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LTFC - August 2016 - Colonization Edition

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Only submissions in this thread, please.


Welcome to the tenth edition of the Limit Theory Fan Contest! This month will be about Colonization. It doesn't necessarily have to focus completely on colonization, but it must openly feature the topic in some form. Be a little creative, and I'm sure you can come up with something awesome. :) Everyone can make as many admissions as they like, but only one can be the "official" admission by which you are judged.

This contest will have 3 prizes for the top three submissions, and each entrant can only win one prize. If there are less than eight entrants, only two prizes will be given out. If there are less than five entrants, only one prize will be awarded. If there are less than two entrants, no prizes will be given. Selected prizes will be taken from the pool.

The objective: Create art about Limit Theory.
This could be in written form as a story, lore, or a detailed idea for a mod. It could be visual like a gif, photoshop or video. Or even audio - anyone up for a bit of stand-up about Limit Theory? These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, but I'm sure you guys can think of a lot more. It is fine to use other games' assets in your submissions, as long as your work is your own.
Rule of thumb: "Does it spotlight Limit Theory?".

Prize pool:Juarezx3,factoriox2,siriusx2
  • $30 voucher for Steam or GOG, courtesy of Victor Tombs (Monthly; always added)
  • Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, courtesy of Dinosawer
  • Factorio, courtesy of Silverware
  • Sirius Online Key, courtesy of McAule
  • More prizes may be added to the pool! Prizes will be chosen randomly from the pool at the end of each month.

The rules:
  • The artwork needs to be about Limit Theory per the objective.
  • Everybody is free to enter but can only submit one entry to the contest. You are free to change or replace your submission for as long as the contest is open.
  • If you have submitted more than one work, you need to be very clear about which one you're entering. If there is any doubt, the latest entry in the forum thread will be judged.
  • You cannot submit something you've already submitted to a previous LTFC. Submitting things you plan to (or have) submitted to other non-LT contests is discouraged.
  • All contest submissions have to be made as a reply to this thread.
  • Submitting a prize does not exclude you from having a submission scored.
  • Judges are not barred from making a submission themselves, but their submissions can't earn prizes. If they would like their submissions to earn prizes, they cannot act as a judge for that month.
  • The contest will be open to new submissions until Wednesday, August 31st, 23:59 GMT.
  • Discussion about this contest or submissions can happen here.
  • Any prizes are yours to do whatever you want with them. You can even give the prize to someone else if you'd like, and they don't have to be from this forum.
Note: if you're using another site to host content, make sure the title and comment displays that it's part of a contest submission.
This only to avoid future Googlers from becoming confused when looking for official content.

Our jury of three people will judge the submissions based on the following criteria:
  • Originality: 30%
  • Aesthetic: 25%
  • Details: 10%
  • X factor: 20%
  • Realism according to the LT universe: 15%
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Re: LTFC - August 2016 - Colonization Edition


Here is my submission for the Colonisation edition. I fear the text is somewhat small, so you may want to jump directly to the larger version. It works also better as you cannot see directly the last panel.
Spoiler:      SHOW
Obviously the joke works better for those thinking in Celsius than in Fahrenheit, but who is still clinging to the old unpractical imperial units? :mrgreen:
New technique for the speech bubbles, to be refined but much nicer than the previous system, IMHO. The snowy landscape is also a first for me.

Sources for the 1st and 2nd background...

See you next month :wave:.

Re: LTFC - August 2016 - Colonization Edition

So, at first I wasn't entirely what to make for this one - so I dug into what I love a lot: Celtic Folk!
Irish folk music stems for a great part from the 1800's, a period of time in which many an Irish family moved to the New World (America) to find themselves a better life, and many an Irish song is about this - what better fits the theme of colonisation than music about it?
James Galway and Phil Coulter made an entire album about this, called "Winter's Crossing" (worth a listen, btw), and the song I chose to play is one of it (not actually a traditional folk song, but it sounds like one)
It's called "Home Away From Home", and beautifully expresses the bittersweetness of leaving the home you have behind in the hope of finding a better life elsewhere.
Hope you enjoy my first actual guitar entry in the LTFC :)
Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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Re: LTFC - August 2016 - Colonization Edition

Yelp! :oops:

First try at the Contest. I hope I didn't mess up too much with it. I also hope that I got formatting somewhat done... :?

Anyway, here's my entry. A short story with the Title "Vanguard to a new Home"


Ahh, right! Let me order my thoughts for a moment.

Colonizing a new not as simple as you might think it is. Sending some People and Material to some remote Place? No, not by a long shot!
You might not believe me if I say that even this place, this very planet was not completely habitable for humans just a bit over 70 Standard-Earth Years ago! And 85 Years ago we didn't even have knowledge of this Sector yet...

You see, it all started when some rumors started cropping up about a yet unknown wormhole near a small mining outpost that led to an uninhabited Sector. Of course, such rumors come up all the time...but those are rarely true, so no one really believed in this certain least initially.

But as the first Starmaps were sold, first Artifacts were bragged with...our Government got curious. Of course those things had to come from somewhere, and as it was, those who actually talked about their Journeys all spoke of a new wormhole out in the Taurus-Sector...
Like that, official Expeditions were outfitted, drones were sent and the whole machinery got set in motion. Soon the Space around the Wormhole was buzzing with activity! Official Explorers, Cartographs, Drones and some simple Treasure hunters got there in a steady Stream, trying to get past the hastily put up Control Posts as fast as possible, eager to find new Ressources, Planets, Adventures and Riches.

Stations were built, to stabilize the passageway until a permanent Warp-connection was established and to get the Controls going properly. People tried to sneak by all the time, haha! Pirates, Treasure Hunters and the occasional run-away who wanted to get into the unknown or back out, as they frequented the connection already long before any Officials even knew of this new Treasure in their backyard...But I digress...

Where was I? Ah yes, this planet was initially discovered and classified by automated Drones while everyone else was busy building the permanent Warp-Rails so they could finally concentrate on other things. We got lucky here, as the scans indicated that there were only small modifications necessary that could be finished in just a few years! For this task, we sent out a small fleet of Terraforming Drones, two Motherships and many, many smaller Drones to collect resources and build the Atmosphere Changers on the poles. Perhaps your teachers will organize a Trip there someday, I can only recommend it!

So, this terraforming...took us about 10 Years and turned out as a great success! I almost couldn't believe how well it went myself when I first got here! See, only a couple of months later, I had turned 23 just a while before, our first official manned landing with the Explorer "Vanguard" was conducted. If you look out of the windows here, you can see where we took our very first steps outside of the Lander, and the Flag I planted on that day can still be seen in the Gallery! I was so proud, so happy to be one of the first to officially breath the Air, to feel the wind and to see what would soon become a new home for Humanity! And I still think back to the moments when we set the Flag and made the first Picture of many to remember this special Day...
Over the next Year some of the big Colony Ships arrived, carrying hundreds of thousands of people, as well as enough material for them to build the basic Infrastructure and in extension everything you can see here. Some of your Grandparents might have been with the first Settlers to come here, so just ask them next time you see them! I'm sure they have grand stories to tell you about it.
Ah you know the Story of your home, how it was found and prepared. And how your Parents and Grandparents colonized this beautiful Planet in a new Sector...And I see that your next teacher doesn't seem too happy that I took longer than expected!

Apparently, sometimes stuff might happen.
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Re: LTFC - August 2016 - Colonization Edition

Alright, I'm giving it a shot. I'm calling upon our old buddy Mark again, since I'm starting to like him. :ghost:

I present: Lilac.

By IronDuke
Now that Mark had a mission, he needed a good place from which to stage his gradual takedown of his former employer’s company. Preferably he would find a small, uninhabited earthlike near his former employer, but he knew those were rare. As he flitted through space, fleeing the scene of his betrayal, he skimmed through the star map. He was fortunate that this region was a sparsely inhabited frontier. He quickly found two different, unexplored systems with planetary bodies in the Goldilocks zone. He set course for the nearest.

When he arrived, he ran a scan. Disappointment flashed in his face as the scan turned up a decrepit base in the asteroid belt that was somehow still running. He assumed it was a pirate base. Even if it was simply an abandoned hulk that had never been turned off, it was still there. He set course for the second system.

Upon arrival and scan, his face lit up and he let out a sigh of delight. The planet was indeed an Earthlike, possessing two small moons. Upon flying to the planet and running more scans, he determined that not only was the atmosphere very safe, the temperatures seemed milder than Earth. He entered the atmosphere, looking around happily at the abundant flora and fauna. It would be easy to survive here. He just needed to gather together some old pals.

Three months later…

A massive spacecraft looking much a spatula with dragonfly wings crawled into orbit of the planet. On its bridge, located towards the rear, Mark conversed with a very small person, about four feet tall.

“This is it. What do you think?”

The small man replied in an incongruent bass rumble, “Doesn’t look bad. Matches all the info you gave us. Seems it’d be a good spot to set up a base. Barnes, take us down.”

The massive vessel slowly descended vertically into the atmosphere after spending almost an hour decelerating. When it landed, the dragonfly wings retracted slightly, then stabbed into the ground. The spatula section unfolded with many clanks and groans, for all the world like a massive, metal piece of origami. In less than one minute, a fully functional ground installation was active. Small rovers began scuttling off like ants, ready to begin gathering resources, exploring, and constructing outposts. A few flying drones also set off to map the entire planet’s surface. And any time he needed it, Mark’s ship was sitting in a hanger, which hadn’t changed upon landing. Mark decided to name the planet Lilac, as there were an immense number of flowers that looked just like them, and they reminded him of his mother.

They had successfully colonized the planet.

The end.
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Re: LTFC - August 2016 - Colonization Edition

Once, we were limited to only a single planet. One planet, which resources were sorely overextended. But that time passed long ago. With fusion rockets, we ventured into the vacuum, planting outposts on other worlds and harvesting them for their fruits. We built great solar collectors, beaming power to distant bodies.
Our star system became stifling, its single sun unable to sate us. Its planets were bled dry. We required new stars, new planets. A star drive was developed. The great void beckoned.
The path from star to star was a long and arduous one. Simple freight routes were out of the question. Thus, we sent colony ships with supplies enough to not only start the colony, but also to feed it until it could feed itself. Our ships, hollowed from asteroids, radiated outwards in search of quasi-habitable worlds.
And worlds they found. Hundreds, thousands of planets around stars whose position signified life. The great atmosphere-changers the colony ships carried were put to work, while the colonists set up in biodomes on the surface. Before long, the colonies operated the changers full-time.
A century passed. The skies turned blue. Colonists walked freely upon the land, trees flourished in the open air. The connections between stars evolved, becoming safe and stable. More colonies sprung up within the systems, connected by hypervelocity transit rails. Several of the colonies begun to hollow asteroids for their own ships, and so was born the stellar civilization.

Re: LTFC - August 2016 - Colonization Edition

Recovered Colonisation Report


In Cycle 23504, Survey Ship ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ discovered a solar system 15 jumps from our border while on a deep exploration mission. Upon arrival, S£&*%### ++DATA CORRUPTED++ passing through the solar system, we found and collected an old robotic space craft just past the heliopause, clearly an early automated research ship. This ship was lacking in ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ and was not travelling at sufficient velocity to have come from any other source.

After this discovery, ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ moved further in-system to investigate further. At first glace, ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ is a relatively unremarkable single star system with a mixture of gas and terrestrial planets. However, it was discovered to contain a life-bearing world which appears to be a prime candidate for colonisation. It is this planet that the report will be focused on, with some further mention of the other worlds at the end of the report.

Although ill equipped for anything more than a preliminary survey, on its return to Outpost ++UNTRANSLATABLE++, the Commander ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ reported the discovery and a second ship was dispatched.

Planetary Characteristics

Planet name: ++UNTRANSLATABLE++
Equatorial radius 453100 ++UNTRANSLATABLE++
Surface temperature -55 ++UNTRANSLATABLE++
Surface gravity 1.12 of ++UNTRANSLATABLE++
Rotational period 114 ++UNTRANSLATABLE++
Orbital period 120 ++UNTRANSLATABLE++
Axial tilt 3.240 ++UNTRANSLATABLE++


++UNTRANSLATABLE++ is a medium sized terrestrial world. It is geologically active with a surface comprised of tectonic plates and a dense iron core. Spectrographic analysis confirms that many elements are present, including Uranium, Gold, ++UNTRANSLATABLE++, Palladium and ++UNTRANSLATABLE++. Mineral exploitation would be perhaps the primary reason for this endeavour but certainly colo*&&££## ++DATA CORRUPTED++ decision would be forthcoming.

The gravity of ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ is higher than ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ but not to a level that is uncomfortable; A short time period is sufficient to adapt to such conditions. The terrain is varied with high proportion of flat ground interspersed with mountain ranges.

Although, as stated above, while geologically active; ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ is reasonably hospitable and no serious tectonic activity was detected during the survey. The iron core also generates a strong magnetic field which protects the planet from solar events.


++UNTRANSLATABLE++ has a thick atmosphere, approximately 320% of the density of our own homeworld. It contains a greater proportion of Nitrogen so consequently, any visitor will require a low grade breathing filter, at least until the atmosphere has been properly adjusted to our requirements.

Due to heavy industrialisation, ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ also has a higher that optimal concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The current risks to the native ecosystem are considerable and having experienced the same on our own homeworld, we can expect mass extinctions to begin occurring within the next 122 of their orbital periods.

The temperature is somewhat milder than our own planet, but not uncomfortable. Precipitation is an order of magnitude higher than our own homeworld but should not be considered problematic.


++UNTRANSLATABLE++ is a lush world. Native life forms range from single celled organisms to aquatic creatures of great mass. There are no true megafauna, one can only assume they either did not evolve or were rendered extinct. The surface of ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ is extremely varied, ranging from areas where the surface is covered in frozen water at the polar caps and deserts around the equator. Between these are oceans, grasslands and forests which are home to a wide variety of flora. A ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ which was sent to the surface confirmed that there were analogues to our own plant species and that they were likely to be edible.

Assuming ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ has followed established patterns observed on other planets; we can guess that life formed within the seas and emerged onto the land later in the planets history. There are a truly astonishing number of ecological niches on the surface of this planet, many more than our own homeworld; we predict a surface survey of any thoroughness would take many cycles to complete.

There is a sentient species present, consisting of approximately 3,204,212,200,144 individuals. They appear to be intelligent and adaptable, if curiously benign in appearance; they seem to lack any natural weaponry, unusual in a sapient species. Their constructions can, in cases of high population density, be seen from orbit.

The natives could potentially be worthwhile slaves but that is merely conjecture at this stage. As it currently stands, ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ may require significant resources to colonise/subjugate and we suggest this species could cause additional complications: As the leading apex predator on the world they are likely to be aggressive and tenacious but are presently hampered by their technological backwardness.

The natives also appear to possess a high degree of genetic diversity and appear to still be divided into individual nations! This is not uncommon for worlds at a similar developmental level and could possibly be exploited.

Native technology
As stated above, the natives are technologically backward compared to us. We estimate them to be at least 3250 cycles behind us in technological capability.

Currently they use fossil fuels to generate electricity, supplemented with limited amounts of both renewable and nuclear fission. As yet they have failed to harness nuclear fusion, antimatter or ++UNTRANSLATABLE++. Their spaceflight capacity is far below our standards with no zero-G manufacturing capacity and a rudimentary communications network. During the preliminary survey, Survey Ship ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ observed that no obvious orbital defenses were present but did detect what appeared to be a science station.

Suborbital transport technology is reasonable. As noted above, the natives rely on fossil fuels to power most vehicle, though we suspect th&&### ++DATA CORRUPTED++ have a standing army equipped with the best technology available to them. It is also noted that they have large numbers of heavier-than-air craft using fixed wing technologies. They appear not to have discovered ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ yet.

Weaponry is limited to forged melee weapons and projectile weapons driven by chemical propellant. Directed energy weapons are at best in their infancy with electromagnetic projectile weapons undergoing deployment within the next 5 of their orbital cycles. Of note, the natives have a considerable arsenal of nuclear fission and fusion missiles though it appears they are limited to surface targets. ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ capacity is unknown.

Computing appears to be based around antiquated Silicon based machines with no art111C$# ++DATA CORRUPTED++ ### nor quantum computing. We did note that the planet has a reasonable communications network. This may be to our benefit as by all accounts it is unsecured from orbital intrusion. Capturing a sample of their more recent computing technology would also be of great use in helping to further decipher their communications and would potentially allow us to access their public records. The spaceship we captured contains laughably little in the way of processing power.

Other assessments will have to wait for the third and final surveys.

Other notable bodies

There are several other planets of interest within the ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ system. Sunward of ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ there are two terrestrial planets, one of which would be suitable for resource extraction. The other has an extremely hostile environment which would first have to be tamed. It does, however, remain a potential ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ prospect.

Further out from ++UNTRANSLATABLE++ there is an unremarkable desert world, potentially suitable for ++UNTRANSLATABLE++. Beyond is an asteroid field and a rich fi££11L### ++DATA CORRUPTED++ could be used to produce Hydrogen fuel. One of the satellites of these has a hydrocarbon based environment which bears further investigation by the third wave survey.

There are no obvious barriers towards a full survey. We recommend that a third, larger and better equipped ship be sent so it can provide a more full estimation of the solar system and resources required to exploit it. Although relatively distant from our homeworld, it offfffff***#### ++DATA CORRUPTED++

Editor's Notes:

1. This report was recovered from the wreckage of a starship found in Equatorial Guinea. The resulting translation was created by the Oxford University Faculty of Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics. An alien computer, analogous to one of out tablets survived the crash. While its power system functioned we manually copied what we could from the screen.

2. Units are recorded in what appears to be base 6. We have kept the original values where possible. The surface temperature is an interesting anomaly. We can only assume they judge the temperature from a different starting point to us.

3. Words have been translated to their nearest English equivalent where possible. Elements are known by their atomic composition so can be translated where possible. Names are seemingly different linguistically to the other words - almost as if in a different tongue. Could there possibly be societal reasons for this? Similarly, concepts that are unfamiliar to us are untranslated.

4. There are some notable areas of the report where the data has been corrupted, probably due to damage to the alien computer systems in the crash. There is little that can be done in this situation.

Re: LTFC - August 2016 - Colonization Edition

My slightly bollocked submission:

Colony Deployment Dropship Close-up:
Spoiler:      SHOW
Colony Ship & Planet:
Spoiler:      SHOW
Dropships Stationary in Hangar:
Spoiler:      SHOW
Dropships Taking Off From Hangar:
Spoiler:      SHOW
Colony Ship Close Up:
Spoiler:      SHOW
Planet Terrain:
Spoiler:      SHOW
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Re: LTFC - August 2016 - Colonization Edition

And now, for the results of the August 2016 "Colonization" competition!

The available prizes are the $30 voucher, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, and Factorio.

The first place winner is: Cha0zz, for his entry Colonist Cards - with a score of 89!!

Second and third place go to:
  • HowSerendipitous with a score of 82 for his entry Recovered Colonization report!
  • Dinosawer with a score of 78.33 for his entry Home Away From Home!

The runner ups are (in order of submission):
Comments of the judges in order of submission*:
  • In a similar vein to your previous work, apt for the LT universe. At first, I thought the last scene was going to be the planet from Star Wars Episode 7! :)
  • Actually made me laugh, though it was a bit predictable because of your spoiler in the description.
  • Ha, I love the little twist at the end. :P Your entries always amuse me, and I think you're developing a neat little style all your own. Contrast could use a little work though still.
  • That was so beautiful! I got chills. Admittedly I get chills from a lot of things, but when you tried to capture a bittersweet feeling, you hit it dead on. Reminded me so much of Firefly. Bravo!
  • Though I didn't get a Sci-fi/LT feeling from the music, I did very much appreciate your choice and skillful execution of it. I would love to hear this song with some post processing to make it sound more ethereal.
  • Lovely music. I would love to have you along on a journey into the stars and space.
  • A good story, reads like a history article... kind of like Buzz Aldrin recounting his exploits to his nephew. :)
  • I wished it was longer! So many questions unanswered. Some complex sentences were hard to read, but I didn't detract too many points for it.
  • This is a neat little tale. I really love the hustle and bustle of all the different ship types. It really felt like I could see all the activity in the new system. I hope things happen like that in LT when a new system is discovered. (I hope you can discover new systems, too.)
  • A well thought-out view of what would happen to a colony once the extensive mining efforts would make it too expensive for a corporation to continue supporting the colony. My main criticism is the lack of context for the information. Is this a page from a book, leaflet, plaque or hologram?
  • This card just oozes of ancient lore waiting to be discovered in LT. I want one, and I want it to have a special affix that grants me a bonus for multiple stats. :)
  • This actually surprised me. Your entries are always astoundingly creative, but this is actually impressive on that count. Well done! You are henceforth never allowed to say you lack creativity again.
  • A nice, peaceful little piece, though I don't believe you should've tied it into your older story. It's well-written regardless. I got a 50s/60s vibe from it (from the era where TV shows showed everything as pristine, perfect and simple). It would be nice if it was a little harder in-game. :)
  • The opening is all about revenge, but dwindles to a planet colony? Where's the rest of the story? Shame about all the typos, and grammar. :(
  • A nice short story with lots of details which makes it easy to imagine what's going on. Would have loved some more tie-ins to LT, but at the same time you didn't go against it either.
  • Very prosaic! I did miss the existence of wormholes to bring the story in line with the LT universe.
  • A nice try, but reads more like a report. My mind was expecting flowery details, and I was affected by the technical words. The redeeming part is that this could form a nice backstory to the world of LT that we get to play. :)
  • This felt less like a story and more like a brief sequencing of events, like one might read in a textbook. It didn't "grip me". I know you have talent, though - you just need to reach for it. :)
  • At some point in the story, I realized it was about Earth and felt a chill. Surprisingly gripping! Good stuff. The constant ++untranslatable++ irritated me slightly, though.
  • Amazing layout that kept me glued to the page. An excellent read. :)
  • My thoughts after reading the first few paragraphs went from "wouldn't it be cool if..." to "the madman actually did it!". Well written, and bonus points for the lack of handholding at the 'twist ending'.
  • I can tell a tremendous amount of work went into these pieces! Excellently done! I'd dearly love to see some of these in action. You show great promise, but I do wish you'd written something to make it more story-like.
  • I love the time (a whole lot of work) that has gone into rendering these scenes. A shame there is no story to link them together.
  • Some good effort went into creating these images! The lack of context makes it very hard to judge this in an LT setting however. Especially when submitting multiple images, some kind of thread (e.g. combining them as a mission book/manual or comic-like story) would add a lot to the submission.
*(comments on each are in random order to keep judges anonymous, and I have edited a few comments slightly to further this)

A detailed overview of all scores can be found here.

Prizes will be handled now in the comments thread! Cha0zz, you're first up with a choice between the $30 Steam/GOG voucher, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, and Factorio!
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