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Re: In-game LUA inspector

Perhaps worth mentioning that we already have an inspector widget that does a lot of this. We can open an inspector window for 'anything' and see fields, current field data, nested hierarchy (e.g. pointers/refs to other Lua tables), etc. Main usage right now is, in fact, debugging UI -- Adam at one point had it such that you middle-mouse-clicked on any on-screen widget to bring up an inspector window for it. Of course, the best part is recursively opening inspectors on inspectors of inspectors :D

No code/source line info but that is surprisingly-easy to add with Lua's debug library. The debug library is (as you might expect for a dynamic language), insanely-powerful.

So...already implemented for the most part :P Will need to dust it off once mod system is done so that we can dump a list of mod files that have injected fields and/or logic into entities / ui elements.

EDIT: Whoops..didn't realize this was a necro. Dang, we need more scripting/modding talk going on.. :lol:
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