REKT: Overview and Rules (READ FIRST!)

What REKT is:
REKT is an LT Forum RPG (Role Playing Game), loosely based on the Bay12 Roll to Dodge game Einsteinian Roulette. This means it's something kind of along the same lines as Dungeons & Dragons, although it uses a very different rule set.

A basic overview of the plot:
In the far future, humanity has conquered most of the known galaxy, forcing the alien minorities to small reservations at the edges, while humanity itself has populated the wealthy inner worlds near the galaxy's center. Crime, corruption and prejudice runs rampant, and prisons are bursting at the seams. Large prison corporations with prison ships fly from planet to planet, relieving each of some of their more dangerous criminals, and then execute them or put them to work as slave labor as they will. Tartarus Inc. is one of these, with its 13.5km-long megaship Tartarus.

Tartarus permits about 1/30th of its inmates - the best of the best - to become part of its REKT program - or REquisitional Knowledge Troops. The players are among these. They get sent out to steal, gather, or otherwise discover important technology and materials from dangerous locations. Many of them die. If those that survive complete ten missions, they're free to leave, and receive a full pardon.

TL;DR: Players are inmates aboard a prison ship, in a program that sends these inmates out to dangerous regions of the galaxy to collect anomalous materials for use in war efforts.

These rules apply to all members, including the GM. Violating any of the rules may result in a warning, moved/deleted post, or just getting banned from the game.

Above all else, please be polite as you engage with your fellow REKT players!

Rules of conduct:
  1. All rules for the rest of the forums still apply here.
  2. Be polite to other players. The exception is if your character is talking to another character: in those cases, you can be as rude as you like.
  3. You are required to post at least monthly, even between missions, or you risk getting your character moved to the AWOL list so others can join. You can rejoin later - if there's room.
  4. You can only have one active character at a time.
  5. Read the game rules before attempting to make a character! At least have a basic understanding of what you're getting into.
  6. Keep large discussions out of the mission threads and Tartarus threads. Those stay in the main thread.
  7. Do not post in the mission thread if you are not part of the mission, even in ((out-of-character brackets)). This applies even if you were part of the mission, but died.
  8. If you are in a mission, do not post in the Tartarus thread except in ((out-of-character brackets)).
  9. GM decisions are final and non-negotiable.
  10. If you die, you cannot post with that character anymore unless - and until - it is resurrected. If it is a permadeath, you cannot post with that character again at all.
  11. No sexual talk, either in character or out of character. If you really want to sexually roleplay, take it to PMs. The GM will not take part in it.
12. Don't PO the GM.

Is this really a game you want to play?
Spoiler:      SHOW
Read through the following, choosing "Yes" or "No" out of each. Keep track of your answers on a piece of paper, and tally up your score using the numbers provided in parentheses.
  1. Do you dislike games with stories, preferring open-world games? (10)
  2. Do you dislike puzzle games of any sort? (10)
  3. Do you dislike writing? (10)
  4. Do you have trouble devoting significant amounts of time to entertainment? (20)
  5. Do you dislike fictional media with adult language or lots of violence? (20)
  6. Do you dislike reading if you can help it? (25)
  7. Do you expect your character to be really epic within the first few months of playing? (25)
  8. Do you feel like rules are there to be broken, or boundaries meant to be pushed? (25)
  9. Do you find yourself repelled by the level of complexity in some games? (25)
  10. Do you want your character to be radically different from anyone else's in a way other than personality? (25)
  11. Do you dislike teamwork, preferring to play by yourself? (25)
  12. Do you get impatient easily, or dislike slower games? (25)
  13. Do you dislike roleplay and want only combat? (40)
  14. Do you get uptight or stressed about small details, and take games very seriously? (40)
  15. Do you like to keep to yourself, avoiding social situations wherever possible? (40)
  16. Do you dislike tactical games? (50)
  17. Do you have a history of leaving projects unfinished, or getting bored of long-term pursuits? (50)
  18. Do you think the only way to have fun is to win? (50)
  19. Do you want your character to use special rules, or be bizarrely alien? (75)
  20. Do you think you'll probably leave in less than a year? (75)
  21. Do you think you'll probably leave within a few months? (250)

Less than 100: You'll probably like REKT.
100-150: REKT probably isnt the game for you.
150-250: REKT is almost certainly not the game for you.
250 and higher: Stay away. This is not your game.
How to make a character
  1. Read the rules here.
  2. Copy the character sheet from here.
  3. Fill it out and post it in the main thread.
It's that simple! While you wait for your mission to start, feel free to post in the Tartarus thread. Everybody makes mistakes at first, so don't be shy. We'll explain things as necessary.
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