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Re: REKT: The Conference Room

Dinosawer wrote:
Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:44 am
cuisinart8 wrote:
Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:13 am
"I'll be part of Squad Beta. Anyone else want to join me?"
"I'm not very good at flying combat, so I'm gonna go with beta as well. Bob, you too?
Capturing someone shouldn't be too hard - I can just trap one with a stasis field and then you can easily knock him out."
Bob, will go with Saoirse-boss.
Bob, no need stasis field to capture squid
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Re: REKT: The Conference Room

Bob and Saoirse wrote: Stuff
By the pasta, I'm getting all the new folks, I guess. Whatever. You play with the had you're dealt. At least they have enthusiasm. I give Saoirse a reassuring smile. "Well, given our job we could definitely use some scientific expertise. Just use your common sense and keep your cool and you'll do fine out there." When Bob speaks up I grin. I think I like this guy already!

Re: REKT: The Conference Room

"What sort of technology should we expect our squid friends to have, SCAMPS? Even a man with talent such as myself would do well to know their enemy.
And while you're at it, do you have a better map of the colony? I'd like to know what sort of terrain we'll be dealing with once we're on the ground."
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Re: REKT: The Conference Room

"Fukcin' asshole... Y'know, if the fate of the whole ship wasn't riding on this, I wouldn't be wasting my time with an image when you could just use your own damn eyes after you get there. We have partial orbital data and some broken video from our descent. I'll piece together what I have.

As to technology, hiltorel tend to use primarily beam and PSI weaponry. They have some kind of fetish for long unbroken lines. I'd guess it'd have something to do with their tentacles, but what the hell do I know, right? Their ships are fast and, unsurprisingly, more durable than our CASKETs. More importantly, they're mostly dual-piloted. Dual- and tri-cockpit ships are another thing they like for FSM knows what reason. One handles the flight and main guns, the other handles the turrets and spotting. It's hard to sneak by one of those bastards, and they can almost always get a shot in on you.

Here's your map. It's basic, but we don't have much intel. As I mentioned, Nanyej is a backwoods shit-in-the-bushes kind of planet."

((scale: 10km across))

"The spaceport is up north several kilometers over the northern ridges. If you get more than a handful of CASKETs near the grav plant at a time, they'll ditch defending the spaceport and bring in the heavy cavalry, and you can expect to get knocked out worse than when we put you in cryo."

((Grav plant is in the govt. district, but I didn't want to shove so much text on my pretty map, so just pretend it says that somewhere. :D ))
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Re: REKT: The Conference Room

"i dont know what kind of ship they gave you, but the specsheet of mine reads like the designer completely forgot that it has to move and survive being shot at. i would prefer to stay far away from any situation where i have to do something quick with that thing while being shot at"
((-2 on dur, man and engine, going to get hit often and it'll hurt every time))
looks at PDA

"these Frank and Miranda guys seem to have gotten better stuff than me and are both okay at fixing stuff"
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Re: REKT: The Conference Room

"Alpha will probably need the most offensive and supportive capabilities, no?"

Frank checks his PDA as Saoirse does. Shaking hands don't make this any easier.

"And y- you seem to be better equipped for said su-supportive tasks. And probably a better engineer than I am..."
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