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Re: Games you'd mod LT into

Hyperion wrote:
Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:26 am
Technically that would be a win, and I also think it would be great fun... That your win just might mean that you lost last, would be great to watch on twitch :D

Additionally, I thought about an interesting multistage 1v1 death match:

You have an A to Z straight line of systems, the 2 players start at A and Z. In Stage 1, they develop and expand towards each other as rapidly as possible until all systems are occupied.
Stage 2 begins once all systems are claimed by 1 side or the other, whereby a White Hole forms in systems A and Z, and starts pouring resources ex nihilo into both sides. Here players must create a multisystem highway to deliver those resources to the front line and try to squeeze out the enemy. However, the balance of White hole resources favors the player with fewer occupied systems, the fewer systems they have, the more resources come pouring out of their white hole.
Stage 3 begins when one side is squeezed into very few systems; the White hole starts putting out so much energy and resources, the player has to harness this power and weaponize their white hole, turning former warp lanes into gigantic beam cannons, juggling patching up increasing numbers of spacetime rifts and capturing the raw energy and lobbing it as bombs towards the enemy before it explodes on them. Ideally this all builds up towards an epic final battle as one system combines the resources of all but 1 system vs a single system on the verge of blowing itself up with the amount of raw energy pouring into it.
i wouldnt use just a straight line of systems, only favours brute force over efficient resource handling.
i'd use one central corridor for the technobabble victory condition beam and a 2+ side corridors connected to the main corridor relatively densely.
(the side corridors could probably benefit from having characteristics that strongly discourage long stays in them and around their entryways)

the main corridor is the only route along which capital (and supply?) ships can travel.
along the side corridors theres only capacities for small raiding ships

that structure would reduce direct brute-force advantages and would require more management from the one who controls longer to defend eir supply lines from raiding parties which are hard to block from reaching the back regions.

so the currently superior side has to expend more resources on supply line protection and it enables the whole volume of all the already conquered territory as a battlefield, instead of just the wormholes at the contact point.

that would also remove the need for a (probably computationally nontrivial or unreliable) metrics system to determine who controls what system (and ways to fool around that metric) to determine the "overdrive" factor of the losing side.
the superior side already has a resource disadvantage by having to defend more volume from raiders

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