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Re: REKT: The Nemesis (Battlecarrier)

As things settle down, coming to a natural close, Caleb and Frank finish patching up the damage beneath the ship, helping out the rapid repair teams. Nothing particularly nasty comes up, which is quite fortunate, and it isn't long before both the hull and the pipes deeper in behind it are repaired to an adequate level. Frank crawls back through the machinery with Redrick, Antez and the others, and together with Danald, Caleb, Stace and the rest, they go topside. After greeting Frank and exchanging a few words, Caleb leaves, headed towards the medbay.

In the medbay, Saoirse watches Davin quietly for a moment, happy that the young man she saved didn't end up dying. After a few minutes pass, she leaves with a quiet sense of peace, thanking the medics as she leaves (in what is one of her rare moments of near-sociality), and takes a stroll around the ship - just in time to miss Caleb arriving for his legs, but not too late to bump into Bob and Ishmael, both in the cafeteria.

Ishmael is only there to grab a snack; he gives a wave at his former squadmates and leaves, heading back towards the medbay, while Bob and Saoirse sit down together. Bob wanted ice cream, but there is no ice cream to be had. Saoirse promises him that they'll try to change that soon enough. They're planning on picking up some better food supplies at Fuhodo Station, after all. Bob seems very pleased with this information and gives Saoirse a hug - but not quite as big as he'd given his friend, Enemy Ship.

Finally, back at the medbay, Ishmael follows through on his cleaning work. It takes what feels like ages, but eventually, he manages to fill up the carts as he was requested. It's tiring stuff, and he feels quite predisposed towards a bowl of pasta, and a nap, and heads to the crew quarters - only narrowly missing Caleb waking up from surgery.

Caleb stands, stretching his legs, giving them a good test. Gone are the horrible, clunky robot legs from before - he has perfect human legs once more. They aren't actually his real legs, but they certainly feel like his real legs. He gives them a pinch - the skin and flesh acts just as he would expect, and he feels pain the same way he'd expect. It's like he never lost his legs at all. Amazing what technology can do these days. There isn't even any residual pain from the surgery.

But, all that aside, it should be a while before he has any more limb problems. ..hopefully, anyway.

XP Gains
Trying something a little different. I've done some scoring using the regular system, but scaled for off-mission stuff. In addition, I've split the points into two pool types - a group pool, where all inmates share XP, and pools unique per character. This means that people that do a poor job on off-missions end up bringing down the whole group, instead of making them better. It also means that those that do really well do a better job of supporting the group. Interested to hear feedback on this. If people don't think it works, we can try something else. I don't have my heart set on this one, and it won't apply to the next mission anyway.
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  • Bob Karther: 45 + 42 (87XP)
  • Brom Keegan: 45 + 56 (101XP)
  • Buck Roberts: 45 + 39 (84XP)
  • Caleb Moore: 45 + 44 (89XP)
  • Frank Foster: 45 + 56 (101XP)
  • Gene Weber: 45 + 29 (73XP)
  • Ishmael Mahmood: 45 + 58 (103XP)
  • Marina Sukava: 45 + 11 (56XP)
  • Saoirse Fri'leth: 45 + 67 (112XP)
  • Vynkor: 45 + 53 (98XP)
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