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Re: [Josh] Friday, March 9, 2018

Would call something polished when it really is implemented, adapted to the new engine, tested that is work, number of critical bugs are reduced (0 hopefully) and useability has been improved in interations. What you call polished is more the conceptual side of some game play features as they have become much clearer by implementing them in the old engine but also their are quite some features which are still nebular.

Re: [Josh] Friday, March 9, 2018

I really couldn't argue if someone wanted to call Q3 2018 "insanely" optimistic. :D

But I do agree with Hyperion's observation that Josh's gameplay features -- as far as we've seen from the Prototype and the video dev diaries -- tend to to be pretty close to "done" (by the standards of mere mortals) in their initial implementations. As long as someone -- I'm looking at you, Pragmatist Josh -- is capable of saying, "OK, basic functionality works, on to the next core feature and we'll come back to this in the balancing and polish passes," then I think this team has a shot at a beta this year.

A long shot, yes. And those balancing and polish passes are the 80% that needs to be done after you finish the first 80% of developing a game.

So yeah, Q3 2018 for release is crazily optimistic. Q3/Q4 for beta, maybe.

But with no knowledge of what gameplay remains to be implemented and the status of those tasks, we're all just guessing.

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