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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

Follow Brom, keeping an eye out for trouble and trying to act as natural as a human's presence here can be
While we're on the way, if we're passing through an area with no traffic/people other than us, discreetly take out my PDA and look if there's a public station-side WiFi (or whatever the 4th millennium analog is) and search for the name of the person we're looking for on whatever channels my character would deem appropriate (while asking Brom if he knows how the hell that name is even supposed to be spelled)
if the local internet appears to be private/requires some kind of credentials to access:
-Unless it seems like the network is highly secure or would very likely draw attention to us if accessed (e.g. a high-tech military network) try and hack into it non-intrusively
if I find any useful info about the person, relay it to the other two
Also look up on recent news, primarily for Fuhodo itself, but also on the wider sector, if anything catches my eye
Whenever I notice someone else approaching, quickly put my PDA back into my pocket (or wherever it is stored)

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