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REKT: Little Questions Thread

The REKT Little Questions Thread
The way this works is simple. Have any game-rule related questions? Anything kind of unclear? Wanting to know how a particular item works? Ask here. I'll periodically take your questions and reply with quotes and answers in this post (or the following reserved ones) so that nobody has to ask those questions ever, ever again. By asking questions here, you are helping people.

  • Be concise. Keep your questions short so that people can read your question quickly.
  • Be general. If you can, ask about the generalized situation instead of your one specific situation so that more people can use your answer to help them.
  • I will spoil nothing. Do not ask for spoilers.
  • Asking multiple questions in a post is perfectly okay, and in fact preferable to spamming posts.
  • Read through the questions already asked to make sure nobody's asked it before.
  • Don't try to be a smart ass. :P This thread is for helping people and nothing else.
  • I may add more rules later. For now I'm just covering the obvious issues.

Story Questions
Can you summarize the story lore?
The universe background is that humans discovered FTL warp travel (unrelated to Star Trek warp) and colonized/took over most of the galaxy, and being bigoted/specist, forced the native alien species/civilizations to the edges or made them live in reserved systems. Humanity's inner worlds are rich with trade, while the aliens (and some humans) on the outer worlds struggle to survive. Crime runs rampant, and as the human empire doesn't care to police most of the outer worlds (and many of the inner ones), a few prison ship corporations have taken to collecting unwanted criminals from the planets they stop by - and fees as well, of course. They then go searching, or plundering, for ancient or advanced tech they can re-engineer, mass-produce, and sell for a profit. You're a prisoner/inmate aboard one of these - the Tartarus. You've joined the REKT program and are part of Platoon 56. Welcome to your new home.
What about a summary of the first mission?
Platoon 56 went to visit an alien base orbiting a pulsar and discovered that the complex was apparently designed to contain stasis-podded aliens for an indeterminate period of time. The base was protected with gigantic plasma cannons; it was later discovered they were intended to keep away "Dark Space", an unexplained phenomena, rather than normal carbon-based intruders. After Platoon 56 unknowingly destroyed several of the turrets, a nearby area of Dark Space came and attacked the alien base, completely erasing it from existence. Platoon 56 (or what was left of it) barely escaped with their lives.

Character Questions

Ranks look cool. What do they do? Anything?
Yes, particularly related to NPCs. If you outrank an NPC, they're more likely to obey you, even if you have bad charisma - especially if you're above them in the command tree. If you're Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant or higher, you'll be able to help assign players to squads pre-mission as part of the Officers group. You'll also be able to help design and coordinate dropship tactics, provided you're using dropships.
Wow, you make ranks sound useful! How can I go up in rank?
Just like your awarded credits, you gain rank points depending on how well you do in each mission. Each rank requires 1.5 rank points to advance from the previous rank, although it's possible to gain up to 2 rank points in a single mission. Ways to gain rank points include: Saving the lives of platoon members, giving successful orders, showing leadership ability, letting other people take home the tech you earned, and following orders given by superiors. Things that damage your total score are: ignoring orders from superiors, killing or injuring platoonmates without reason, intentionally damaging Tartarus equipment, trying to do things solo, and trying to do things that aren't part of the mission.

Rule Questions
Dinosawer wrote:If I raise agility/maneuverability to 4, does that mean nothing can hit me since I can't fail a dodge roll? :ghost:
Not all weapons roll agility, and it also partially depends on the level of enemies you're facing. If the enemy has their skills at 4, you're effectively both at 0. I'll just make the battle be a bit more epic but it'll have the same results.
Dinosawer wrote:Does targeting subsystems of enemies actually do anything, or is the place you hit just random?
It is random unless you specify where you're trying to hit.
Why is the game so boring for me, while everyone else is having fun?
As Dungeon Master, I can only make the game as fun for you as you allow me. If you never take risks and always shy away from dangerous areas or experiences, I will still try to make the game fun for you, but may have a good deal of difficulty in doing so. It's up to you to help me help you have fun.

Armory Questions
BFett wrote:What are the uses of explosive grenades?
From a Tartarus post: Explosive grenades are packed with low explosive materials that do an excellent job at pushing things without ripping them up. They'll of course break just about every bone in your body if you stand next to it, though, so don't do anything stupid.
Does the blowtorch use unconventional, or handiwork?
The blowtorch uses unconventional when used as a weapon, and handiwork for anything else.
No! I got the wrong items! Can I sell them back and get others instead?
Has the mission started yet? No? Then yes, you can sell them back.
My proton sword got damaged... slightly... during the mission, but I still have half of it. I can sell it back for half credits, right?
No. The armory doesn't accept damaged or used items, with "used" here meaning "partially used but does not restock".
WTF, Tal, why did you change the price on that item?
Simple. I felt I needed to. If you paid more for it previously, I'll refund the credits it changed (e.g. original price of 10 to new price of 8 will give you 2). If you paid less for it previously, consider yourself lucky.
Dinosawer wrote:Also, is it just me or is the hypnosis coil insanely expensive for what it does? :think:
I think the ability to make enemies see whatever you want them to see is pretty devastating in and of itself, but we'll see if I need to adjust it later.
gchapyzh wrote:To what degree can mobile workstations be used? For exemple, can a workstation and a weapons kit turn a 15mm assault rifle into a 30mm rapid fire cannon with an ammo belt?
It depends on your skill, and only if you have scrap parts for it.
Dinosawer wrote:I have some about the nanobot pack:
How wild can you go with it? Can you make self-moving stuff? A Nanobot crab to pinch your foes in the toes? Scout quadcopter? Or is it confined to static stuffs?
Also, if you use it to make something that would normally be considered an unconventional weapon (say, a spike for stabbing people) does it still roll PSI+general knowledge for attacking with it?
Nanobot pack: Probably: Yes. It would be a lot more difficult though, as you might expect, to make more complex things.

Attacking: There might be special cases. It would probably be safe just to stick with what you're good at.

Mission Questions
BFett wrote:How are credits distributed at the end of the mission?
I rate everyone's performance on a scale of 0 to 5. Performance is based on pretty much anything you can think of, if directly related to accomplishing the objective. Killing your own squad members is very, very bad. Killing members of other squads is not so bad, but still bad. Good things include saving peoples' lives, killing baddies, retrieving tech, accomplishing objectives, etc. You guys are thieves, not archaeologists. Steal as much alien tech as you want. They want it back on the Tartarus. In every mission, there will be an artifact of some kind, and some prime anomalous materials. These are what Tartarus Inc. is sending you after. Get these and it'll give you a major performance boost. Get yourself killed, and it won't help you so much.

Credits awarded are per individual. You could have everybody on your team potentially get 10 credits (if enough people are alive). If absolutely everyone does exceedingly well in the entire platoon, I'll still award points on a 5 to 10 scale - in other words, a sixth of everybody gets 5 creds, a sixth of everybody gets 6, a six of everybody gets 7, and so on.
BFett wrote:Is there a way I can earn more skill/stat points in a mission?
No. You earn 10 skill/stat points no matter what you do (10 for stats, 10 for skills). There is no way to get more than that. If you're dead or unconscious, though, you earn fewer than you would otherwise - but it would take a significant amount of the mission with you being unconscious for it to matter.
I want some cash. How do I earn more creds during missions?
The number of creds you get is carefully calculated based on a number of factors. Things that can help you gain more creds are: Not damaging your ship, not damaging yourself, bringing back alien tech, getting to/retrieving the artifact, killing hostiles, and roleplaying well. Things that can damage how many creds you get are: Intentionally damaging Tartarus property, killing platoonmates without reason, destroying alien tech, doing things unrelated to the mission, and passing out.
So, how do turns in missions work?
That's pretty easy. You do whatever you want, and I make it happen (or not, if you get bad rolls). You can do as much as you want on a turn - but be aware that the more you do, the more likely one bad event will start a domino effect to really ruin your day. For example, let's say you say to sit at a computer and try to figure out the password, and then try to take it apart if it doesn't work, and if you can't take it apart then try bashing it open. So, on the next update, I write out how you do all of this - and that after the password fails, a security turret comes out of the wall and shoots at you. You manage to dodge the first time, but keep working at the computer because that's what you said to do. By the end of the turn, you're dead, because you didn't say to destroy the turret. Be careful not to stack too many actions, but remember that not stacking enough will make you move very slowly.

In combat, I layer your actions against everyone else's, simultaneously. Players fire first, and then NPCs fire, and then players, and so on. Everything is an action, but if you tell me to do it quickly ("i.e., quickly fly over to where Joe is"), I will roll your runspeed/enginespeed to see if you can double-stack your actions in a single "layer", effectively making you faster. Be careful to make sure you don't "waste actions" by doing unnecessary things while enemies are trying to kill you. Talking is a completely free action - it takes up no game time at all.

Tartarus Questions
Dinosawer wrote:If they apparently still don't have human-like AI on the best supercomputers (according to the Tartarus thread) then what the hell is SCAMPS? :ghost:
The scientists said that, yes, but if you'll notice, the AI in the VR Combat Simulator is pretty good. As to SCAMPS, he's a mess of human brain stuff (as hinted at in the first post of the main thread). His multitasking capabilities are higher than a regular human's, though, and they have to be - he's dealing with a couple dozen missions at a time.
How do turns on the Tartarus work? Do I really have to wait for Tal to write out each update to keep talking and walking around?
For the most part, no. You do almost anything you want. Simple things like "Walk here" can be accomplished on your own and you don't even need to wait for me. You could even say "Go to VR, set up a simulation for X and get started" and as long as you included enough details as to what you want the sim like, I'd set it up just like that. Talking doesn't take any turns either - all you have to do is be close to whoever you're talking to, and just talk. Simple as that. Buying things from the armory doesn't take any turns either unless you want it to.

Tartarus is done in liquid time. That means that as long as you're on the same turn, you can make yourself arrive somewhere in time to hear what other people are saying. Skipping back to a previous turn is considered "going back in time", though, and isn't advised.
Do they serve alcohol on the Tartarus?
No. It's a prison ship. No alcohol.
Other Questions
gchapyzh wrote:Are we allowed to post portraits of our characters on the REKT wiki page?
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Re: REKT: Little Questions Thread

Short question regarding the Squishy-Tech Blowtorch...I´ve looked into the Wiki and saw, that everything you can do with it, basically rolls unconventional...even simply general...blowtorching stuff (as far as i understand it).

So basically it also rolls unconventional when you try to do some workshop-stuff with it, like Foreigner crafting his pointy stick of imminent doom, or is that some kind of special combination rolling both handiwork and unconventional? Or only handiwork/Unconventional?
Apparently, sometimes stuff might happen.
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