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Are you ready to continue? (Reset May 16th)

All right! As before, vote yes or no if you're ready to "time skip" to the next major point of the campaign!
Just vote yes or no. You can change your vote if you change your mind: do this by making a new post. As soon as we hit 7, I'll timeskip. A vote of "no" is worth 0 points, a non-vote is worth 0.5 points, and a vote of "yes" is worth 1 point. We start at 5.

Cha0zz: neutral
Cuisinart: yes
Dinosawer: yes
Fawkes: neutral
Hapchazzard: neutral
Hema: yes
Narwhalz: yes
Outlander: yes
TotallyNotHuman: no
Trigger: yes

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original vote:
Simple enough. Just vote yes or no. You can change your vote if you're suddenly ready or not ready. As soon as we hit 7, I'll cut to debrief. (A non-vote is worth 0.5 points, meaning we need at least 4 "yes" with 0 "no" to start.) If updating your vote, please don't update your post - make a different one. I'll keep track of the results here.

Cha0zz: yep
Cuisinart: yea
Dinosawer: aye
Fawkes: yes
Hapchazzard: yes
Hema: no
Narwhalz: nay
Outlander: nay
TotallyNotHuman: yeah sure
Trigger: yea
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