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Re: Squad 1 Stuff

Grimm wrote:I'd appreciate that Cha0zz, and if you can't find a credit I'll make do :) I had initially planned to buy more ammo for it after Mission 3.

Edit: Actually, using 1 credit to buy an extra battery might actually be a better idea if weapon descriptions are anything to go by? GAMBIT seems to do more damage in a tight pinch.
If it was a secondary weapon I wouldn't have that much of a problem with it, but given that this is your only weapon I'd say it might be better to go for something that can be used more. It's up to you in the end though, so do whatever you feel the most comfortable with.
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Re: Squad 1 Stuff

No, upon re-reading the PION would be a better choice. Last I knew the GAMBIT had 24 seconds worth of single shot and 12 seconds worth of dual shot and I went under the assumption of perhaps getting 24 shots out of it. :ghost: I must have missed when it was edited to include the shot count.

Re: Squad 1 Stuff

Talvieno wrote:PION is a squishy piece of trash compared to the GAMBIT
PION might scratch an itch on the back of an elephant, while the GAMBIT will cut a row of twenty elephants in half in midair while playing a heavy metal version of "God Bless The Queen" on an electric guitar while flying through flaming hoops of death over a shark-infested ocean
Screw the PION
Oh my.

Re: Squad 1 Stuff

:lol: Well, now it's an inside joke. Also it is far more powerful than the PION, but only because the PION has infinite ammo and the GAMBIT ammo is very limited. It actually would've been capable of all but guaranteed one-shot kills back when it was 6/3, now at 10/5 I'm not so sure. Limited ammo means much higher power.
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Re: Squad 1 Stuff

10/5 with the tradeoff of a bit of power is fair, especially if there's a chance of weaker enemies mixing in with the stronger ones. :D
And yes, it's an inside joke now. Kalah will keep the GAMBIT and love it like it's her baby. Hell, now she'd probably buy two if she could. And if Dr.Cha0zz manages to forage for another credit somewhere then even better, Kalah will be a happy girl. :D :D

Re: Squad 1 - Wrath Squadron

I'm a bit late to the party, but here's the loadout I wanted to take:


1)Magnetic field manipulator
2)Microwave field manipulator
3)Computer shielding

Rationale:I think this is the loadout with which I'll get the most bang for the buck. I'll have two weapons, one of which is fairly powerful, and it'll be very hard to damage me to the point of being out-of-combat


1)Plasma baton
3)Grapple set/Blowtorch(haven't decided yet, will likely depend on the mission itself)

Rationale: I'll have a solid base +3 roll with the plasma baton, so it's a very good melee weapon for me. Crossbow seems like the best ranged weapon I can take right now. However, if the next mission is one with a lot of infantry enemies, I might take the plasma bomb launcher instead of the crossbow and misc. weapon.


Re: Squad 1 - Wrath Squadron

Hapchazzard wrote: Thoughts?
Looks good :thumbup:


Credit balances:

After redivision of the credits earned previous mission everyone gets 9cr on top of what he or she already had. Bonuses were not counted for this. ((7+10+10+9)/4=9).
This leaves the us with the following balances:

From before the mission: 1cr
Mission income: 9cr
Debt collected from DV/Ysavva: 1cr
Total: 11cr

Mission income: 9cr
Total: 9cr

Mission income: 9cr
Mission bonus: 2cr
Debt payment for Bfett: 1cr
Total: 10cr

Mission income: 9cr
Total: 9cr


Balances with bought equipments:

  • Balance before: 11cr
  • Peripheral hacking thingy: -5cr
  • Transponder thingy: -3cr
  • Energy Shield: -2cr
  • Balance after: 1cr
  • Balance before: 9cr
  • Magnetic Field Manipulator: -8cr
  • Computer shielding: -3cr
  • Sells repair-kit: +2cr
  • Balance after: 0cr
  • Balance: 10cr
  • Balance before: 9cr
  • Sells Nanite suit: +1cr
  • Sells Magnetic Field Manipulator: +8cr
  • VISION helmet: -1cr
  • MUSE: -1cr
  • Light Armor: -2cr
  • Gravity Field Manipulator: -12cr
  • Stake Driver attachment
  • Balance After: 0cr
  • Balance Before: 5cr
  • GAMBIT laser: -5cr
  • Extra battery: -1cr
  • Balance After: -1cr

BFett, as you can see after buying your gear you will each have a spare credit. I propose that this credit goes to Grimm so that he will be able to buy an extra battery for his gun, giving him more shooting power.
DV/Ysavva, all the above means that your character will have a budget of 10cr to buy with what she wants.
This way all our credits will be spend in a way that I'm think I'm happy with.

If I made any mistakes or if you have problems with anything I wrote, please let me know.
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