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Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

I realize that Tal still is deciding whether to accept my 'battle cannon' idea, so I decided I would clean the thought up a bit.

SASHA Battle Cannon

A massive weapon featuring three minigun-style rotating barrels, a modular shield, modular sights, modular barrels. This cannon has a smaller fire-rate then a minigun, but being a gauss weapon rather than a gunpowder weapon means longer range, better accuracy and better armor penetration. The larger explosive slugs that this gun fires, however, lowers the range and armor penetration of relative to a standard Gauss Rifle, in return for much more impact damage.

Due to the weapon's grand weight, it is difficult to swing around quickly. You also don't want to be walking or moving at all when firing it.

Requirements - +2 Strength, 3 Infantry Slot Items, Two-handed

Rolls - Attacker's Conventional Weaponry and Strength vs Defender's Intuition and Maneuverability

Barrels -
Short-Barrel - Permits for a significant additional fire-rate, lowering accuracy and overheating the gun much faster. Is also lighter than the alternative.
Long-Barrel - Improves range and accuracy of the slugs, and allows a longer continuous firing time, in return lowering fire-rate and mobility of the weapon significantly.

Shield -
Riot Mini-shield - A half-sized riot shield mounted at the base of the barrels, while provides less protection to the user, guarantees that the weapon and user are well protected from directly in front of the weapon.
Forcefield - A moderately powerful energy shield that covers 180 degrees around the user and weapon. Deflects MOST weapon fire. However, enough damage to the shield will force the whole thing to collapse, and you will need to wait some time before it goes up again. The shield draws power from the cannon directly, so while the shield is re-charging, the weapon's fire-rate falls dramatically. Due to the weight of the shield generator, the weapon is the same in weight as the riot shield alternative.

Sights -
Tactical - Created a tactical overlay over your visor, highlighting targets as well as the slug's ballistic cone. Slightly improves accuracy, as well as how fast you notice, select, and switch between targets.
Optical - A simple installation featuring a laser, as well as infrared and normal cameras. Wired directly into your visor. Allows you to see through smoke, as well as zoom in on targets and determine their distance from you. The Laser also improves your accuracy in close quarters.

Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

Too soon?
Eh, whatever. :ghost:
Shower idea:
Nanobot limb (exotic, anatomical upgrade)
  Price: 1 cred per limb?
  Requirements: PSI +1
Rolls: PSI for reform, PSI + maneuverability for combat use, none for "normal limb use"
  Description: Instead of all those boring metal limbs, why not go full body horror with these nanobot limbs? With the power to shift into any form you like, these arms are useful for people who forget where they put their screwdriver, or who like stabbing people with arms made of blades. (Seriously, stop watching so much anime)
Normally looks like a normal arm when unshifted - if normal arms were made of quicksilver, that is.

  More details:
  • Not very though to weapons fire, but of course, nanobots can just close holes again, which just makes your arm a bit smaller
  • Cannot form things with more volume than your limb, because physics
  • Nanobots restocked after mission unless you manage to lose your arm
  • Only fit for arms and legs, probably most useful for arms unless you're a monkey
  • Parts cut off stop functioning until reattached, and are too gooey to be useful (no fashioning spears for your cavemen friends)
  • Nanobots do not multiply
  • Reforming to anything that's not an arm doesn't work on Tartarus, don't try it
Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

You lazy bum :ghost:

Idea 1 (got a couple more brewing, but they need more work):
Kinetic reversal amp (exotic ship weapon)
  Price: 2 creds
  Requirements: Exotic +0
Rolls: Attacker's PSI Unit and Exotic vs defender's Maneuverability and Durability
  Description: The kinetic reversal amp is a nifty piece of tech with the ability to project a small 2-dimensional field. This field does one thing, and one thing only: it reverses the momentum vector of anything* that hits it. In other words, if something hits it, it suddenly finds itself flying backwards to where they came from, at the same speed.
Ideal for playground bullies and other people who like saying "why are you hitting yourself?" to their foes.
  More details:
  • Field is about CASKET-sized
  • Field lasts for less than a turn
  • Field can take about 1 "normal" attack impact and then evaporates
  • Can reverse anything up to a CASKET moving at normal speed
  • Heavier things just slow down and heat up (because physics)
  • Reflects attacks back at attacker with proper timing and aim
  • Works on plasma, but not on beam weapons
  • Range of about 2 km
Possibly quite useful for its price, but specialized and requires you to either be clever or wait until you actually get shot at. Tried to impose enough limits that it's a tool/weapon and not an invincible shield.

Also, needs a better name or an acronym :ghost:
Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

In that case, I'll just dump the ideas and leave the power and price-determining to you ;)

Idea 2/n:
Cryo psy-amp (exotic ship weapon)
  Price: ?
  Requirements: Exotic +0
Rolls: Attacker's PSI Unit and Exotic vs defender's Intuition and Durability
  Description: A psi amp capable of moving heat away from a spot and dissipate it in the surrounding matter. In other words, a freeze ray! Except it's not a ray. Can cool things to a few kelvin. Brrrr!
  More details:
  • Can make smaller spots extremely cold or larger spots frozen
  • Cannot directly freeze stuff shielded by metal (enough cooling penetrates it eventually, though)
  • Frozen armor and metal becomes brittle and will shatter on impact
  • Localised freezing causes tears and shredding due to thermal compression
  • Freezing electronics tends to disable them until they're back on temperature
  • Freezing people tends to disable them permanently
  • Makes great popsicles
Able to do some direct damage, but more useful as support item to set up kills for your teammates (or yourself)
Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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