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Re: REKT: Art Thread

So by now I've drawn Saoirse, Frank, Gearhead, Bob and Ishmael (partly) which I'll dump here as soon as I can steal borrow my mom's scanner.
However, for Brom, Buck and Trontos there is simply not enough info for me to go on. And several of the other people could use some more physical description as well if they want to get drawn, tbh.

Dino's easy guide to complete physical description
Include the following. The more the better, I can invent some stuff myself, but I need something at least :P
If your character is special enough it might give me inspiration even without this, but in that case it might not look like you had in mind.
Body build: are you tall, short, fat, thing, musculated, etc... Do you have a round face, square, pretty, ugly, blocked chin, etc etc.
Hair: In illustration, hairstyle is one of the major discriminating things between characters. (Which is why e.g. in anime characters have eccentric and multicoloured hair)
Is it long, short, what colour is it, do you have a beard, a droopy moustache, a bun, ponytail, Elvis hair, etc.
Clothes: optional. If you don't include them I'll just pick something at random (generally a generic shirt and pants)
Special features: Things that make your character stand out visually from other people. Can be anything from scars, bionical limbs, special pieces of clothing, and so on.
(Examples: Saoirse's scar, bionics and white lock in her hair, Gearhead's bionics and Napoleon vest, Ishmael's eye patch, Squidhead's everything, Foreigner's scarf and coat, etc)
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