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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Right now the grav harness is positioned neatly next to the autohack tool (as I recall, they used the instructions someone scribbled on a note pasted to it to apply the autohack tool properly). It has thrusters and laser systems to keep it "steady" in the air at all times, so it doesn't drift away (although if a couple people were to jump on it, it wouldn't be able to lift them most likely). It's still right where they left it.
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Name: Marina Sukava
Age: 29
Gender: Female

Personal Information:
History: Imprisoned for war crimes, Marina was a renowned torturer, interrogator and military police officer at her peak, before being captured and promptly sentenced. From childhood, this woman liked to skin living rats, perform live autopsy on younger children, and torture classmates into doing her bidding.

Appearance: By all factors and measures, Marina is a beautiful woman to the eye, keeping long blond hair throughout the war ( despite strict haircut regulations ) and highlighting her form with adjusted cybernetic legs and torso. These looks made the woman all the more dangerous to every man (and some women) surrounding her, drawing them in before they are capable of comprehending the dark, broken, sadistic personality hidden inside.

Personality: A seductive, malevolent sadist of a woman, Marina made her way in life since early age by forcing out her way out of people, be it through charms, lies or torture, and by terrifying the others out of her way. Marina thoroughly enjoys the suffering of others, and, sometimes, her own. She is known for prolonging torture sessions for days, even if the victim reveals, with certainty, everything that needs revealing in the first minutes.

Reason your character got REKT: Captured and sentenced for her incredible cruelty during a war on her home planet.

  Energy: 0
  Durability: 0
  Maneuverability: 2
  Hacking: -2
  Computer: -2
  PSI Unit: 1
  Robotics: -2
  Engines: 0
  Charisma: 0
  Intuition: 0
  Handiwork: -2
  Conventional: -2
  Unconventional: 2
  Exotics: 1
  General Knowledge: -2
  Auxiliary: 0

Armored legs and arms. (2)
Blunderbuss (3)
Nanoglob Pack (0)
Electron Sword (0)
Spoiler:      SHOW
What was your character's dream, before getting shipped to Tartarus? Was there anything in particular your character dreamed of accomplishing someday?
Marina only ever seemed to have relatively short-term dreams - to prolong her enjoyment through the suffering of others.

What really sets your character apart from other characters, and makes your character unique?
Likely the most sadistic being you ever met - will fight with great effectiveness, if only to inflict pain.

What's a serious flaw your character has, that he/she has difficulty overcoming even when it matters most? Feel free to list more than one.
A true sociopath, Marina constantly schemes and inflicts the most confusing negative emotions onto those around her, making her difficult to work with, to say the least.

Does your character have any interests? Hobbies? Passions or strong opinions? Relate two or more of these.
Torture, manipulation, and general harm done onto others are Marina's greatest, and only, hobbies.
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