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Re: REKT Signature Generator

Silverware wrote:
Detritus wrote:uhh....

silver, at least make your imgur replacer do gifs? :D

*noms the ice cream* :angel:
Oh, I'll need to redo that won't I?
That was also lost iirc.
Yes it was, and my overall life quality has been impaired. :ghost:
I am Groot.
Please don't take my advice. You will wind up in jail if you do.
For some reason, I feel obliged to display how many people have talked in IRC over the past 2 hours: Image :problem:

Re: REKT Signature Generator

It's Kosher! - POXY Signatures Mark 2 - Beta
Hey people,
Signature Generation is now a go!

This is an early beta, and the live estimation of your changes isn't in because the browser handles fonts weirdly.
You can currently only modify a single image per person. Please don't make excessive accounts to get multiple images, I am working on getting multiple images per person in.

After creating a new user, the Goat.Army Admin email will send you a message including your password.
If you do not get this mail, check your spam filters.

Feel free to play around with it. Hover over things, most things don't have labels, but all things have tool-tips where useful.

As below, you can do some interesting things with it.

If you want more Fonts, find me an .otf or a .ttf download link, and send it through.
If you want different images, link the URL, for specifically Limit Theory or REKT things, you can send through a link and I'll think about adding it to the local images list.

Edit:: Quick Emergency Patch
Threw in some caching of the images.
It'll update the file only when you make changes, and browsers should only attempt to look for a new version once per hour. (except on the edit page, where it looks whenever you reload/save)
I also altered some Font code on the client side, it was eating all the bandwidth.
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Re: REKT Signature Generator

Dinosawer wrote:Also, could the X and Y be for the top left corner instead of the center of an image? Makes it easier to put stuff in place if you don't have to, say, shift your background over 400 pixels and 42.5 pixels to make it in the actual center of the banner :P
OH! I know what broke that.
When I had the JS visualizer it'd do offsets so the image would work from the top left.
But the offsets are not calculated without that...

I'll put it on the list to alter.

And I'll upload that font shortly.
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Re: REKT Signature Generator

I could have a default and basic layout for you when you connect?

The login thing is only there to prevent people from altering your signature, as each is stored as a JSON file on the server, and there is no way a URL string could provide the flexibility you have with this.

Although now that the basics are done I could provide a generic URL option, that gives you a very boring REKT signature...
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