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Which is your favorite from the June-July LTFC?

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CSE's comic: Delit de Facies
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0111Narwhalz's 4AM Fragments
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HowSerendipitous's Night at the Museum
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August-September Limit Theory Fan Creations: Cities Edition

Take part in the discussion --> here
Only submissions in this thread, please.


Welcome to the August-September LT Fan Creations submission thread!

You post anything you want here - art, stories, videos, music - and people in the discussion thread will give you more immediate feedback. No waiting for judges! I'll personally be keeping an eye on it to read over anything you submit and I'll also comment on it - how you can improve, what the weak spots are, the parts I like about it best, and so on. Feedback will be guaranteed and much more rapid - and comprehensive, as you'll be able to ask me (and anyone else) further questions, and we can work with you to help you improve if you'd like. This is something that people often had a problem with during the previous contests - nobody knew how to contact the judges. :P

The rules are very, very simple. This time it's purely about creating things, having people look at them, and getting feedback. (I'll still offer a $30 voucher to the winner of the poll!)

The rules:
  1. Anything you post must be your own work. Don't post pictures you found on Google Images or somewhere else. I will know. You are allowed, however, to use textures from other places, or stock images as part of whatever you post, same as before.
  2. It must be at least tangentially related to Limit Theory (I mean, obviously - just look at the thread title! :D )
  3. It must be related to the topic. This month's topic: Cities - as suggested by CSE.
  4. You are allowed to post as many things as you want. No limits or restrictions! If you create it, you can post it!
  5. All submissions must be made before the end of September.

And that's it! At the end of September, I'll close this topic and open a new one, with a different theme. We can keep going from there. Eventually, as we get closer to Beta, I'm sure interest in an actual fan contest will pick up again. At that point, I'll re-start the old contests as before. During the intervening time, all the contests that myself and the other judges have fallen behind on, will be judged. Until then, I'll put up a poll where people can vote on their favorite works of the previous creation threads (starting in July), and the winner will receive a $30 Steam/GOG voucher - just for fun. :D

A link to last month's LTFC

At the end of thirty days of voting, I'll offer a $30 Steam/GOG voucher to the winner of the June/July LTFC.

Most importantly, of course, have fun! :thumbup:
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Re: August-September Limit Theory Fan Creations: Cities Edition

I think it is time to close the loop.

Today's picture is a re-visit of my first LTFC entry; separated by over 25 years (as I used an old render), it is interesting to do the comparison (and I myself don't know my favorite; what is certain is that I understand a lot better what I am doing now, so have much more control, e.g. to make streets and higher order structure). Without further ado:

The Planetary Zoo
Traveling to the stars to explore strange and beautiful words is not for every man. Most will never leave the City - except perhaps for the 9-worlds-trip™ as honeymoon.
The logical step was to organize a sort of Zoo - for worlds. In many places in the City, there is a dome of energy. And within, with its own atmosphere and artificial gravity, there is a piece of an interesting world. This is not artificial. This is a real piece, taken out of the target world, with its animals, plants and bacterias.
Thus all can behold the beauty and glory of the universe!


With the usual finely crafted link to a slightly higher resolution. Not too big, as already at this size, it needs 24h to render (ok) and then about 40 more hours apparently blocked with only one thread running and indicating 100% complete, 1 min remaining, before it completes; larger renders were not finished after 2 days, so I had to interrupt - if anybody can explain what this is and what could be the cause, it would be helpful...
The city is a function of altitude map with 4-layer texture and transparency to let shine lights from below through the windows.

And for comparison, the older image:

And another, closer, angle more similar to the older image:

Re: August-September Limit Theory Fan Creations: Cities Edition

Wellp, I'm not 100% happy with it, but here we are!

750ish million polygons (700 of so of them trees!), about 5 and half hours render time, you can thank the spectral atmosphere for that and some fricking annoying black spots on the render that I had to touch up in Photoshop! I think I modelled 28 buildings in total, I probably needed about twice that, really. but I'm lazy :squirrel:


Linkee! :twisted:

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