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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

No you didn't! Perfectly fine. :D And it may be iOS doing it, but I have no way to test and fix it unfortunately - I don't have an iPhone to test on. Also, in case you missed it, I did update my post with your character. edit: It seems I made the update after you posted, so you probably did miss it. My mistake!

As to posting in the wrong thread: Nope! Entirely the correct one! The other thread is for leveling/experimenting/asking for suggestions and such for those that don't want to post here.
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

TheMainMethod wrote:
Thu May 10, 2018 10:01 am
I’ve been thinking and I want to completely change my character, like background and all. Is allowed? (Don’t be too mad Tal! I’ll change the wiki if you want me too!)
No problem at all - go right ahead! And the character stories thing is totally fine too. :) Actually, I'd consider it a positive thing.
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Name: Gaius Magnus
Age: 24 (Cryo +50)
Gender: Male
Personal Information: Gaius stands at 6’3” and weighs in at 190 lbs with a lean athletic build. He has short cropped auburn hair and green eyes.

Taken at the age of 6 during a slaver raid on a small town, Gaius was raised in captivity to a particular vicious band of slavers called the Gauls. On his 10th birthday the planets special forces, the Legios, stormed the slaver fortress and rescued those imprisoned there. Due to his age and lack of family, Gaius was taken in and trained until his 16th birthday, at which point he enlisted. Over the next 7 years, Gaius did multiple tours across the system, eventually commanding a company at the rank of Centurion.
At the end of his contract, Gaius decided to make his own way and became a mercenary, with a penchant for taking on contracts involving slavers or corrupt politicians. One contract ended poorly however, and Gaius ended up with the blood of a prominent politician on his hands. He was shortly convicted of capital murder and sentenced for pickup by Tartarus.
Personality: Gaius is reserved and disciplined, thanks to his childhood as a slave and time in the Legios. While enlisted, Gaius was taught the value of sacrifice and commitment to the greater good that his systems military followed. Gaius also fights for the underdog and believes no man is greater than another based on birth.
Reason your character got REKT: Gaius exposed a prominent politician’s involvement in a child slave ring and had him charged. However, the politician pulled some strings and was released with all charges dropped. Gaius took justice into his own hands at that point, killing the entire slaver ring, ended with the politician’s headless body and Gaius’s transfer to Tartarus Inc.
  Energy: 1
  Durability: 0
  Maneuverability: 1
  Hacking: -2
  Computer: 0
  PSI Unit: 0
  Robotics: -1
  Engines: 0
  Charisma: 0
  Intuition: 1
  Handiwork: 0
  Conventional: -2
  Unconventional: 1
  Exotics: -1
  General Knowledge: 0
  Auxiliary: 0

  Light Armor (2 creds)
  Sword (0 creds)
  Longsword (0 creds)
  Riot Shield (0 creds)
  Energy Shield (3 creds)
Spoiler:      SHOW
What was your character's dream, before getting shipped to Tartarus? Was there anything in particular your character dreamed of accomplishing someday?
Gaius’s dream was to stamp out the corruption within the government as well as eliminate prejudice and discrimination based on birth.

What's a serious flaw your character has, that he/she has difficulty overcoming even when it matters most? Feel free to list more than one.
Gaius’s conviction and seeming lack of emotion make it difficult for him to personable. His stringent adherence to a meritocratic way of life doesn’t endear him to gentry.

Does your character have any interests? Hobbies? Passions or strong opinions? Relate two or more of these.
Gaius enjoys tests of strategy as well as physical fitness. These two interests should be no surprise given his background.

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