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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 1: Nanyej Colony

By Lord's tender mercies...

VERY CAUTIOUSLY creep along the wall towards the entry into the passage that goes left.
Glance towards the passage on the right periodically to check it for enemies an' stuff.
Once I'm at the corner,
take a cautious peek at what's in the left passage.
Retreat towards the exit.

IF I spot an enemy,
retreat towards the exit
and take cover.
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 1: Nanyej Colony

I go to Brom and tend his wounds, using duct tape as appropriate.
I then retreat to cover behind his CASKET once more, and aim my lasgun at the east entrance.
After Brom has thrown the bits into the complex, entered, and gotten out of the way, I fire upon the nearest lizards with my lasgun, spreading three shots between them and being very careful not to shoot Brom in the back (or in any other place).

Re: REKT: BTE Mission 1: Nanyej Colony

Go back to the wall and ask it why it bit me.
if it does not respond, give it a kick and walk back to my ship
If I'm at my ship, takr the hooks en nring them to Saoirse.
"Here you go Saoirse boss and wall will no longer bite bob, bob made sure of that!"
Defend myself if needed (do not exceed attack limit)
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