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REKT: The Preliminary Charactering

I am hijacking this idea into its own thread for visibility and easier discussion:
F4wk35 wrote:As was mentioned before somewhere (IIRC...), the whole thing with Team-balancing is better to be done when people know who wants to play what, how many of what are around and so on.

Perhaps if people posted a very veeery rough idea of what they're going to play? Nothing special...only a short note saying "Ima be Exotic/Parcour" or "Hacker/Technician/unconventional" or "Crazy Bouncy-Ball of Exotic doom and Destruction"...would be enough for telling a bit about team-balance, preference and stuff beforehand.
  • Fawkes: Hacking/Unconventional/Handiwork
  • Hapchazzard: Hacking/Unconventional/Computer
  • Triggerhappy: Heavy Attack Conventional/Speed/Handiwork
  • Dinosawer: Exotic combat/melee/robotics
  • BFett: unconventional melee/handiwork
  • Cha0zz: combat
  • cuisinart8: conventional
  • Cornflakes: handiwork/PSI
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Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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Re: REKT: The Preliminary Charactering

So, here's the character I posted about yesterday.

Name: Trontos Sephen
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Personal Information: Trontos's family never stayed in one place for long. This resulted in Trontos having few friends though it did aid him in adapting to new situations quickly. In his early twenties Trontos took an interest into theft and particularly lock picking.

Trontos is a white fit male about 5'7" tall.
Personality: Trontos Sephen is a loud mouth. He likes bragging about his successes and impressing others. He doesn't care for having strong relationships with others and will ignore those who disagree with him.
Reason your character got REKT: Trontos Sephen got thrown into the REKT program after triggering the alarm system of a bank vault. He had spent weeks preparing for the heist, and when the time came he was able to successfully infiltrated the bank by lock picking the front doors and disabling the electronic security system. He was also able to bypass the first locked door of the safe. Unfortunately for Trontos though, when he opened the door revealing the vault itself it also triggered an alarm.
Energy: 0
Durability: 0
Maneuverability: 1
Hacking: 0
Computer: -1
PSI Unit: -1
Robotics: -1
Engines: 1
Charisma: 0
Intuition: 0
Handiwork: 1
Conventional: 0
Unconventional: 1
Exotics: -2
General Knowledge: 0
Auxiliary: -1

Spoiler:      SHOW
What was your character's dream, before getting shipped to Tartarus? Was there anything in particular your character dreamed of accomplishing someday?
Trontos always wanted to become wealthy. He had wanted to create security system integrated locks which were impossible to bypass without the correct key and pin. He dreamed of inventing this mythical lock and selling it everywhere.

List a few ways your character's personality could develop and/or change over the course of the story.
Trontos could learn to trust others and develop strong relationships with his squad mates. Or he could go insane and do things which would put his squad members at risk while also completing objectives.

What really sets your character apart from other characters, and makes your character unique?
His obsession with lock picking of mechanical locks and the fact that he likes to brag about things he has done.

What's a serious flaw your character has, that he/she has difficulty overcoming even when it matters most? Feel free to list more than one.
Biggest character flaws are the difficulty of developing deep friendship and fully trusting those he is around.

Does your character have any interests? Hobbies? Passions or strong opinions? Relate two or more of these.
High interest in lock picking, has a hobby of working with electronics and logic gates in ways to configure electronic locks. He loves following new technologies, especially those regarding security systems. He tries to get physical copies of the best locks in order to find exploits in the mechanism.

Tell a short story about a scenario where your character dies in what he/she would consider the best way possible.
As enemies swarmed into the cave, Sephen continued to work on the door mechanism. Finally the door gave way. As the creatures began to chew into him, he knew that he had just accomplished the impossible. He had opened the mythical Quantum vault of Boarid II.

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