fleet, not the transporters or carrier.
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Re: some ideas for node based ui parts

I am worried when Josh mentioned that it is intuitive for touch. I am not sure if that would translate well to a mouse/keyboard combination but we'll see. I would love to have the UI designed for touch and I can actually imagine myself using it to command ships and fleets, but I currently lack a touchscreen to make full use of it. :crazy:
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Re: some ideas for node based ui parts

Uh, well... Why exactly are you worried about how it translates? What do you think he's testing it on? I think he's saying that it's intuitive for touch as well as mouse/keyboard, since the gestures are easily and quickly done with both. Your finger is basically a mouse cursor anyway. I fail to see the panic here.
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Re: some ideas for node based ui parts

I'm imagining a system much like magic in the first Black & White. Perhaps you could traverse the menu by going after a node at a time, or perhaps, once muscle memory kicks in, you could just draw the path anywhere on the screen and get to the result you wanted.
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