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Re: REKT: The Preliminary Charactering

Name: Vynkor
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Personal Information: Vynkor began her life in a vat. Assembled from biomass grown over two years in dishes across a remote and unknown research station, Vynkor's age is somewhat nebulous, but she's been out of the vat for 28 years. She was trained from "birth" to be a combat engineer. She was kept away from computers, as it was feared that she would become a danger to the station's AI. Instead, she was trained on mechanical systems, with cursory courses in firearms. As a research specimen, the total lack of personal contact hamstrung her social skills.
Vynkor had always had a rebellious streak, though she quickly learned that expressing it openly was… hazardous. Before long, outright defiance became subversive pseudocompliance. As the years went on, she became more subtle, plotting more and more subtle ways of rebellion.
Sometime in her twentieth year out of the vat, this tendency culminated in her escape. Having risen to the position of a genuine engineer on the station, Vynkor had serviced many of the vessels and a large part of the station itself. She had introduced subtle flaws in their systems over the years—nothing big enough to be visible, but the components would fail under peak loads.
Like, for instance, chasing a rogue specimen and a traitor in a corvette.
Leaving the ruined corpses of her captors' ships behind, she and her accomplice fled across many systems before settling down in a pirate-infested mining system and offering their services to the local pirate gang.

Vynkor's physique is lean but strong. She stands about 170cm tall. Her stance is confident and active.

Personality: Vynkor is reclusive, preferring to work on her own. However, team exercises were a part of her training, and she can put aside her unease. When she does make an attempt at social behavior, she is often tactless. Her social anxiety is related more to the fear of backlash for being too blunt than to a fear of people or talking.
She is usually single-minded and tries to accomplish a given task before considering any new tasks.

Reason your character got REKT: Eight years after her escape, the institution which had created her finally tracked her down. The pirates, nearly all of whom were personally indebted to her, resisted the large fleet of cutting-edge vessels. The pirates fell quickly, their converted miners and haulers no match for the fleet's vastly more advanced war machines. Their most valuable asset, the corvette, was still vastly outclassed by the institution's destroyers and cruisers. Vynkor and her accomplice surrendered and were captured. Her accomplice was reconditioned and, broken, returned to the institution's employ. Brief and futile attempts were made to recondition her as well, but the institution decided that it would be cheaper and safer to simply get rid of her.
And thus, Vynkor was shipped to ReKT in a freezer.

  Energy: 1
  Durability: 0
  Maneuverability: 1
  Hacking: -1
  Computer: -1
  PSI Unit: -1
  Robotics: 0
  Engines: 0
  Charisma: -2
  Intuition: 0
  Handiwork: 2
  Conventional: 1
  Unconventional: -2
  Exotics: -2
  General Knowledge: 0
  Auxiliary: 0

  Railgun (3 creds)
  Lasgun (0 creds)
  Assault Rifle (0 creds)
  First Aid Kit (0 creds)
  Repair Kit (2 creds)
Spoiler:      SHOW
What really sets your character apart from other characters, and makes your character unique?
Vynkor is a vat-grown human with interesting problems that result from being isolated from normal human interactions. She was created with a purpose, but she defied it, possibly leading to interesting variations on the usual existential crises.
Edit: Added purchases, fixed jumpship thing. Still pending physical description, but the charsheet is basically ready to go.
Edit: Modified purchases.
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Re: REKT: The Preliminary Charactering

Looks great, except for the spacefolder drive/jumpfighters. The rest of your character is absolutely a go! :thumbup:

In case you're interested
Spoiler:      SHOW
Hyperspace/jump drives/wormhole tech doesn't exist in the REKT universe. REKT space travel utilizes Warp technology, which has currently advanced to Warp 15 - a speed capable of getting you across the galaxy in only two months. Nemesis, however, used Warp 14, as it's an older ship - this is only half as fast. Warp tech works by creating a bubble that adopts the physics of a specific parallel universe, permitting faster-than-light travel. These systems are bulky and for technical reasons can't be installed on smaller craft, meaning anything fighter-sized is essentially warp-free.

This is actually a significant plot point, both in the lore and in GTD/BTE.

The REKT universe does have a form of teleportation technology in the form of "blink" teleporters, which are capable of transferring an attached object across an area (using anomalous materials) (essentially materials that are holdovers from the Quantum empire - materials from alternate universes that still obey those laws of physics). Unfortunately the energy requirements for this are vast and unsuitable for long-distance travel.
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Re: REKT: The Preliminary Charactering

That's a little fun, pointless thing I added based on the three primary character types I noticed while analyzing your character builds. Essentially, it's "combat", "repair/psi/exotics", and "science/stealth/hacking" - or, to put it a different way, Fighter, Mage, Thief. I had intended to change it to "fighter mage thief" but I think I forgot. :P
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Re: REKT: The Preliminary Charactering

Almost certainly. :D But I was working with what I had, and as I said, it's just a fun, pointless addition. Fun for me, that is. It was fun to make.

edit: it looks like repair is actually classed with the other tech-skills, and it's hacking that's in with PSI.
F4wk35 wrote:
Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:35 am
Oh wow! That looks like a pretty good build actually!

Have you seen the thing with the questions on Tal's Creation-helper?
Pretty sure yes. :) He answered one of them.
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Re: REKT: The Preliminary Charactering

Alright, I've updated the backstory to eliminate the jumpfighter and drafted my purchases. I'm still torn between laser and railgun, but I've written in laser for now. I've also not yet figured out what Vynkor looks like.
I'll make a final decision regarding laser vs. railgun tomorrow and send Vynkor to the main thread, so if you've any input on that issue please supply it soon. I'm expecting she'll be sent to Alpha, since that's where the open slot is, and I'd like her to complement the group well.

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