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Re: REKT: Little Questions Thread

Dinosawer wrote:Glad we managed to sort it out :D
Detritus wrote:
Dinosawer wrote:Dunno about intensely OP
Tal's the GM. If he says OP, it's OP.
And this, GrumpyDetritus, it why this is not necessarily true :P
Oh shush. :V
I am Groot.
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Re: REKT: Little Questions Thread

Okay so in that case it's not useful to save anyone from falling, but is useful for stopping things from falling. (And if you wanted to make people soup... just let them fall all the way to the floor :ghost: )
I think the shield would hold in most cases though - since it withstands some weapons fire and you need to fall from 5-50 metres to have the same kinetic energy as one bullet (depending on the gun)
Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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