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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

I don't see what would be odd about that - my bubble blower is mounted above my aux slots, but I still only have one :ghost:
Anyhow, explicitly stating the amount of them and amount needed attached is always a good thing for mission objectives anyway

Edit: edited post and added instructions for Bob
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

This is for squad Beta, not Alpha. I'm putting the campaign on hold for a bit until I get this figured out.

Over the past several turns, your roleplaying has been rather... "lackluster", I suppose, for lack of a better word. I don't say this to offend or upset anyone, merely as an observational, utilitarian statement. You see, I rely on roleplaying as feedback - on how the players are perceiving the game, the story, the difficulty, the environments, and so forth. The fact that there has been so little roleplay recently (especially in a sequence that invited rich roleplay) leaves me "blind" in a sense, and leads me to suspect that - potentially - something is very wrong.

Some of you may be thinking, "But Tal, it didn't invite rich roleplay at all!" Others may be thinking, "But Tal, I did roleplay!" or perhaps "But Tal, this is how things always are; nothing has changed." Well, perhaps. I'd like to hear what you have to say about that. That's the whole point of asking for feedback. :) I can say, at least, that I intended you to be able to roleplay. When I put your characters in a new, unfamiliar situation, I expect that the characters will be roleplayed at least to some extent - that they will explore the new situation in their own way. In short: I'm not narrating a game, I'm telling a story. It's not called an RPG without a reason: it's a Role-Playing Game. It's not a first-person-shooter or shmup, and it's not an RTS or an XCOM-like. It might be possible to put the REKT universe into those genres, but REKT itself is an RPG, and that means roleplaying.

As of this writing, the reactions to the mysterious figure disappearing have been as follows:
  • A vague, single thought before continuing as if nothing happened
  • Completely ignoring everything and continuing as if nothing happened
  • A statement that it was weird, followed by a verbal shrug before continuing as if nothing happened
  • A head shake, a statement that it was weird, followed by a subject change before continuing as if nothing happened

You could've done any number of things.

You could have scanned him. You could have tried to bargain with him. You could have attacked him. You could have offered him information, or tried to give him a hug, flirted with him, made guesses based on intuition, knocked a stack of boxes on his head, utilized general knowledge, or any number of other things - the possibilities are endless!

This would've been an excellent opportunity for roleplay, but I noticed a common theme throughout the "encounter": a refusal to interact. Your group surmised that he was there to learn, but instead of trying to offer any information or even test to see what you could do, you (as a group) clammed up, sat down, and waited for him to say something first. This is, honestly, very unfitting of an RPG - least of all REKT, which is very heavily story-oriented. I put a lot of time and effort into making REKT an interesting experience, and, at least during "the encounter", it felt like it was largely wasted.

REKT is not an RPG where the GM is the only storyteller. It is a joint effort by both the players and myself. When one side or the other fails to participate, the story suffers.

So, now that I've explained all of that, I come to the actual question: Why? Specifically, why did the players refuse to interact, and more importantly, why did the characters shrug it off as though nothing happened at all? This is out of character for every single character here.

Why did people stop roleplaying? If possible, I would like to restart the process, but I can't without first knowing the reason. I need feedback. Can you guys help me out here?

Here's what I suggest: Don't answer right away. Give it at least a day to settle, then come back to it tomorrow. It's something that merits a bit of thought, I feel.
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Early response because I actually thought of this before
I don't think it's fair or accurate to say we didn't try to interact with him. We did a great number of things to try to interact with him, and he refused to react in any meaningful way to any of them. That gave me personally the distinct feeling there was nothing to do but observe. It kinda felt like a cutscene in a game where you're still "in control" but nothing in the scene actually responds to anything. So, the answer to "why didn't you interact with him more" would be "he never responded to anything, so we didn't assume he would respond to anything at all".
You might recall me complaining about not knowing what to do because he didn't respond to anything, like, 3 or 4 weeks ago...

From my perspective:
Turn 1: logical things first: ask him questions like you would any humanoid.
Okay, he doesn't answer them.
Okay, try to bargain: suggest we might tell him something... if he tells us something about himself.
Oh, he doesn't answer either. Yay.
Turn 2:
Allright, let's try and use GK on the thingy he's holding.
Ah, it failed.
Okay, he's clearly not behaving entirely human and just looking at us, let's do something weird and random and see how he reacts to that.
Ah, I apparently don't get to do it for some reason. Because...yeah I actually don't know, it's not like I was interrupted or anything, except by him talking...
Turn 3: Okay Bob is suffocating this has to wait a bi-oh he's gone. Guess we'll never know WTH was going on...
And my current reaction is not "that was weird *shrug*", it's "WTH?? Okay I remain very very confused but we have work to do"

So, in my view, you're now complaining we didn't interact with something you explicitly made very non-interactive for 3 turns straight.

As for the other things we could have done:
-Attack: that's not a thing you do to what seems to be a person that seems non-hostile? Also, attacking seemingly omniscient beings tends to be dumb
-Throw boxes/hug: and that's just silly :P it's an RPG, not a video game where you do stuff just to see what happens
-Scan him/other methods of info extrapolation: yeah, I was gonna do that, but that's not something you do with a normal person upon meeting and by the time it was clear he wasn't a normal person who I might wanna scan, he vanished :P
I mean, you're complaining we're not RP'ing but when encountering a talking humanoid that seems non-threatening the normal first reaction is to try and, you know, talk to them, not throw boxes at them, so we did RP. I'm not sure what you expected us to do instead?
In that aspect, I don't really agree this situation was great for RP - talking to something that doesn't talk back whatsoever, evokes no emotion other than confusion and disbelief, but vanishes before you get to try anything out of the ordinary.
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Here is what Bob's thoughts are:

- The first time he encountered him, bob was starting to panic because he had left Jimmy and as stated in Bob's description, he's afraid in the dark without jimmy. Being in a dark environment, this caused him to freak out and finding jimmy took priority over figuring out who or what the guy was.
- The second time, Bob had calmed down but by then the guy looked pretty non-threatening. Bob also heard a hissing sound and decided that the hissing sound was more interesting than listening to a random guy who is saying stuff that Bob has difficulties with to understand.
- After that Bob was too busy with getting his face bitten of by the wall
- then the guy disappeared

- Scanning him: Just not something Bob does, if this was Dr. Cha0zz that's probably something I would've done since he scans just about everything but Bob isn't a scientist or even interested in science.
- Bargaining with him: He didn't really have anything that Bob wants or at least not that I know of.
- Tried to give him a hug: semi-valid for Bob but there wasn't really a reason to hug the guy, it's not like he's some long lost friend of Bob or something. Bob might hug people but he doesn't go around hugging random people for no reason either
- flirting: not applicable to bob, kids don't flirt either
- knock boxes on his head: why? I'm not going to do stuff to him just to see if something happens.
- utilised general knowledge: heh, this is bob we're talking about. Again, Dr. Cha0zz would've done this but the doc is not bob
- attack him: Why? Bob isn't some sort of beast that attacks everyone and everything, he wouldn't just attack a random person that doesn't look like a threat.

Bob was distracted by what he found to be more interesting stuff and didn't feel threatened by the guy.
If you had made the guy attack Saoirse or act like a threat Bob might have interacted more with him but that just wasn't the case.
Imo what I made Bob do was roleplaying, maybe I didn't do what you wanted me to do but that's not something I have control over, I made Bob react to the situation as he would do in the situation.
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

I agree with a lot of Dino's points about the whole thing being rather uninteractive. I tried interacting and got nothing but vague, utterly unhelpful and uninformative statements, if he bothered to respond at all. Hell, I even yelled at him!

As far as being "out-of-character," on the contrary, I feel Caleb (and at least most of the others) were quite in-character. Faced with a totally unknown...thing that is obviously far more knowledgeable and powerful than them, most people wouldn't be attacking it on sight or doing stupid things just to try and elicit a reaction, especially when it doesn't seem to show a reaction to anything. Caleb in particular was rather cautious the whole time- unnerved but curious, while still keeping in mind the thing's potential danger. When it left, he decided not to dwell on it too much, as it appeared the encounter was over. He's a professional soldier, while he might wonder at what the hell just happened, he's not going to let it impede the mission, especially when they've already spent so much time on it, haven't even cleared the nacelle, and have wounded.

Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Dinosawer wrote:
Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:00 pm
Okay, he's clearly not behaving entirely human and just looking at us, let's do something weird and random and see how he reacts to that.
Ah, I apparently don't get to do it for some reason. Because...yeah I actually don't know, it's not like I was interrupted or anything, except by him talking...
And adding to this: I did that because aside from his non-responses to our questions, none of his observations and deductions were actually related to anything we were doing.
( which adds to the feeling of non-interactivity - why are we supposed to do anything if he somehow manages to deduct everything from us doing nothing related? I mean, he deduced from us patching up Bob that the Nemesis was betrayed? That doesn't even make any sense... )
So I wanted to see if doing something irrational changed that.
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

First, I must say I am sorry for any RP-related failures on my side - I was really, really busy and scaled back my REKT efforts to absolute minimum.

(the 'why I did it, for those who are interested or came here to gloat over my failures)
Spoiler:      SHOW
See, I wanted to check the quality of the DNA I've extracted from my samples, and make sure it amplifies properly when I come to France to do experiments with it. I've designed a really powerful PCR program for that, and oh boy, did it amplify the fact, the program is so good that the negative controls (where no DNA was added, and no amplification should happen) came back positive, with strong amplification.

I spent two weeks trying to make the positive in the negative control go away, and every time I did it I failed miserably.

In the end, I came to France to learn that this is a fairly common problem due to the presence of some bacterial DNA in the reagents since they are harvested from the bacteria...well, shit. As always, I assigned the blame to myself, while it wasn't my fault to begin with...oh well, such is life.

So I was very distressed all the time, and after many hours of impotent rage I had no more neurotransmitters left in my brain to do REKT

As to the role-play, I was positively terrified of the mystery man, and had a strong feeling that poking him would produce a disastrous result. I tried interacting with him, but got a mathematician's answer to my question, so I thought we won't be able to get absolutely anything out of him anyway. I honestly expected him to say 'OK, it's all interesting, but you outlived your usefulness, here met my pets / henchmen / weird non-humanoid stuff, au revoir, have fun dying', followed by some sort of a boss battle.

I wanted to explain to him about the cryo and our situation, but couldn't decide whether I should do it (he's not one of us, why give away our secrets? Cryo was / is our trump card!), and then IRL stuff happened and I couldn't do it in time anyway.

I'd say, my and my character's reaction has been of a stupefied shock, hence the inaction, and I attribute it partially to my IRL problems, and partially to the way the Mystery Man was written in (too intimidating, too disinterested in answering our questions).

Hope that helps, and I really wish the game to continue despite this major fail of the RP-related character-NPC interaction.
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)


i didnt personally get much opportunity to interact with G-Man because i was busy doing actual stuff (and no particular reason to change it)

but from the impressions i got from the other people's turns i have to agree with dino.
G-Man seemed like the crazy rambling version of a random NPC who spouts stuff when talked to but isnt going to do much of value.

he wasnt hostile so there also was no reason to attack him to maybe get a reaction out of him

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