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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Okay, so, I've been working on the BTE mission. Making maps, renders, pictures, laying out how I plan to set the place up, goals, RP elements, all that good stuff. I have one render done of the three I was planning to do. I don't have the map done. Unfortunately, my laptop fan has decided to malfunction and I can't do any more rendering until it's fixed. This is a Bad Thing™. I'll still try to make maps, as I consider them incredibly important, but they won't be nearly as pretty, and you won't get to see the surrounding landscape from a 3D perspective. That means, unfortunately, that the quality of the maps will be about as low as they were in the original REKT mission, likely. That's not necessarily bad, as I put a lot of work into those too... but... you guys know I like making pretty things.

In a few weeks I'll have to send this laptop in for repairs, at which point I will likely mostly disappear until I get it back. I'd like to have everything done and set up by then - with the exception, of course, of things I can handle on my phone. (Basically... writing... to some lesser extent. I'll do the best I can.)
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