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Re: REKT ARMORY (for purchases + statting)

Idunno wrote:
Dinosawer wrote:You could get a workstation for crafting, upgrade to and advanced repair kit, get something cheap robotic (incidentally, I suggest replacing the forceps laser you can't use because it rolls energy with something that doesn't use energy, i.e. anything but the forceps laser or piton gun), some armored bodyparts for being less squishy... the possibilities are endless! :ghost:
I'll buy the Mobile Workstation(1 Cred). Might sell the Forceps Laser for the better Workstation later. :ghost:
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Re: REKT ARMORY (for purchases + statting)

While we're at it:

I have 7 creds:
TARGET Helm (3 creds)
Quickdraw slots (1 cred) for Shotgun and Electron Sword
Rugged Tires (1 cred)
Turret mount for my Quantum Cannon (1 cred)

leaves me 1 cred, and I'll decide what to do with that when I know what the cymek reboot kit costs.
Will think about blunderbuss ammo first. :think:
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