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Re: Thursday, May 25, 2017

JoshParnell wrote:We must have very different ideas of what 'simplifying' means :lol: I thought it was an absurd beast of a PoshJostTallofWext™.
My idea is mostly "most people won't understand this" as something needing to be simplified. :P
But hey, if you feel I'm stealing your job, I can start thinking of more work to give you, because, you know, it's not like you work ridiculous hours already...
Bring it on. :twisted: :ghost:
PS ~ Let's try not to derail this thread too hard. I want it to look like a garden of abundant praise for praise's sake. Bow to your two new dictators (plutocracers?)!!! Adam and Sean, first of their names...long may they reign!! :monkey:
It'll be a lot easier to praise them after we see something from them, you know. For now, we can at least praise you for making an excellent decision regarding the project. :D
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Re: Thursday, May 25, 2017

JoshParnell wrote:I'm quite shameless when it comes to enjoying seeing that arbitrary number next to my reddit name at the top right go up. I don't even know if it does anything other than 'keep score.' But it's a number. And I like it :V
Humans are hard wired to enjoy numbers going up. It's why forums have it, to encourage communication. :V
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Re: Thursday, May 25, 2017

best news since josh returning!

JoshParnell wrote: Universe Creation, Planet & Colony Dynamics, Research, High-Level AI: Yeah, ok, that's kind of unfair. I feel like you guys, from here on out, are probably going to be mostly interested in Sean's work. Maybe I'll make him write the logs :twisted: Since Sean is still comparatively fresh with Lua, C (and programming), it seemed best to allocate him more towards using that brain for pure thought. Of course, he's not just thinking about gameplay, he's also learning Lua at the same time and getting a feel for what the high-level will look like in Lua.

I've taken several hours over the course of the week to explain some of the high-level mechanics to Sean as he has encountered the need to understand them. At this point, we've been over a lot of territory: how the high-level AI works and reasons, projects, details of the economy and the market/mission board, AI traits, colonies and their spawning of AI + culture vectors, universe generation, research mechanics, and so on. At this point I'd say he's got a pretty good handle on the big picture of LT, and his task is basically: explore it, detail it, make Lua out of it, and generally continue filling in the framework that I laid out for the LT large-scale dynamics. Ultimately I hope to have him doing large-scale, long-time-scale sims on generated universes and doing data-driven balancing and tuning to ensure that we have a dynamic-yet-stable (as in, doesn't blow up after 10 hours of game time) simulation going on in the game that affords maximal fun for players.

As the so-called 'root'/anchor of the game simulation, colonies were a natural place to start, and that's exactly where Sean started his exploration. This exploration naturally led him to the exploration of...basically everything, so it's probably easier to flat-out list the things he's been working on:
  • The nature of the colony culture vector and its influence beyond just the spawning of AI
  • Planet types and the way in which different types of planets modify the economic processes executed by the colony
  • Star types and the way in which different types of stars influence planet generation
  • Distributions and evolutions of stellar masses in a galaxy and the way in which physical formulae dictate the evolution of a galaxy / the distribution of stars (it brought me joy to see him exploring some of these things with real-time graphs he created :geek:)
  • Bringing it all back to mass distributions, and going forward from there to temperature, color, planet distributions, etc.
  • Colony-to-Colony interaction mechanics (something that's never been explored before!), including cultural diffusion
  • The exact formulas and mechanics that dictate the creation, growth, and death of colonies
  • AI spawning mechanics, especially with respect to how the birth and lifetime of an AI player affects the colony on which it was born and vice-versa
  • The influence of colonies on planets (! not the other way around! I have never considered this before)
  • Probably a lot of other things....
I REALLY want to have a chat with Sean about this. My colonies thread may be in standstill but that's because my original writeup is super wordy and i'm an awful perfectionist, but the mechanics are complete...mostly. And I'd like to have him take a look at them. If you can make that happen, I'd be the gayest (happy) gay (homo dude-lover) that ever was.
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Re: Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
JanB1 wrote: How you guys always on? :think:

Basically some server somewhere which stays logged in and buffers the convos for us.
And then we just log into that server with our clients.

(Silver does it differently, but it ends up being effectively the same)
Silver just has a server where he runs an IRC client in Screen, is better than bouncer :3
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