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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Welcome back, happy new year and all that! :D
Dinosawer wrote:
Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:23 am
(you don't have to fill in the optional questions if you don't want to, that was for selecting the first 10 players)
You can use the questions to do some pre-RP, so to say. Meaning that you can go through a few scenarios to see how their behaviour might work out or something.
Apparently, sometimes stuff might happen.

Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Hey, welcome back, Grimm! :D Glad to see you here! I'd wondered what happened to you. Very happy to hear you're doing all right! And yes, we'd be quite happy to have you - but I'm limiting myself to a strict ten-player count this time, which is why there's a short waiting list. :P I couldn't handle 20 players for very long. Things get too difficult to cope with very rapidly. Fortunately for you, we seem to be burning through the waiting list very quickly! We're only halfway into this mission and I've already killed a third of my people. :D
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Character Sheet:
Spoiler:      SHOW
Name: Mia Killian
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Personal Information: History: Mia grew up on the small backwater colony of Vex-9 where it was quickly established that she was unsuitable for any job that involved her staying in one place for too long. Her wanderlust led her to joining the Archangels Private Security Company at the age of 16, this was first done to get a free ride around the galaxy doing contracts, but Mia found her niche as the company's support unit and never thought of leaving since.

She had a mildly successful career until her early twenties, where she was promoted into a squad medic despite the fact that she was just as good as putting holes in people as fixing her patients up. At the age of 27, things went straight to hell as a diplomat she was supposed to protect was ambushed and shot. Her promising career came to an end when the Vox republic demanded blood for the death of an important political figure in their ranks. Mia, incidentally, was the perfect scapegoat. Not that it stopped them.

Appearance: Mia stands at 5'11 with a lean athlete's build, long black hair and dark eyes which contrasts vividly with her pale skin.

Personality: Mia is above all, a practical woman. In fact 'conventional' seems to define her whole character, whether under stress or simply relaxing in her prison cell, she always seems to do what is expected at the time.

However, despite her ability to fix people, she has the social graces of wet tissue and seems to always have a case of foot-in-mouth syndrome, which leads to hilarious and often misleading understandings between her and anyone she talks to.

Her work in the Archangels Private Security Company taught her the value of teamwork and she will follow orders despite any objections she might have if it benefits the group.

Reason your character got REKT: Managed to botch up an escort mission with a diplomat, when he got shot she administered too much morphine, unaware of the fact that he'd already been dosed. This led to civil relations between two nations breaking down, a small-scale civil war, and the nickname of Dr.Killpatient.

  Energy: 2
  Durability: 0
  Maneuverability: 1
  Hacking: -2
  Computer: -2
  PSI Unit: 0
  Robotics: -2
  Engines: 0
  Charisma: -2
  Intuition: -2
  Handiwork: 2
  Conventional: 2
  Unconventional: -2
  Exotics: -2
  General Knowledge: -2
  Auxiliary: 0

Gauss Rifle - 0 credits
Assault RIfle - 0 credits
Advanced Medical Kit - 3 credits
Blowtorch - 0 credits
Dropshield - 0 credits
Mounted Laser - 2 credits
Optional Questions:
Spoiler:      SHOW
What was your character's dream, before getting shipped to Tartarus? Was there anything in particular your character dreamed of accomplishing someday?
Mia wanted to travel the world, see and do things that she never thought she'd experience. In a way, she got her wish, only now seeing a new world is 3000 times more likely to get her killed.

List a few ways your character's personality could develop and/or change over the course of the story.
She's pretty much socially retarded, perhaps with guidance she could learn how to effectively communicate with other humans. Another likely scenario is that she might give up trying completely and create her own language, speaking in grunts, squeaks and furrowed brows while her team-mates ask her if they're gonna live through their horrible dismemberment/alien sickness/diarrhoea.

What really sets your character apart from other characters, and makes your character unique?
She genuinely wants to connect to the people around her, even if most of them are nothing but killers, rapists and mad scientists. Mia is the least likely person to judge someone for their past transgressions if she gets along with them in the present.

[/b]What's a serious flaw your character has, that he/she has difficulty overcoming even when it matters most? Feel free to list more than one.[/b]
Her lack of social skills stunted a bunch of other skills she may have built over her life, her intuition is poor, she's computer-illiterate and she probably knows more about welding than she does about the average price for a loaf of bread. This makes her take a very sheltered approach to her life, she sticks to what she knows and rarely goes out of that comfort zone.

Does your character have any interests? Hobbies? Passions or strong opinions? Relate two or more of these.
Mia has always had an interest in cybernetic implants, the idea of making yourself into something that is simply better. However she's never been brave enough to have a doctor pluck out her eyes and put in implants. (but maybe one day)
She also likes tattoos, scars, piercings and pretty much anything else that tells a story of one's life that doesn't actually need physical telling.

Tell a short story about something that happened between your character and someone they were close to before they got shipped to Tartarus.
Sienna Vox was someone Mia could tentatively call her best friend, someone who looked beneath the surface. Their friendship, while disjointed and incomprehensible to outsiders, lasted for over three years before Sienna was transferred to a different squad. It would two more years and Sienna's marriage before Mia finally had the guts to admit that she loved her, Sienna told her that once she did too, but Mia simply never reciprocated and by then, it was too little too late.

Tell a short story about a scenario where your character is forced to leave an ally behind to finish the mission.
This has happened a number of times. Archangels Private Security Company was well known for their success rate in completing missions, but some of them came with a cost. Mia's most vivid memory is of a recruit she took on his first mission. Barely older than sixteen and brimming with nervous excitement. They were there to protect corporate lawyers from getting shanked by disgruntled mine workers over poor pay. Halfway through, negotiations broke down and the miners rioted. The boy took a brick to the face as the miners broke into the compound. Mia, seeing him go down and get swarmed, was forced to prioritize the V.I.P's and get them to safety. She didn't even know his name.

Tell a short story about a scenario where your character dies in what he/she would consider the best way possible.
Mia has never come to terms with 'going out in a blaze of glory'. If anything, she thinks it won't matter, nothing will matter to her when she'd dead, not her actions or inactions, so if she were to die, she hopes it'd be peacefully in her sleep. Or if she has to die violently, she hopes it's quick and painless. There's nothing worse than suffering and being miserable right before your existence fizzles out.

Tell a short story about a scenario where your character would be in his/her element.
Behind solid cover, with a good line of fire, a sniper and a target. Alternatively, she feels just as comfortable burying her hands in someone's guts to keep them from bleeding to death.

Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

So, I'm thinking of making a fairly large change to creds following this mission: All creds would be worth 1000x what they are now (or potentially 100x, depending on what I decided on). Thus, you could get anywhere from 5000 to 10000 creds from a mission, and you'd get 5000 creds at the start of the game (or 500, if I decided on that) (and of course, all existing creds in inventory would be converted to 1000x). The goal behind this would be to make creds much more granular, so I could:
  1. Be able to give you rewards for smaller things
  2. Let you purchase much smaller things than the price of a battlestim
For the second of these, I'm planning on letting everyone have some spending money when they leave the Nemesis to visit cities and such... and it would be nice if you didn't have to jump through hoops to convert between creds and the local currency ("plats", as I think we decided: veloxium-enriched platinum chips). That way you could go buy a beer and roleplay without worrying about losing a whole cred for it. That would suck, right? Maybe you'd find a cool non-Tartarus infantry weapon at the market, too - and I wouldn't want to charge a whole cred for most infantry weapons. It would give a lot more freedom for me to do things outside of missions.

The main arguments against this change (that I can think of):
  • Everything on the wiki would need changed - that's a lot of changes
  • Some people might really like the current cred system and not want to change
  • Carrying around that many creds could be... interesting, unless we had a system like casino tokens, where different colors of creds were worth different amounts
  • The current cred system is arguably easier to deal with mentally
Any thoughts?

edit: annndddd I've been ninja'd! Let me check this out, Grimm, and I'll be right with you. :D
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Grimm - only thing I might mention is that you don't have the skills to use your blowtorch in combat (but you may be fine with that). Character seems great (and hilarious), and it's always fun to have someone else with -2 charisma. :lol: Love the amount of detail you put into the questions, too. :thumbup: If you're ready to be accepted, I'll put Mia on the wiki, add you to the queue, and you'll be good to go!
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Well, if you read the first post in the Nemesis thread, and the first post in this thread, and the mission briefing, you should be pretty good to go, and you can catch up on whatever else you want at your own pace. :D That said, I'm not entirely sure you'll be able to join on this particular mission... I don't plan on killing that many people off. :P ...Well, I don't plan on it. I guess it could still happen, but it just means that someone - either myself or the players - royally screwed up somewhere.
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