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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 1: Nanyej Colony


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Squad Alpha:
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Hema wrote:
Wed May 02, 2018 1:28 pm
Hapchazzard wrote:
Wed May 02, 2018 7:47 am
Hema wrote:
Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:27 pm
"I ate monsters like these for breakfast back on Crius IV. Literally!
We're not going to stopped by the likes of creatures as pathetically tame and weak as these!
Buck, be prepared to fire as soon as I'm out of the way. I'm going to back out of the building and shotgun one of these abominations in the face."
"Retreatin' again, huh. No problem, I'll gladly take 'em out if you can't!"
"What makes you think you'd have the skill and experience to take these out in a close-quarters fight, Buck?
Last I checked, all you have to fight them half the time is a plasma baton, and that's not enough to fell beasts like these.
They're not going to back off because you caused them a bit of pain, you have to kill them outright.
If you still think you can do better, then by all means. Next time we encounter such creatures, you can go in alone and get your ass kicked.
For now though, I'd prefer it if you just stuck to the plan so we can finish our objective.

That said, I want the rest of you to listen up!
I'm going to back out of the building. I'll try to eliminate one of the creatures as I go.
Should I be unable to kill it (which is unlikely), Buck can fire off a shot from his gravgun provided it's had time to recharge.
After the shot explodes, we will all rush into the building and towards our objective.
Buck, if your gun is still recharging, let us know. Don't just stand there and keep it to yourself.
If Buck is not yet able to fire, we will charge in and kill everything as a team.
No if anyone has anything they'd like add, do it quickly."

Quickly but carefully back towards the the entrance of the gravplant while keeping my shield trained on the creature number one.
As I move, holster my pistol and pull out my shotgun. Do not let go of the shield yet.
When I'm about to clear the airshield, put away my riot shield (throw it towards my CASKET if that's faster), and fire twice into the nearest combat-capable enemy. Do not stop to fire.
After firing, get to a safe distance in case Buck decides to use his gravgun and reload (also pick up my shield if I threw it)
If he fires, wait until his shot explodes, then run into the building and fire twice into any enemy left alive.
Hapchazzard wrote:
Thu May 03, 2018 5:51 am
Hema wrote:
Wed May 02, 2018 7:25 pm
Hapchazzard wrote:
Wed May 02, 2018 5:12 pm

"Well, I remember you quakin' in fear at the sight of these green things and tellin' us to make a break for it! I was just followin' yer orders, as usual, otherwise I would've beat the livin' shit out of them things! Anyways, gun's loaded and ready. Waitin' for yer signal! Or wait, am I the one who has to give the signal?"

Glances at the second entrance

Ponderously: "Wait, why dun we just go through the other door? Them squids will never be expectin' that!"
"You give the signal, Buck. I trust that you'll wait until we're out of the way to call your shot.
It shouldn't be a problem for someone who could take those monsters single-handedly with a stick.

Do you seriously mean to tell me that you don't know? The squids will have turrets on that side as well. And the creatures can just as easily move to that side."
Shakes head and sighs: "Whatever, partner, we'll have it yer way. Next time it's my turn to be team leader, though!"

Go towards the door until I get to a position from which I can shoot inside without too much difficulty
Wait until everyone gets out of the path of my gravgun's projectile
When that happens
-"Fire in the hole!"
-Shoot inside through the door (as long as it doesn't have a large risk of harming me or my squadmates for whatever reason)
if I start getting attacked by scary green things (i.e. one of them is literally on top of me and it is impossible to accurately shoot the gravgun)
-Shout, from the bottom of my lungs "GET IT THE F*CK OFF'A ME!"
-Put the gravgun away and take out the baton
-Smash it's face in (do not exceed max hit limit)
Go back towards cover
F4wk35 wrote:
Thu May 03, 2018 10:31 am
Hapchazzard wrote:
Thu May 03, 2018 5:51 am
Shakes head and sighs: "Whatever, partner, we'll have it yer way. Next time it's my turn to be team leader, though!"
Good thing I can get back to Beta af-
*looking around at the CASKET's and everything around*
...or can I...?

Keep away from the airshield
Shoot the still distracted drakedog #3 with a tranquilizer bolt
Remember the fear that Buck might not call his shot
Scramble the hell away from the entrance into cover behind my CASKET
After Buck did his shooting and Brom entered the grav-plant again
Return to the vicinity of the airshield and shoot another, untranqu'd, drakedog with another tranquilizer bolt
Refrain shooting any bolts when there's a considerable chance to hit a friendly by accident
0111narwhalz wrote:
Fri May 04, 2018 12:03 am
I clench my gut, hard, to force what little blood I have left into my head.
Being very careful to avoid hitting Brom, I fire once with the lasgun at drake 2. I aim particularly for the limbs and flight web.
I wait for Brom to clear the door and Buck to fire his gravity gun.
While Buck's gravgun projectile is flying and the drakes are presumably panicked, I fire twice more with the lasgun at targets of opportunity, without aiming for any body part in particular.
The squad essentially screams at each other, "discussing" a plan while Brom desperately tries to hold off the two drakedogs attacking him - ducking beneath the claws of the one toying with him from above, bashing away the other that comes leaping, roaring with a charge out of the pond. The one dripping blood is starting to consider one last suicidal charge - and three at once would be almost guaranteed to take him down. Finally, though, they come up with a plan - a desperate one, but a solid plan nonetheless.

"I'm backing out!" Brom shouts, bashing one of the creatures back away from him as he backs toward the door, swinging his shield around just in time to catch the one leaping off the computers. It roars, hissing and growling as it tries to bite around the edges. Outside the door, safe in cover, Frank and Vynkor provide covering fire - which (thanks to the poor accuracy) has basically no effect on the beasts. Frank's crossbow takes too much time to load and aim, and Vynkor's wounded arm is a great hindrance to her. Meanwhile, Buck is dashing around his CASKET, getting into position.

Brom is trying to get out the door, only to find himself surrounded by the glowering drakedogs. "GET READY!" he yells over the comms. One leaps at him, slashing his leg with its claws - the one from atop the computers manages to grab the edge of the riot shield in its teeth, ripping it out of Brom's hands and flinging it aside as the wounded one leaps at him with an angry scream. Its head explodes in a spiraling cloud of blood mist and gore as Brom fires a powerful Gauss shotgun round at it in the face, sending the beast back with a tumble. Utilizing the distraction, he ducks under another attack and rushes out the door. "NOW! DO IT QUICKLY!"

And Buck, in position, plants his feet firmly on the ground and fires without hesitation.

The bulky gravity gun, already primed, whirrs, screeches, and belches out a warped sphere of anomalous energy that plows through the airshield at a frightening 15 KPH. The sphere rapidly picks up a swirling cloud of dust from outside, while Vynkor and Frank fire their weapons in through the doorway. As it continues, it picks up blood, tiles, dirt, debris, moss and leaf litter - an entire dead drakedog, and the tranquilized one - and plenty of water from the pond. One of the surviving monsters manages to cling to the ceiling and slither away, but the other is panicked, flailing as it tries with no success to leave the projectile's gravity well.

And just like that, the sphere collides with the end of the building, loses stability and explodes with a shower of gore, shredding the corpse and flinging the live two against the floor and ceiling.

"Clear!" Buck shouts. On cue, Brom and Frank charge back through the entrance, weapons at the ready. They fire shots toward the last panicked drakedog as it flees deeper into the building, and while Brom manages to cause some slight damage, overall it does little to deter its retreat.

For now, Squad Alpha is victorious. Their enemy, routed, flees into the depths of the building. Brom picks up his gore-splattered riot shield from where it landed beside the pond, collapses it, and puts it back into place behind his back.

It's a job well done.

Gene Weber
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TotallyNotHuman wrote:
Wed May 02, 2018 12:04 pm
Holy fukc did Frank ever do a number on this thing. Just what I needed: more trouble on top of my own. Well, let's see if things can get better at least.

"My CASKET isn't as bad as advertised, but it's still pretty banged up. Did someone do some repairs on this thing?
In any case, I'll probably do some repairs of my own, or at least try to do so. That repair kit's coming in pretty handy right about now."

Proceed to the auxiliary slot where the repair kit is stowed,
retrieve it,
then try to repair the CASKET, prioritizing the thrusters.
If at any time I am attacked:
Roar "get the hell out of here, I'm already having a terrible fukcing day" at them,
blast the hostile no more than twice with my shotgun,
then reload.
You lightly stroll over to the auxiliary slot of your CASKET, ignoring the shouts from your comrades, their cries for help, so on and so forth. It's none of your business. You just want to make sure you can get your CASKET fixed up enough to actually take back off. That's kind of important - a lot more important than a few oversized geckos that want to use your friends as chew toys. After detaching your repair kit, you head back to the front of your ship and get to work.

First off, you try to pry your landing gear back out of your CASKET. This is tough work, but, with some effort and a lot of ingenuity, you're able to pry it back out and into its appropriate position. Thus, the first hard part is completed.

The underside thrusters are a different matter. Not only are they smashed into the frame, they're leaking every fluid they could conceivably be leaking - and then some that they couldn't, too. Moreover, it looks like some of the jagged, bent metal crushed through some of their electrical lines and ripped that up, shredding some of them. The shape is off and you'll have to pry them back into position... looking at it, your head starts to spin. You aren't even sure where to begin. "Fix the CASKET" is a pretty tall order you've set for yourself. The thrusters themselves look like they'll take an enormous amount of time and effort... unless you could find some spares somewhere, perhaps.

You sweep your eyes across your surroundings and happen to notice Frank's CASKET, sitting by itself, all lonely and quiet. A thought enters your mind, but you brush it away. No, surely he'd notice.

Wouldn't he?

Squad Beta:
Caleb, Ishmael, Bob: inside Nacelle
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outlander wrote:
Wed May 02, 2018 4:01 am
cuisinart8 wrote:
Tue May 01, 2018 3:24 pm
"Ishmael, wait, you might need backup!"
"Do not worry, esteemed warrior, I shall not attack before reinforcements are here. But the enemies do seem unsure...frightened...doubting. I shall try to turn that to our advantage without resorting to violence."

Move back to the corner where I peeked into the room on the left.
Assume defensive position.
Speak to the Hiltorei inside, using my charismatic amp:
"Peace be upon you, warriors. We are not entering, so you don't have to shoot at us. I am here to talk, not to fight. I am sure there's a way out of this that doesn't involve us turning you all into colanders."
Make a dramatic pause to let that statement sink in.
Turn the charismatic amp's power up to 11.
"Your comrades outside were either captured, or - regrettably - eliminated. Your leaders have fled, abandoning you to your fate. Would not it be better for you to deal with us instead of fighting us?"

IF attacked:
- use electric amp to fry the attacking enemy drawing electricity from any suitable power source nearby (except my allies' spacesuits);
- use the lash if the enemy is within melee range;
- retreat and take cover behind the box with the radiation site;
cuisinart8 wrote:
Tue May 01, 2018 3:24 pm
Oh, FSM, Ishmael went further in?! This could get very bad. I have to get over there, he could be in trouble very soon.

"Ishmael, wait, you might need backup!"

I hurry back into the nacelle, heading for where Ishmael is. I keep my electrorifle out, but don't raise it unless one of the enemies attempts to attack us. I take cover behind the crate on the east side of the antechamber that is just south of the one facing north/south. If an enemy appears and attempts to attack us, I fire at it with a maximum of three electrorifle shots.
Cha0zz wrote:
Wed May 02, 2018 3:49 am
Sure thing, Saoirse-Boss
Happy grin

Walk to the entrance of the nacelle with the box and put it down near the entrance.
Walk inside the nacelle and walk to where Ishmael was previously, talk to the enemies.
((you know what, just do a good cop, bad cop with Ishmael here :P))
"Hello, Meh Bob.
Bob and Bob-friends looking for Box, box black and red with stuff written on, you guys seen box?
If they look threatening:
- "Bob just want to let you know, Bob-friends killed all evil-you-friends outside"
- "Bob also killed evil wall, so no try try bad bad OK?"

Whenever I'm attacked,
Rush one of my attackers (howl while I'm running) and smash him with the crowbar, move erratically when moving towards him.
Find cover
Fire at the remaining bad guys as many times as I can without getting penalties using my auto pistol.
"Brothers!" The squad hears Ishmael's voice over the radio. "I have looked deeper inside the nacelle. There are enemies there, guarding a large room to the left of where we entered. I shall try to reason with them, for their cause is a lost one, but it's hard to expect anything from these Lord-deprived of reason!"

Inside the nacelle, Ishmael moves into a defensive position where he was a moment before - by the entrance to the further room.

"Stop! No closer!" one of the squids shout. "We will shoot! Do not test us!"

Ismael raises his voice, channeling with his charismatic amp unit. "Peace be upon you, warriors! We are not entering, so you don't have to shoot at us. I am here to talk, not to fight. I am sure there's a way out of this that doesn't involve us turning you all into colanders." There's some mumbling among the enemy in Hiltorelese as they try to reason over what a colander is, but eventually seem to come to the unanimous conclusion that it does not sound like a very good thing.

One shouts back. "You mean to trick us?"

Behind Ishmael, Caleb slides into position. Although he hurried, Caleb knows he's a bit late, and tries to quickly assess the situation. No one is firing shots yet. It's either a stalemate, or they don't actually want to fight to begin with. His thoughts are interrupted shortly when Bob arrives and raises his own voice: "Hello. Meh Bob. Bob and Bob-friends looking for Box. Box black and red with stuff written on, you guys seen box?"

There's no response, so Ishmael turns his charismatic amp up to eleven, focusing on the scavengers' minds. "Your comrades were either captured, or - regrettably - eliminated. Your leaders have fled, abandoning you to your fate. Would it not be better for you to deal with us instead of fighting us?"

Sensing hesitation, Bob adds, "Bob just want to let you know: Bob-friends killed all evil-you-friends outside! - Bob also killed evil wall." He speaks in as menacing a voice as he can. "So no try try bad bad. K?"

There's some hesitation. Then, one of the hiltorel takes a half-step out from behind one of the large radioactive bomb-devices, motioning toward the Tartarus crew with an empty hand. "Do not shoot us, we not shoot you. Yes? You leave now, no harm?"

This would hopefully (from the squid's perspective) end the conversation and get the young REKT inmates to leave, but just then, there's a pained shout from deeper in the nacelle. The squids pause. There's another shout - two of the squids shout back in hiltorelese. You hear a voice shouting with a less-thick accent, but proficient Standard: "I know where the box is! I just need help - help me!" The leader hesitates, then turns back, speaking quietly. "Ah, my friend... My friend, well... how you say in human..." he lifts a hand and gingerly rearranges the tentacles on the back of his head, as though in uncomfortable frustration. "He stuck and in great harm. Piece of metal fell on him. Crazy with hurt, see. You stay there, no come closer, yes? We take care of it. There no... no 'red bocks' here."

There's another yell from deeper in the nacelle, but the closer squids bark back at him in hiltorel.

At this point, Saoirse arrives, getting into cover. "What's going on?" she asks.

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Dinosawer wrote:
Tue May 01, 2018 1:12 pm
Great. Just great.
Cha0zz wrote:
Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:38 am
Saoirse-Boss, where Bob-boss put box?
Eh? ... Ah. Well, he's trying to help, that's sweet.
"Ah thanks Bob! Can you put it down near the entrance of the nacelle? I'll come and check it out in a jiffy."

I deattach the hook again, and put it back on my CASKET and land near the nacelle, and put it on the ground.
"Gearhead, this one seems broken. If we don't have enough hooks, can you see if it's fixable?"
Then I try to find 2 hooks.
When I have them (or one) I attach one in the bottom right corner, (if I have 2, or can get a second one from Gearhead by then) I put the other one on my CASKET, get in, fly up, attach it (like I did the others), land again, etc

Then, I go look at Bob's box. I investigate the box itself (maybe something is written on it?) and then scan it with my PDA.
In the event that this is in fact the box with the missions papers, I praise Bob greatly on finding it and ask him to help me attach it to my casket.
Otherwise, I say
"Well, this is a very interesting box, Bob! Now, we're also looking for another box, it's black and red and has "Machellan" written on it. If you see it, let us know, OK?"

Finally, if al hooks are attached to the nacelle, I head back inside and join the others. I get into cover, and if we're attacked, I try to stasis 2 enemies and try to pull 2 from behind cover with my grav amp.
"Saoirse-boss! Where Bob-boss put box?" Bob, down below you, is trying to help out. It's sweet of him, but the crate he's carrying doesn't look very useful to you. "Ah, thanks, Bob!" you radio. "Can you put it down near the entrance of the nacelle? I'll come and check it out in a jiffy."

Using your CASKET's robotic arms, you detach the hook again and then fly down in a swooping curve to land near the nacelle, setting it on the ground. "Gearhead, this one seems broken," you say. He's walked close to your ship. "If we don't have enough hooks, can you see if it's fixable?"

"Sure thing, Sweetheart," he says. "I'll happily take a look at any bits of yours that aren't as ... firm... as you want them to be. I've also heard some weird noise, could have been engines. Prepare for more company soon." What follows is a short but terribly awkward conversation that leaves you at a total loss for words. Gearhead, it seems, is a perverted old coot who hasn't spanked the monkey in a bit too long, and for one reason or another, he seems to have his gaze set on you. It makes you uncomfortable. Using this as an excuse, you flit away and start looking for more hooks. Eventually you find one, and, taking it, head back to Gearhead. At this point, he's gotten the hook fixed, so take it, and attach both of them - one after another - to the nacelle.

All the hooks are now in place.

You fly back down, land, and go inside the nacelle.

From what you can tell, the rest of the crew are arguing with a few hiltorel soldiers (or scavengers?) instead of shooting them. You get into cover behind a crate and ask, "What's going on?"

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Cornflakes_91 wrote:
Wed May 02, 2018 11:02 am
Dinosawer wrote:
Tue May 01, 2018 1:12 pm
"Gearhead, this one seems broken. If we don't have enough hooks, can you see if it's fixable?"
"Sure thing Sweetheart. I'll happily take a look at any bits of yours that arent as ... firm... as you want them to be"

"I've also heard some weird noise, could have been engines. Prepare for some more company soon"

get over to saoirse, admire her bits, and get to work on fixing up the hook
if the repair is successful and she still needs a hook, help her attaching the repaired hook
Saoirse lands next to the nacelle with a broken hook. "Gearhead, this one seems broken. If we don't have enough hooks, can you see if it's fixable?"

"Sure thing, Sweetheart," you say. "I'll happily take a look at any bits of yours that aren't as ... firm... as you want them to be. I've also heard some weird noise, could have been engines. Prepare for more company soon."

As Saoirse repeatedly makes it clear she's uncomfortable with what you're saying, you sidle on over and make some more remarks about her, admiring her bits, and get to work on fixing up the hook.

It's a simple fix, you see, after removing the button. Some of the wiring was faulty - probably from being a crap job by the Nemesis engineers. They're probably overworked anyway, but you can't say you pity them. You've had tougher jobs anyway.

Saoirse soon lands back next to you. You give her the hook back - she takes it in a pincer and flies back up, attaching both hooks in their proper places. Then, she flies back down, lands, and goes inside the nacelle. This leaves you, again, as the only person still outside.

That engine sound isn't going away. In fact, it seems to be getting louder.
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 1: Nanyej Colony

To the squad:

"We are trying to resolve the matter peacefully, dear Saoirse. They cease resisting, and we let them go. There's one of them trapped under the rubble, though, so they can't leave."

"I shall go inside and help them free him. Help thy fellow miget in times of peril, as they will help you in your time of need, as the Gospel says, and who are we all if not midgets before His eternal light? If He sees fit to test my faith here and now, so be it! For whosoever provideth the pasta first will be rewarded."

To the Hiltorei, using my Charisma Amp:
"Why are you lying to me, warrior? I've heard what he said, and it was clear as day. How long do you think you've got to get him out before his internal organs get crushed? How long do you think you have to get him out before we start recovering the nacelle?"

Concentrate the Charisma Amp on the leader:
"I would like to enter and help your wounded comrade. I have the means to do it, if you let me. Also, we shall not kill you. In exchange, you leave everything that you didn't bring here with you, and you go. What do you say to that? Do we have an agreement, a deal, a contract?"

IF they agree,
- go inside
- AND walk to the trapped Hiltorei.
Once there, use my gravity amp to create a zero-g area around the trapped Hiltorei.
Signal that he can be pulled out of the rubble,
Then ask him where the red box is.

IF they disagree,
- don't go inside

IF attacked:
- use Electric Amp on the attacker
- dodge and run into the nearest cover.

IF allies attacked:
- use electric amp for the maximum of two times on different targets;
- Use the lash to disarm one of the targets
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 1: Nanyej Colony

"Yeah, that's right! Run back to whatever hellhole ya green sons o' bitches came from!"
F4wk35 wrote:
Wed May 09, 2018 6:47 am
"I really don't like that, reeks of ambush...Do we have some material outside to block that other entrance?"

*Looking over to Brom*
"Do you see the one I hit with a tranquilizer earlier?"
"Wha- Ambush? Ya really think them dumb things can plan an ambush? Let's just go inside and take the magic fuel already, I'm gettin' tired o' this stupid mission! Killin' things makes me thirsty, and I dun see no pub nowhere 'round here, and you do not want to leave me thirsty for too long."

Re: REKT: BTE Mission 1: Nanyej Colony

F4wk35 wrote:
Wed May 09, 2018 6:47 am
"I really don't like that, reeks of ambush...Do we have some material outside to block that other entrance?"

*Looking over to Brom*
"Do you see the one I hit with a tranquilizer earlier?"
"It pains me to say this, but I agree with the squad drunk. Those things don't strike me as having the intelligence to plan an ambush.
They don't have helmets either, and haven't tried to follow us out. They're not going to come out the other side.
There may be other squids though, so we're charging in just yet.

As for your lizard dog, he is lying straight ahead all covered in mud. I'm not sure as to his condition, but I'd say he wouldn't be feeling to well were he conscious. It might be worth it to take a scan of the thing before we go, Frank. Maybe the science boys back on the Nemesis could make use of the info."
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 1: Nanyej Colony

Hapchazzard wrote:
Thu May 10, 2018 12:17 pm
Looks at the doorless structure in the middle of the courtyard

"Hey, by the way, any one of y'all noticed this strange-lookin' building here? Ain't seem to be no door... And it dun look like no modern art piece to me. I say thems squids must be hidin' somethin' in there! Let's blow it open, maybe they put the magic fuel in there!"
"I don't think we'll have to blast our way in. We should have access somewhere further into the plant.
We're headed in that direction so if it's there we'll know. We should expect more turrets and a possible ambush from the resident seafood."
TotallyNotHuman wrote:
Thu May 10, 2018 9:07 pm
"Brom - how goes it with the fight? I'd like to make myself useful; while the repair didn't go as well as I'd liked it I feel good enough to get back into the fight."
"The fight's over no thanks to you, Gene. You know we could have used an extra gun.
We were able to handle them of course but good god did you ever pick a bad time to bail on us.
We're going further into the facility to grab the stellaplex and then we're getting out of here. Some of our scaly meat-grinder friends escaped, so we'll have to watch out for them."
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