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REKT Map Icons

Some of you may have noticed that last mission, we had a ton of icons to represent players. We'll need some more icons this time around too - and if you'd like me to change it, or if you'd like to have an icon you made yourself, this is the time to speak up.

Icons are 24x24 pixels in size. If you want to provide one yourself, make sure it's easily recognizable and distinguishable from the others. If you'd like me to make it for you, give me a good idea of what it should look like - and don't be overly specific. Getting things down to 24x24 pixels is no small task.

Here's some of the icons from Mission 2 as examples:
Image If you don't want me to give you a new icon, I am perfectly happy to keep your old one.
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Re: REKT Map Icons

While I like the dinosaur, the different tiny things on a white background aren't ideal for easy visual recognition, so I think I'll be changing to this (already correct size and stuff): Image yes I still love the Flash
Also, I suggest either Fawkes or Hema get another one, because they're too much alike and I keep mixing them up. :crazy:
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Re: REKT Map Icons

Soo, seeing that we all have new characters, I thought that perhaps the old icons don't quite fit anymore.

So I talked it over with Talvieno to revive this thread so we can get our new Icons up and running.

And so, I'll start with the official Icon for Frank Foster. The "Bucket and Mop"

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