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Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

Since conventional has the exoskeleton and exotic the PSI helmet (thought that's not quite the same as it doesn't increase any stat):

Mobility suit (suit upgrade)
  Price: 4 creds
  Requirements: None
Rolls: None
  Description: For those of you who for some reason still like hitting people with swords, this suit is fitted with special fabrics and small motors that enhance your overal agility. For those of you not that good at hitting people, it's also lightly armored in case they try to hit you back.
  More details:
  • Gives +1 maneuverability on foot (for attacks, movement and dodge rolls)
  • Lightly armored
The idea is that it gives less of a bonus (+1 and not +2) than the exoskeleton, but it lightly armored instead, because that's more useful in melee combat than another +1. And maneuv being a dodge stat sometimes also makes it good.
Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

Talvieno wrote:
Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:13 pm
Dinosawer wrote:In that case, I'll just dump the ideas and leave the power and price-determining to you ;)

Idea 2/n:
Cryo psy-amp (exotic ship weapon)
Spoiler:      SHOW
  Price: ?
  Requirements: Exotic +0
Rolls: Attacker's PSI Unit and Exotic vs defender's Intuition and Durability
  Description: A psi amp capable of moving heat away from a spot and dissipate it in the surrounding matter. In other words, a freeze ray! Except it's not a ray. Can cool things to a few kelvin. Brrrr!
  More details:
  • Can make smaller spots extremely cold or larger spots frozen
  • Cannot directly freeze stuff shielded by metal (enough cooling penetrates it eventually, though)
  • Frozen armor and metal becomes brittle and will shatter on impact
  • Localised freezing causes tears and shredding due to thermal compression
  • Freezing electronics tends to disable them until they're back on temperature
  • Freezing people tends to disable them permanently
  • Makes great popsicles
Able to do some direct damage, but more useful as support item to set up kills for your teammates (or yourself)
This seems like an incredibly powerful instagib weapon. Would have to be priced high. This isn't a "no", though - I just think it needs to be later in the game. Good call on making it ship-based, poor call on making it Exotic +0.
I thought I replied to this, but apparently I haven't. Woops

I think you're kinda imagining this waaaay different than I had in mind - I was thinking of something like the microwave manipulator, but it makes stuff colder rather than warmer. And because that's generally less destructive, this would make the weapon less powerful. (Only direct damage is from shear damage if you freeze a small part intensely, or manage to hit a pilot, otherwise it makes materials brittle or electronics malfunction etc)
Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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