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LTFC - March 2016 - Pirate's edition

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Only submissions in this thread, please.


Welcome to the second edition of the revived Limit Theory Fan Contest! This month's edition will be about Pirates/Illegal Activity. There's quite a bit that can be done as far as this goes. Everyone can make as many admissions as they like, but only one can be the "official" admission by which you are judged.

This contest will have 3 prizes for the top three submissions, and each entrant can only win one prize (if indeed there are prizes).

The objective: Create art about Limit Theory.
This could be in written form as a story, lore, or a detailed idea for a mod. It could be visual like a gif, photoshop or video. Or even audio... Anyone up for a bit of stand-up about Limit Theory?
These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, but I'm sure you guys can think of a lot more. It is fine to use other games' assets in your submissions.
Rule of thumb: "Does it spotlight Limit Theory?".

  • Cities Skylines, courtesy of Emiliano
  • A $10 steam/GoG voucher, courtesy of Victor Tombs
  • Abyss Odyssey, courtesy of Cha0zz
  • Stay tuned, there may be more!

The rules:
  • The artwork needs to be about Limit Theory per the objective.
  • Everybody is free to enter but can only submit one entry to the contest. You are free to change or replace your submission for as long as the contest is open.
  • If you have submitted more than one work, you need to be very clear about which one you're entering. If there is any doubt, the latest entry in the forum thread will be judged.
  • All contest submissions have to be made as a reply to this thread.
  • Submitting a prize does not exclude you from having a submission scored.
  • Judges are not barred from making a submission themselves, but their submissions can't be scored.
  • The contest will be open to new submissions until Thursday, March 31st, 23:59 GMT.
  • Discussion about this contest or submissions can happen here.
  • Any prizes are yours to do whatever you want with them. You can even give the prize to someone else if you'd like, and they don't have to be from this forum.
Note: if you're using another site to host content, make sure the title and comment displays that it's part of a contest submission.
This only to avoid future googlers from becoming confused when looking for official content.

Our jury of three people will judge the submissions based on the following criteria:
  • Originality: 30% -
  • Aesthetic: 25%
  • Details: 10%
  • X factor: 20%
  • Realism according to the LT universe: 15%
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Re: LTFC - March 2016 - Pirate's edition

A Pirate's Duty

He did not run, did not turn, and did not flinch from his obligations. When there was work to be done, he was right there in the middle of it. It was his duty not to.

He did not brake, did not slow, and did not turn as his reinforced hull sheared messily through the technologically laden capital research facilities. The two hulls screaming at the pain and pleasure of one piercing another.

His droids did not falter, did not complain, and did not miss as they tore through out the decks of the boarded ships.
There was no incoming, no police, no security, no defense fleet, and certainly no escorts. They were all taken care of and he was the hilt of the blade that slid through the sector, bleeding it dry.

He had no qualms, no complaints, and no questions when the loot was sold off to the highest bidder, sometimes the same company looking to keep secrets, sometimes competitors. He always got his fair share, and that is the way it had been and always would for him.

After all, its a pirates duty.
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Re: LTFC - March 2016 - Pirate's edition

And for this month... something completely different, and art form never before seen in the LTFC... music! :mrgreen:
It started as a joke I made in IRC, but I liked the idea so...
have an arrangement/cover/remix/whatever of "Surpassing The Limit" (because LT), "Drunken Sailor" (Sailors, pirates, aye? Space pirates still sing shanties. I say they do, that's why) and The Islay Ranter's Reel, because who doesn't like a unholy mishmash glorious combination of Electronic music, sea shanties and Irish folk! :ghost:

Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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Re: LTFC - March 2016 - Pirate's edition

Pirates in the field – Official entry

The asteroids are rich with ore
The pirates, they came once more

Fought them with missiles and mines
Their attacks unsettling at times

Blueprints and ore they did steal
The loss of wealth we did feel

A fleet we armed in response
Defeat, they suffered much loss

Pirates forever despised
Miners never petrified

Re: LTFC - March 2016 - Pirate's edition

As a submission, an excerpt from my newly written (After this contest was posted) Chapter 4 of my (LT Inspired) story: The Third Law

Note: If this is not a valid entry let me know so I can write up another, separate from any other entity*.
Spoiler:      SHOW
Jason woke to the sound of people running hurriedly across the metal floors of the station. He could guess why they were running, and he wasn’t too worried. For time immemorial, his particular company had been the target of unsavoury individuals, which he had no doubt were funded by his less ambitious competitors.
Jason’s company “Dale Enterprises” could essentially be considered the beginning of an empire. The entity operated far beyond the secured lawful space of the powerful empires and aimed to bring a semblance of civility, not to mention profit, to the outer star systems. His competitors see this expansion as an affront to their power, as unrestricted company growth could make them completely obsolete, thus they fund pirates and mercenaries to attack his interests in an attempt to slow or completely halt his expansion progress.
Initially, these efforts had been successful, damaging his assets and creating constant money sinks. However, over time and continued attacks, Dale Enterprises or DE as it is generally referred to as, was able to build up a substantial defense force and indeed train veteran crews for its forces due to the regularity of these attacks.
Generally, losses from these attacks would be minimal, with one or two freighters taking structural damage as well as some losses or damages within the defence fleet, however the attacks have lowered in intensity over the recent months and the damages are near to none, making some wonder why they continue their effort and why they have weakened their attacks. Indeed some have speculated that they only continue the attacks to gain competitor funding and attack minimally to save money for their other likely more profitable endeavors.
Despite his lack of concern, Jason stood and made his way to the central command for the station. Jason shuffled into the command room tiredly, rubbing his eyes and moving towards the command chair. The command room was a large half cylinder theatre room filled with numerous displays and terminals for its designated crew. The door to the hallway sat in the back left wall of the room, allowing the dark room to remain relatively unlit even while the door was open. A large chair inhabited the back center of the room, clearly meant for a person of command to watch the various monitors from. Past the command chair the room descends in a stair like pattern, with each new step holding more terminals and their staff finally resulting in a curved ending to the room which inhabited three large monitors for both the General’s viewing as well as the rest of the staff’s. Jason spoke to the General, inquiring about the commotion.
“What is happening out there, General?” He inquired, showing little actual interest
“We’re engaged with pirates, sir. Their attack strength is still substantially less than previous incidents, however they managed to catch a freighter and its fighter escorts out in the open.”
Jason looked at the far wall, focusing on the large primary screen. The screen displayed a tactical map of the station’s moon, the station itself and all traffic and emplacements in the space nearby. It showed a freighter and three fighters preparing for a fight with approaching pirates. The pirates’ small attack fleet was comprised of four fighters and a destroyer gun boat, more than enough to annihilate the freighter and its powerful but outmatched escorts.
Jason shifted his focus to a secondary screen, which displayed a real time assessment of the situation. As the pirate ships moved into range, the station’s computer systems worked to translate the raw image and sensor data into an extremely informative overlay.

The first shots were fired; beams of light shining through the rock based debris, connecting the front of the freighter to one of the destroyer’s turret barrels. Where the beam connected with the freighter, there was a bright blue wall of energy signifying the freighters shields blocking the laser fire. Jason understood that freighters weren’t built to sustain damage and that the shields would fail soon, leaving only the meagre armour and the weak structure between the internals of the ship and the harshness of space. As the beam continued its relentless onslaught, the freighter’s escort fighters moved to intercept the pirate fighters, outnumbered but not outgunned, for the technology Jason had access to was beyond what the pirates had. One of the friendly fighters opened fire, its ballistic turret flinging small metal fragments at high velocity and frequency towards the enemy fighters. Although ballistic weapons were harder to aim and hit fast moving targets with, they were significantly effective at shredding the armour and structure of opposing ships. The projectiles slammed into one of the enemy fighters, the shields absorbing the impacts for a short moment before failing and leaving an accumulating quantity of small holes in the fighter. A projectile found its mark and the pirate fighter exploded in a small fiery ball, flinging debris away from its former location.
The remaining pirate fighters maneuvered away as their enemy fired upon them, the micro fragments flying harmlessly past their vessels and responded in turn, firing their small laser beams towards their attackers. One of the beams missed completely, flying wide of the targeted fighter; the second beam skimmed one of the fighters, disabling its shield and glazing its cockpit. The third beam found its mark, connecting directly with the nose of the already damaged fighter, melting away at the forward metal plating, leaving a clean hole surrounded by deformed metal. The fighter’s acceleration ceased immediately, floating harmlessly away from the battle, disabled completely but not destroyed. As the destroyer’s lasers continued to eat away at the freighter’s shields, the escorts fired back, hitting one fighter directly in the cockpit, instantly ripping the pilot’s body to shreds and another in its turret, leaving its weapon damaged to an unknown degree.
The damaged pirate fighter took the risk, firing its beam towards one of the two remaining escorts. The beam exited the barrel, having to melt some of the metal in its path, somewhat weakening the weapons power. The beam, however, found its mark and burnt through the fighter’s shields and hit its cockpit. The beam entered the glass, travelling through the material and illuminating the pilot’s cockpit, slowly heating and cooking him alive. In the lower power state, it was likely that the pilot was not dead but suffered severe burning and loss of consciousness.
The second pirate fighter closed in on the remaining fighter, weaving and dodging its fire, only being hit by a few pellets with no ill side effects. The fighter was nearly at point blank range now, orbiting the other fighter, attempting to stay outside of its firing angles. As it closed in, it fired, its beam ripping through the dust clouds and illuminating the small rocks and leftover debris of the other escorts. The beam caught the fighter in the rear, bleeding its shields dry before ionising the fighter’s engines. The fighter prepared another shot, charging its beam, but the previous shot had clipped something important, causing a secondary explosion within the fighter and slitting the vessel into pieces.
The destroyer’s numerous beam weapons continued their onslaught of the freighter, with the remaining fighters soon joining the bombardment. The shields flickered under one last beam before collapsing and exposing the weakly armour ship to the powerful enemy guns. As time passed, each shot drilled another hole into the armour of the freighter, leaving melted and twisted metal around each entry point. Small secondary explosions rocked the freighter, slowly tearing it apart from the inside. The destroyer fired its weapons one last time, sending 7 beams of light straight into the freighter. The freighter shook, its exterior conveying its now lack of power and a few seconds later the front of the ship violently exploded, leaving behind shards of twisted and distorted metal and the bodies of those unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast.
Jason watched as the destroyer move towards the back of the freighter husk, tearing the cargo hatch open with well placed shots. Small cargo drones dispersed from the destroyer, quickly ferrying the freighter’s cargo into the destroyer. Before it was done, it turned and aligned away from the station, preparing a jump back to relative safety. It could see that the defence force was almost upon it, charging up their weapons even as the destroyer attempted its escape.
The responders consisted of 3 heavily armed cruisers, top of the line models with powerful shields and many devastating guns, and they began firing on the destroyer. At the range they were firing from, their projectile weapons did little, however, their powerful missiles flew through space at unmatched speeds, catching the destroyer in one of its engines. The engine exploded, visibly knocking the destroyer off its course and vaporizing the armour around the now empty space. The destroyer corrected itself, narrowly dodging another of the cruisers’ missiles but taking the full brunt of another. The missile hit only dealt a flesh wound to the destroyer, ripping it’s central armour to shreds but barely damaging any internals.
The final missile in range slammed into the already destroyed engine, shooting fragments at high speeds through the unarmoured bulkheads and internal modules. The destroyer shook with several massive explosions and then disappeared in a flash of pure energy. Not knowing the fate of the enemy destroyer, the cruisers moved to secure the freighter wreckage and search for survivors.
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Re: LTFC - March 2016 - Pirate's edition

My (small) entry for this month...
Spoiler:      SHOW
The Dance of the Spirits

The first time was the best one. Not because the whole act was supposed to be less entertaining with the repetitions, but because of the sheer awesomeness and inexplicable joy of it. Or so I was told, at any rate.

I took my post at the bridge in the night shift. I was there a couple of times before, but only in low times, never during combat. The fact that I had the privilege of playing an important part of a raid was incredible enough, but to take commands directly from Him... I couldn't sleep the night before. The Doc appeared at 0400 at my door to pip me with some drug to make me sleep like a rock for 6 hours. I wonder where the sensors are in my bunk... Anyway, I had just enough time to get dressed and sprint to the bridge and now here I am, counting the seconds.

Number One appeared five minutes before the countdown was meant to be started. My duty was to be the backup manager for 3 vanguard squads. Monitoring enemy comm chatter being my main task for the mission. The one big hand of the first officer landed on my shoulder, reassuring.

-Get ready -he said, in his deep, calm voice.

-Yes, sir -I barely could respong, but somehow the words came out without sounding too childish.

The door to His Quarters opened and The Man Himself appeared, walking slowly, towering us all like a god from the past. I dared to dart a brief glance, catching a glimpse of his crimson uniform.

-Open a channel to the fleet -said Number One to the comm officer.

-Channel open.

-Countdown start on my mark -a small pause-. Mark.

A brief claxon sounded from nowhere and everywhere. The lights dimmed. My pulse rocketed, my back straightened. The expentancy... Then I could catch His Imponency walking to the front of the bridge. The countdown reached 0 and our ship made a short jump. I checked my instruments a couple of times, copied instructions from the main manager that I was back-uping and made some minial task for him. I'm sure he was testing me, but it didn't bothered me.

The tension was palpable. Number one giving calm, precise orders to all ships. Only He was an oasis of stillness in a maremagnum of martial action. And then the sensors officer exploded. The targets entered the area as planned. Our ghosts -our ships with cloaking capabilities- dissapeared, our carriers launched their fighters, our battleships formed perfectly and we stayed put. Number One made the battle assessment in one simple phrase.

-Just like we want them to be. Sir?

Then The Crimson Emperor returned to His Throne, touched a couple of buttons and talked:

-My brothers... let the Spirits dance!!!

With that, loud music started to sound on the bridge while He posed like a virtuoso directing an orchestra. And now I recognized the piece: Mozart's Requiem: Dies Irae! Our drones actually looked like dancing in space, forming beautiful, hundreds of them, bright dots of crimson fire spiralling towards the enemy.

-Fly, fly my Spirits, do my bidding, crush our enemies!!

He was as loud as the music, that I could tell. I tried to concentrate myself. The convoy, almost thirty ships, tried to coordinate some sort of defence. As planned, their mercenary escort pulled back to protect the main ships of the big corps, letting the small privateers to their fates. Exactly as we thought.

-Remember, let the small fish go, gentlemen.

It was the policy of The Crimson Pirate: plunder the corps, give the privateers the chance to become big... and then we start again. The ghosts appeared from nowhere, massacred the mercenaries and disspaered again without taking casualties. Our three Spirit squads -one thousand Shots each-, called Whiskey, Gin and Vodka, managed to take out three ships with less than one third casualties. We called that "The Caribbean Streak", for no reason whatsoever as far as I know. My primary task I carried well, or so I was told. I was so amazed by the whole thing, that I didn't know when it was all over until the big hand of the first officer landed again on my shoulder to wake me up from the daydream. He Who Order All Things wasn't there anymore, but the ecstasy of His Presence, the power behind His Will, was still palpable in the bridge.

And later I could confirm that it was true: the first time you were there when the Spirits danced, was the best one.
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Re: LTFC - March 2016 - Pirate's edition

Last minute? Heck yeah! :shifty: :shh: At least I got mine done at all...
Here's a prettypants dropbox link to download the game: ... lSlMa?dl=0
I have no idea if the Mac and Linux versions will work at all. The windows one was tested though.
Prepare for the most hideous main menu you've ever seen in your life! Also prepare for the most gorgeous particle systems you have ever seen! Shows you where my area of expertise is, I guess.
BTW, I hope the awesomeness that happens when you die isn't so much that people deliberately die just to see the boom... :mrgreen:
Good luck to anyone else who can make an entry in less than one hour! :thumbup:
Spoiler:      SHOW
Tal, I'm crossing my fingers in the hope that this will actually run on your despicable half-baked excuse for a *bleep* laptop. :lol:
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Re: LTFC - March 2016 - Pirate's edition

Thank you everybody who participated, and thank you jury members!

The first place winner is: IronDuke, for his entry Defense of Procedural - with a score of 85.25!!
The second and third place winners are:
  • Lum with a score of 77.5 for The Dance Of The Spirits
  • Dinosawer, with a score of 76.25 for Surpassing The Limit/Drunken Sailor/Islay Ranter's Reel
The runner ups are (in order of submission):
Comments of the jury in order of submission:
  • Mysterious! I like this style, very well done. There are a few points where it seemed like the train of thought was kind of lost... Or I wasn't reading it properly. It kept well to the theme and described a most ruthless pirate, well done!
  • It's an interesting tale. I honestly think it would be well suited to the format of a poem, even - you had a nice rhythm going there in some places. I'd read a piece of poetry like that. :) Took a few points off because I don't think LT will have QUITE this level of destruction. :P
  • I like the terse writing style, but it lacks detail. It's a good basic concept, but it could be made so much better if you fleshed out the environment, actions, and character. The pirate seems almost robotic in his lack of personality.
  • Crisp and neatly written, inline with the narrow-minded thinking of the described character (he follows his duty and don't look right and left). The chute is interesting, as duty is normally not linked with piracy but with military - but then I would not use it as a title (the surprise is spoiled).
  • Good job on the modelling and texturing, but unfortunately I can't really tell what is going on. The bottom panel totally confused me.
  • CSE, well done entry. Though the joke for me is not clear, I like how crisp this comic page looks. Some good detail, I can tell the love you put into it.
  • Heh heh heh. I liked the amusing twist at the end. :) It's a little difficult to tell what's going on, though - for a while there I was trying to find what ships were talking before I finally realized it was two people in the same ship.
  • I know it's mostly not your work, but they fit together surprisingly well without clashing. That's impressive! I would've enjoyed a guitar piece, though. ;)
  • Really cool tune Dino, definitely felt like a pirate tune. I very enjoyed it, from what I can tell this track doesn't miss a beat and feels well thought out. I love it.
  • Nice music, has a spacey feel to it. It is however rather contemplative and I would expect something more hectic for the topic "piracy".
  • Wow! I'm extremely impressed. That sounded so good, I'm going to download that and play it regularly!
  • A big plus for trying poetry... as this is poetry, we are not supposed to understand it, are we? Anyway, I don’t get why the miners should get never petrified! Small minus for the (-onse / -oss) imperfect rhyme.
  • A quirky little poem to say the least, the delivery could have been better though the general idea was well communicated. It was a jolly read.
  • Overall, I like it. However "Their attacks unsettling at times" breaks the format of 7 syllable lines, ant the last stanza doesn't really flow.
  • It's a bit short, though nicely rhymed. I can't decide whether you meant there to be a meter of some sort. Overall: Well done, though I would've liked to see it longer.
  • You can definitely write a story that keeps the reader interested and you fill your story with rich scenery that stimulates my imagination. It's only tangentially related to LT, but that in no way makes it bad. Good Job!
  • A very detailed story, a gruesome scene of a battle between a corporation and the underdog pirates. This felt a bit more drawn out than it should be. A lot of details that don't really need to be explained are touched on in this piece. The sheer amount of detail, though amazing, is very overwhelming. The battle was intense.
  • Okay... I really like this scene, but unfortunately the writing style is just a tad clunky. I understand that, though - it's hard to do combat-heavy scenes. Although I would've liked to see Jason react to all his ships getting blasted, good work and :thumbup: - keep practicing!
  • Nice storytelling - I want to read more. Obviously spot on topic as well. If I had to make one (slight) complaint, it would be that the battle description sounds a bit like a game with turns for each player, instead of being a (more realistic) big "mess" of shots, missiles and melting metal - the more so as seen through info-screens at a distance.
  • Ok, I just loved this piece. I read it putting Dies Irae at full power and I got the impression of dancing with the spirits! Interesting perspective, interesting characters, the only issue is that it is too short. Way too short.
  • I really liked this story. The English was a bit messy in places, but I know you're from Germany, so I didn't take points off for it. It flows well and really puts you into the scene. I could've stood to read a bit more.
  • This was a great read Lum, thrilling indeed! Thanks to a certain couple people you would have lost marks. You can blame them for it. ((The judge is referring to the April Fool's prank.))
  • The spirit of a screenwriter dances inside you. I loved the general concept, the execution, and the aesthetic pleasure of imagining your story. The beginning was a bit stilted and the second paragraph totally threw me off, whether or not that was your intention. I really enjoyed the ending though and was pleasantly surprised as to what the spirits were.
  • Wow! What a scene, if only you colored this! This sketch has potential, which is ultimately where you lost out. This screams last minute! XD Such a waste!
  • You know, for just a quick sketch, this is actually pretty good. You have talent! Next time, try to polish it up a bit more first - maybe adding in some shading and colors. You'll probably score better that way.
  • I can definitely see this as a scene in LT, in fact I hope LT can look this interesting. :D
  • You have a nice way with a pencil! The uncolored sketch leaves some doubt about the action (why is the word police partly hidden? A scratch? Or is it the plume of the small ship after a sharp turn?) I’d love to see the colored version when you have it!
  • I'm speechless. This has to be the best entry in any contest so far. I really can't think of any criticism to give it except keep up the great work. I hope you develop it some more and I honestly think you should release it, maybe even commercially if you take it far enough.
  • After I figured the combat out it was addictive (and the explosions epic and satisfying). My only complaints are the parallax-less stars, the lack of a scenery change, and the fact that there's no way to purchase upgrades or a wider variety of enemies - but really, that's pointless complaining because this is still the best entry I've ever seen. You could turn this into a marketable game, though (and I hope you do)! Great fun.
  • This is really cool. And I think perfectly in the spirit of this competition to push us out to try stuff. I especially like the concept of 2 cannons crossing (with an off-center position) so if you target too close, you will miss the enemy on both sides. Interesting gameplay element.
  • IronDuke this was genuinely fun! Although it felt kind of slow at the start it did get more difficult which is amazing. The flight was a lot of fun. Some notes: Upgrades would be cool (increase turret rotation speed by X, faster thrusters, etc) AI seemed a bit suicidal and I was disheartened to see that the AI has a range limit meaning playing the long range with the smaller turrets led to more success than using that amazing beam cannon. Fun!
A detailed overview of all scores can be found here.

Prizes will be handled now in the comments thread! IronDuke, you're first up with a choice between Cities Skylines, Abyss Odyssey, and a $10 Steam/GoG voucher. Thank you again to the jury and thank you to everyone who participated! :D
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