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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

((Some of the player characters may have previous knowledge with black flake - especially if they lived near (or in) the rim, ran with gangs, or ran with law enforcement. Those characters would have the following knowledge (that I have copy-pasted from one of my many text files):
Spoiler:      SHOW
Black flake is named for its appearance - it looks like glossy soot-black flakes, often covered with its own dust (it powders fairly easily). Semi-common in the rim, easily mass-produced in vast quantities, makes users feel a sort of euphoric high (and impaired judgment), can run out kind of fast because overdosing is "hard" and people just feel happier (and have even poorer judgment) the more they take, leading them to take "too much", thus, overdosing is actually fairly easy.

Most often crushed and inhaled, but can also be "chewed", if you don't mind the horrendous taste and the fact that the core of the flakes are basically hard as jawbreakers. Liquefying and injecting is possible but dangerous. Has strong effects on hiltorel, fysar, bhezians, gorvans, and azquad, although not that strong of effect on some of the other species. Humans receive a weaker version of the happiness/enthusiasm stuff, but sadly a slightly more-impaired judgment.

Given its form and ability to spread through small airborne particles, it's popular in pirate ships and the like; just dump a crate near a vent and pound on the flakes with a hammer, and suddenly the whole ship is feeling happy.

Very psychologically addictive; makes you feel like you'll never be happy again while you're coming down off of it (if you take too much). Can cause severe depression if used frequently enough. Quitting cold turkey after high exposure for a prolonged period can cause suicide in many cases.
I'm leaving it to each of you to decide whether or not your character has previous knowledge of it, and how this may play into your character's actions. Be realistic! ))
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

Oh shit, he already talked to Beckstein...oops?

Looks like things are about to get ugly. We're surrounded by enemies and one of them is waving a fukcing pistol in my face. I think this may be the longest odds I've ever faced...

Well...desperate times call for desperate measures. A plan pops into my head, a crazy one...but it just might buy us a bit of time. Either way, it's not like the worst-case is any worse than it is now- worst-case, I still get shot in the face.

The adrenaline pounds through my veins as I look Keshor in the eye and try one more ridiculous lie. Lying got us this far, maybe all we need to do is up the ante...and hope that Kinorvan plays along. If this goes well, we both might leave this room happy. I feel almost manically calm by this point- almost like an out-of-body experience. I distantly recognize that I feel the way I did during the end of the ambush so long ago, back on Anba, when it looked all but certain that I was about to die...

I look Keshor in the eye and utter what is perhaps the biggest fib of my life. "We did think you'd find them, actually- we were counting on it! Kinorvan himself hired us just for this job, knowing you'd be foolish enough to try and take back Minas Maniri by force. We weren't here to spy on you- we were here to distract you! What you don't realize is that Kinorvan has held all the cards this entire time!"

Although he can't possibly hear me, I desperately will Kinorvan to take the chance I'm offering him and help us put Keshor in the ground. It may be our only chance...

Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

(( It's time for another uncalled-for offbeat blooper episode!

  "Holy shit, Vynk," Sukava whispers. "This is awesome! Beta's about to get totally wasted! Let's stay and watch. ...Damn, I wish we had popcorn."
  "Yeah, me too," Vynkor agrees. Then, after a moment of thinking, "Hey, actually, they could be really helpful in aiding our escape."
  "Them!?" Sukava whisper-gasps, shocked. "But that's Beta! Nobody is dumber than Beta - not even Gamma, as hard as that might be to believe! Buck said so! And besides, you do realize that we're missing all our gear and we're half-naked too, right? Not even fairy dust could save them now!"
  Vynkerbell nods. "I know, but all they need is a little time to level the playing field. I have a plan that can do that for them... and it's going to require us getting naked."
  "Completely?" Sukava gasps, in a wide-eyed manner that seems like it might be a little out-of-character - not entirely unlike the plan that Vynkor is presently hatching.
  "Yes. See if you can find any radio stations on that commbox you have. And I'll need some of your hair," Vynk says, cutting off a few locks from Sukava's head with one of their knives. "It's nice and dark - I'll slick it down by using some of my medigoo as hair gel."
  "But whatever for?!"

  Meanwhile, throughout all this, nothing really happens out in the main area. Why? Simple enough: somehow, the effects of time are mitigated by incessant talking, as is often the case in roleplaying games, comics, movies, and other works of fiction. One wonders why the galaxy's best fictional scientists haven't put their heads together to study this bizarre phenomenon, hopeful that they could harness its immense potential to create infinite energy... or perhaps permanent eternal stasis pods (provided you could get enough womenfolk together).
  But none of that matters now. What does matter is that suddenly, as everyone is in the middle of their favorite game, "point guns at each other", a Strange Sound begins to loudly emanate from a commbox attached to the hip of one of two lovely, mustached ladies who come strolling into the room, dancing and shaking their hips.
  "¡Arriba, arriba! ¡Ándale, ándale!" the women shout, trilling their voices to the only Mexican phrase they know (courtesy of Bugs Bunny).
  Everyone in the room lowers their weapons slightly, thoroughly confused and bewildered.
  Keshor sputters. "The fukc is this shit?!" he cries out. "K - Kinorvan?! Did you do this?"
  "Uh..." Kinorvan clearly did not: he's just as confused as the rest, especially when the two women begin dancing out of their armor, leaving it lying in pieces behind them on the floor as they twirl past Kaquyu. "Uhhh... Yes? I mean, yes! Yes, I uh... I did... this..."
  "¡Arriba, señor!" Vynkor trills with a very definitely out-of-character giggle, stroking Kinorvan's cheek as she dances past. He watches in dumbfounded amazement.
  "And which one of you is the lucky birthday boy?" Sukava cries out, sweeping off her sombrero in a grand motion and starting to dance with it.
  "...Birthday boy? What the actual fukc?" Keshor spits out, trying to reason with his sanity. He feels like he's finally gone off the deep end.
  Saoirse sputters. "Wh-where the cuisneoir did you get a sombrero, anyway?"
  "Shh shh shh," Vynkor says, putting the finger of her somehow-no-longer-disabled left hand against Saoirse's lips. "Only the birthday boy may talk. And are you the birthday boy?" She points a finger in Caleb's direction, giving her hips a little shake.
  But Caleb can't answer. Why the hell is it that whenever he's put into situations with pretty women, he's always high off his ass? But there he is, sitting on the couch with a fistful of black flake. He honestly has no idea how he got ahold of it. (Maybe it was a little birthday magic.)
  Yuuji, standing behind a bunch of other aliens, has decided that this is most certainly NOT something that people from Tartarus would do, and he has stumbled on the wrong party. Mortified, he backs down the hallway from which he came as quietly as he can, lest the horrors that dwell within follow. He's the lucky one - poor, cowardly Frank is terrified but doesn't know what the hell to do. Nilo, on the other hand, just stares on with a blank, thoroughly unamused expression.

  But all the fun and games must eventually come to an end. Keshor grabs the still-twirling Sukava by the arm as she tries to dance past him.
  "Oh, señor!" Sukava gasps, laughing - but stops laughing when Keshor plucks the commbox from her waist, holding it up.
  "The actual goddamn FUKC is going on?!?!?!" Feb Keshor shouts. "What the fukc even IS a 'birthday boy'?!" - and then his mouth drops as a newcomer does a spectacular somersault-worm-moonwalk-split into the room.
  "It is I! I am your birthday boy!" the newcomer cries, dancing so amazingly with his +1 agility that even the other aliens around the room begin to clap. "I am the great Brom Keegan of legend! Lord of the Ermhelm underworld and legendary dancer! Ladies, human and alien alike, swoon in my presence!"
  On cue, Kaquyu faints dead away, a twinkling smile upon her lips.
  Buck shakes his head, slinking back behind the doorframe. "An' I thought I was the one that done drank too much."
  "Oh my god!" one of the hiltorel in the back of the room exclaims. "Is it - could it really be?" His face lights up like a little child meeting their idol for the first time. "It is! Brom Keegan is actually here!"
  "You know of me?" Brom Keegan grins, doing a complicated rendition of the Mexican hat dance. (He's known everywhere, but almost nobody actually acknowledges that they know him. This is actually a first.)
  The hiltorel nods exuberantly. "Of course I know of you! You're the greatest marksman in the galaxy! And I'm your number one fan!" He rushes forwards. "Mr. Keegan, can I please have your autograph?! Sign my third appendage!"
  ...And a pistol round kills the poor alien right in the goddamn face, just like what had happened to Ses. It is truly tragic - likely the only person that Brom will ever meet that will admit to being his fan.
  Feb Keshor blows the smoke off his pistol and shuts off the commbox. The Mexican music stops, as does Brom's dancing, as he cradles the poor hiltorel's form in his arms.
  "By Keegan's sniper rifle... By the suns of Ermhelm..." Brom whispers, his lip trembling, "You shall be... avenged."

  "Now, if we have all that fukcery out of the way," Keshor says, "Can we please get back to having a normal, sane, realistic argument??"
  The jig is up - or the Mexican equivalent, at least. "Beta really is as stupid as they say," Vynkor sighs, pulling off her mustache and wishing her plan had involved keeping her gun. "That was the perfect distraction! Why the hell didn't you guys do anything?!"
  Beta, stunned, stares dumbfounded at Vynkor. (With the exception of Caleb, who (while also staring at Vynkor (eyes possibly a little too low (do you guys realize this is actually the sixth level of parentheses in this post?))) is drooling a little and mostly looks high off his ass.)
  "Right..." Saoirse mumbles, as she realizes that they had the perfect opportunity to escape. "We could've left. That was actually a very good distraction..."
  "Oh, we're leaving?" Caleb slurs, half in a blissful dream. He smiles in a thoroughly creepy manner at Vynkor. "I'll see you on the ssshhip. We'll - we'll bang, okay?"
  Saoirse and Vynkor both glare at Caleb.
  Frank is missing: he's gone into hiding, as Frank likes to do.
  Nilo sighs and shakes his head.

  "Welp, that's Beta for you!" Buck laughs, giving a grin to the camera as a laugh track plays.
  The credits roll as Brom wails a long "nooooooo" to the sky, an alien corpse in his arms.
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

It was a good thing right now that Frank was in an emotional turmoil right now. And also that he had no noteworthy talent for PSI...else he might have felt an alternative him combust spontaneously over an unspeakable event...

As it was, still, he'd probably lose it completely if either Brom ir, god forbid, Buck pranced into this room...but it's better not to think about them...or at least this was the result his subconsciousness came to...
Apparently, sometimes stuff might happen.
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

cuisinart8 wrote:
Sat Sep 28, 2019 1:32 pm
I look Keshor in the eye and utter what is perhaps the biggest fib of my life. "We did think you'd find them, actually- we were counting on it! Kinorvan himself hired us just for this job, knowing you'd be foolish enough to try and take back Minas Maniri by force. We weren't here to spy on you- we were here to distract you! What you don't realize is that Kinorvan has held all the cards this entire time!"
Keshor takes his eyes off Kinorvan for a moment, looking confused - but then the confusion leaves his face, and he's back to his usual stony glare. He's certainly not buying it. In fact, he's just about to speak, but Kinorvan beats him to the punch.

"And I was right," Kinorvan says calmly. "You go on and on about 'order this' and 'discipline that', but when it comes down to it, you're a fossil, Keshor - a relic of the past. You're so stuck in your ways you can't see what's sitting right in front of your face."

"That's a load of crap," Keshor mutters. "Absolute hy'sa - nobody would believe that shit."

But then, as Kinorvan goes on, Caleb can tell that the rest of the aliens in the room are starting to wonder again - wonder if maybe Kinorvan held all the cards all along. "Times have changed, Keshor - it's not about being the best fighter anymore, or leading an army. It's about alliances and morale, friends in high places." Kinorvan grins; his sharp teeth glisten in the dim light. "And you, Febivo Keshor, have all the charisma of a garbage scow."

Keshor growls, grinding his teeth. "It's hy'sa, every word of it, and you know it! You're just trying to save face!"

"Then how did these people get past the guard that you murdered? I didn't expect you to actually kill Ses, though - no, no no no - you've outdone my expectations with that. Febivo Keshor: The leader that kills his own soldiers because he's having a bad day. People aren't leaving you because I'm stealing them. They're leaving you because you're just that kap'shik at earning their loyalty."

And loyalties around the room are certainly beginning to waver. Once again, the room is a regular stand-off - with more than half supporting Kinorvan. Keshor's not stupid. He realizes that he's losing ground, and he tries desperately to regain it before it's lost. "Really, Kinorvan? You think I believe that these spies and thieves are your people? Are you conducting trades with yourself now, and planting bugs on them? I fukcing know you can't see that far ahead!" Then, to his troops, "Shoot the intruders. We'll sort out the eshana with Kinorvan afterwards."

"If you kill them," Kinorvan interrupts, loud with warning, "My men will take you down before you can blink."

"And if they move," Keshor growls, "we'll kill them."

Ah, good old Mexican standoffs. It's nice that they're back in style.

((Caleb has bought a little time, but it isn't going to last long. You guys had either better plan to initiate combat, or at the very least, prepare for it. Things are about to explode in a bad way, but you have the chance to have the upper hand now.))
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

Seeing that the situation is turning ugly on the other side, discreetly whip out my PDA(if no one but my team is nearby)
Try and see if there is a way to hack the local gravity generator
if such a thing is possible:
-Try and turn it off/set the gravity to zero-G, hoping to confuse and distract everyone enough for Beta to tail it, and possibly clue them in that we are nearby
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

A cyborg girl with a Tartarus psi pack? That must be....Seesaw or so.... the guys with her are probably the other Betas *snrk* ... ah dangit....

close my helmet in case it wasnt sealed
(quietly over radio)
"Killshot, Terminator, i know you're here, you watching that gang standoff around Beta as well?
I'm somewhere to the right of you as far as i can tell, theres a bunch of Xenos at the end of the hallway im standing in. Going to blast them good when they start shooting each other. What's your angle?"

if i'm not informed about the affiliations of the group before me
Stay in the shadows. Ready the plasma bomb launcher and aim at the group/the ground around the group (of three, mixed species one) directly in front of the hallway i'm in. Move outside of the blast radius.
if when the situation goes tits-up
-fire a salvo at the group
-if theres exactly one left standing, stab em in the guts with my electron sword
-if theres more than one left standing: quickly take an en passant slash with my sword at the one that is the most in the way, hurrying onwards to cover between the crates in the northwest corner
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

Talvieno wrote:
Sat Sep 28, 2019 11:39 pm
"And if they move," Keshor growls, "we'll kill them."
This was ridiculous! Both factions were shaking in their foundations! This would turn into a great shoot-out, a free-for-all! And with them right in the middle!

They should- he would- he...would...what?

The frustration, the anger from before was still there...but fear crept in now.

He had what? Two tranquilizers? In a brawl he'd be flattened! If he moved, they'd shoot! If Frank kept standing here...the same...

He had no clue if the others had any plans...the janitor had none after all...

Frank is torn, ready to move...but in what direction? Preferably away....
If the first alien is about to shoot Frank/shooting at Frank...
- Frank valiantly throws himself over the couch
- "spiderbot! Defend humans from hostiles!" (hope in the back of his mind that the prisoner is not tagged as hostile....)
If a big distraction happends (plasma....explosions...buck/brom prancing in....)
- Panic!
- Leg it! Leg it fast in the only direction he knows that leads somewhere...SOUTH!
- Run, just run the heck away to the weapons and pray they're still there
- Frank grabs his stuff, sword at the ready
- If there's a member of Minas Maniri, slash at him with the sword in adrenaline-fuelled panic
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Apparently, sometimes stuff might happen.
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

0111narwhalz wrote:
Sun Sep 29, 2019 12:11 am
Marina wrote:
Sat Sep 28, 2019 2:57 pm
I raise an eyebrow at Marina. "Is there already black flake in the air, then? Damn stuff is impossible to get out of the cyclers."
I look for a light switch or some other convenient way to level the odds. Bonus points if it's local gravity.
Then, I flip it.
Vynkor can see no no immediately available switches of consequence from her position.

((Updated map, better visibility:))
Spoiler:      SHOW
((Also, as has been asked a couple times, the stains on the floor are just stains. They look cool and that's about it))
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

What the fukc, that actually worked?! Well, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I take quick stock of my surroundings and it looks like most of the gangers have been swayed back to Kinorvan's side, fortunately.

Of course, that still doesn't take care of Keshor's very pissed-off group, which still seems all too eager to shoot us. Things are about to come to a head.

I keep watch on the hostiles, and the moment anyone makes a hostile move, I topple the couch backwards and take cover behind it, making sure to pull Saoirse and Frank with me. kind of out of luck here.
I order the spiderbot to detonate its flashbang, and then attempt to shoot the enemy hiltorel to Frank's right with my pistol.
-If we take fire from the guys near Yuuji, I attempt to run for the cover of the southern boxes.

Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

I cast a quick glance sideways, and see Caleb had the same idea I had - and I grab the couch and give a hard kick to topple it backwards the same moment he does.
After the flashbang has been fired, I try to stasis Feb and squidface on the right.
If I have attacks remaining, I use them to topple the crates on the north-west on the enemies right next to them, or to non-lethally take out enemies with lightning if that's not possible.
Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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