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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Aaand we're done. That was fun. :D
Think we did quite well too, 9 out of 12 enemies are down (unless I miscounted), characters were developed, bagpipes were played :ghost:
*high fives Cha0zz*

And FTR, Saoirse is gonna remember this (would be silly of me otherwise to argue for the canonicality of these mission), the Saoirse-Bob team worked pretty awesomely (both practical and character-wise), so if Cha0zz is on board and we both get in it would be fun to continue that. :)

(Also note to Tal - I added Saoirse's cryo time to her bio - 4 years. Long enough for 'oh dear it's been 4 years, everyone will think I'm dead' without it being 'omigosh everyone I know is dead')

And now we wait...
for you other slowpokes to finally get past turn 2
Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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