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Re: REKT ARMORY (for purchases + statting)

- Target helm ( 3000c)
- Energy shield (3000c)
- Cyborg arm (1000c)
- Berserk (250c)

It's actually 7250 credits, not 7500. Battle drugs were posted as half-off to start with, but I'm thinking of making the change semi-permanent. They're actually worth more than they were originally posted for, but it seems the psychological effect of "but something bad might happen" is a lot worse than I had imagined.

The Cyborg arm I'm allowing for only one reason: I hadn't said it wasn't allowed. From now on, you won't be able to get new bodyparts immediately preceding a mission. There just isn't time for it. It's not like you can just pick up a new arm at the armory. :P We'll retcon for now and say that Brom got his arm in the past couple days.

The rest of the purchases look solid. Updated. :)
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